Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Thoughts While Shaving: Dems Won’t Fill Lt. Governor Post? Here’s What Jason Should Do!...Will Somebody Tell Bank of America to Scrub the Graffiti? More.

    Feast of St. Katherine Drexel*

               Dems Might Just Leave Lt. Gov. Slot Vacant: Flannery. 
             CBS Channel 2 political editor Mike Flannery reported the other day that the Democrats might just leave the lieutenant governor slot vacant.  Running without a lieutenant governor nominee would allow them to focus on Jason Plummer, the 27-year-old Republican lieutenant governor candidate who is being ridiculed for his youth and in-expertise before WTTW’s cameras. 
               Fine.  If that happens and the Democrats “solve it” that way, what I would do were I Jason Plummer would be to hire a good lawyer and make the case that since the Democrats have not named a candidate for lieutenant governor and I, Jason Plummer, have received x number of votes from Illinoisans, I…Jason Plummer…should be declared the elected Lieutenant Governor of Illinois and should be sworn in immediately. 
               This thing of Boss Mike Madigan declaring his party won’t pick a candidate literally disenfranchises the Illinois voters who conscientiously did their duty and voted for a lieutenant governor. But that doesn’t bother Big Mike does it?  Or the Democrats. Plummer should demand to be sworn in immediately and take up office in the Capitol.  What the hell is this: because the High Almighty Democrats have decided they won’t run a candidate that the voters are automatically disenfranchised?  
                Let `em have to find some toady liberal lawyer to pull strings with a toady liberal Democrat judge to disenfranchise Illinois voters.   
                    Weird Cartoons: Are They Supposed to Be ART? 
             Drive down the Kennedy and come up to North Avenue and you see the building broadside which is leased by Bank of America to do with as it pleases.  And it doesn’t please many.  A few months ago it donated the building side to promulgating the Chicago Olympics by portraying human beings contrived by sneakers, athletic gym soles—an edifying sight and good reason that Chicago booted it because of the strange graphics Daley sanctioned. 
              Now the Bank of America has turned over the building broadside to weird cartoons of nebbishes which portray nihilism and meaninglessness at its worst: a suggestion of extra-curricular sexual gratification as well. Who is in charge of mandating what we are to look at as we drive to the Loop down the Kennedy at North?   
                   Otis McDonald: Why is He Nearly Anonymous Here? 
               Where pray-tell are the stories which tell us who exactly Otis McDonald is: the man who is lead plaintiff in the suit to overturn the Chicago handgun ordinance?  Not hardly any stories because the supine media supports Daley gun control almost as an act of religious fervor. Craven buddy-buddy love of liberalism—not Daley—does it. 
                Otis McDonald is a 76 year old African American Democrat who moved here from Louisiana at the age of 17, got married, landed a job as a janitor and was promoted to building engineer.  In 1972 he and his wife found they could afford to buy a modest home on the far South Side.  Repeatedly that home has been broken into. One time Otis called the cops and the intruder told him he had overheard the phone call and for that he was going to kill Otis McDonald.  He didn’t. Otis McDonald then piled into his car and drove 200 miles to Springfield to attend his first gun rally.   
                It is likely the Supreme Court will uphold Otis McDonald and ditch the stupid handgun ordinance which is used by liberals as their weak attempt at fighting crime…keeping honorable people from defending themselves.  
                The media…which largely lives in more protected areas than Otis McDonald can afford…believes with their entire bleeding elitist hearts that Otis should not own a gun to defend himself.   
               Which is why we don’t hear much about Otis McDonald from them.  Instead we hear and see that raving egomaniacal  lunatic Farrakhan saying that whitey is going to kill the president. 

        *: St. Katherine Drexel [1858-1955]. Two of Philadelphia’s most famous and wealthy mainline families were the Drexels and the Biddles…almost as wealthy as Boston’s Cabots and Lodges (“the Lodges speak only to the Cabots and the Cabots speak only to God”). While teaching at the Wharton School of Finance, University of Pennsylvania, I had in my class one Stephen Biddle who went on to become a famous investigative reporter. Anyhow-- Katherine Mary Drexel was born the daughter of Francis Anthony Drexel and Hannah Langstroth of Philadelphia. From girlhood on, she resolved to dedicate her entire life and considerable inheritance to the service of God by helping black and native American poor.

           To do this and to spread the gospel to these groups, she founded a religious order, the Sisters of the Blessed Sacrament.  She financed more than 60 missions among blacks and Indians around the United States.  She lived in good health and died at 97.  March 3 is the anniversary of her death. She was beatified by John Paul II on Nov. 20, 1988 and canonized by him on Oct. 1, 2000. She is buried in Cornwells Heights township, Pennsylvania. She has been designated the patron saint of racial justice and of philanthropists.  Her body lies under the main altar at St. Elizabeth Chapel where visitors pray daily.

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