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Personal Asides: March 21: They’ll Rue that Day…The Sacrilege of Ms. Pelosi.

  Feast of St. Isadore the Farmer.*
                              They’ll Rue the Day: March 21. 
          Thus far the strategy of ex-con radical Bob Creamer…the Marxist movement’s latter day Che Guevara…has proved out: but March 21, 2010, the day ObamaCare passed the House 220-211 will prove to be the day that sends the vestige of movement-led liberal Marxism to national exile for decades. March 21, 2010: That was the day the Democratic Party of Jefferson-Jackson and Roosevelt, a major political party,  dropped the façade and became a Far Left “the 21st of March” movement. Quite frankly the Democrats are a political party no longer—but it won’t occur to its zealots until this November. 
          The natural political conclusion of a political party interested in its survival after the Massachusetts debacle would have been to drop ObamaCare and concentrate on economic recovery.  But by drawing to its bosom the writhing  forked-tongue adder of Creamer’s strategy, the Democrats proved they are a political party no longer but a revolutionary Leftist movement—imbued with these goals… 
             The ingrained economic inequities in America are an intrinsic result of monopoly capitalism, as result of which America has become a world imperialist threat to world peace—and the system must be replaced by “democratic state-run enterprise.”  
        In this center-right country it cannot come to anything but disaster.   
             The misbegotten canard written by the Washington Post’s Dana Milbank that repeal of ObamaCare looking to 2012 when Obama will have been defeated is as fallacious as the wish of Alf Landon to repeal Social Security in the election of 1936 is bad history and screwy analytical comparison. It is a direct take-off from Bob Creamer’s theory that he sold to the Democrats that once they pass ObamaCare the people will become so addicted to its comforts that they will insist it be left alone. 
            Let this octogenarian tell you that the times are in no way comparable.  
            First, Franklin Roosevelt did not attempt to pass Social Security in his first year (1933) but two years later (1935).  By 1935 he had gained the confidence of the country with a series of measures that didn’t work all that well but gave a country hit with 21.3% unemployment the possibility of some hope.  Programs he put into effect had the glimmer of working.  TVA was underway (1933); Boulder Dam was under construction in the Colorado River; the battle was underway to prove the National Recovery Administration was constitutional 
               Americans reeling with 21.3% unemployment hoped against hope that things would work out well…and in 1935 there was a glimmer it could. Rex Tugwell was launching his Resettlement Administration across the land. The effort would be a disaster but the returns weren’t in yet. 
               The Dow was heading up again.  It was in that period of early expectation that Social Security was passed and signed. The thought that government would begin…in Roosevelt’s phrase...a pension bill “to flatten out the peaks and valleys of deflation and inflation—a law that will take care of human needs” was indeed a heaven-sent concept to the unemployed millions.   
              Economic conditions are in no way analogous to today’s anger against stratospheric government spending and spiraling taxation.  
              Nobody was angry at federal spending in 1936 except a handful of laissez-faire economic theorists. The Republican campaign wasn’t aimed at maintaining that view. .Nor did Alfred M. Landon make a case whatsoever for Social Security’s repeal.  The Kansas governor made his case that waste, inefficiency and a New Deal anti-business mood was impeding recovery.  He made four national campaign tours that year—only in the last one did he remotely charge that FDR was “violating the Constitution” and Social Security was hardly mentioned in that context. 
              In contrast, the 2010 congressional campaign that should elect a Republican House will tie repeal of ObamaCare with Paul Ryan-style reform—not abolition of health care per se.  The election this November should, if Republicans and Tea Party’ers  are as competent as they have been heretofore should provide the octane to elect possibly not just a Republican House but chalk up huge gains in the Democratic Senate.  Look at the figures even now: Barbara Boxer, the darling of the California Left, is just one point ahead of her nearest Republican competitor! Such projected goodies in the bill will not be available in 2010…nor will they in 2012.  
             Look at the polls compiled on the very day of the Leftist success…the 21st of March…which by conservative revolutionary standard will rank with the 26th of July (1957) in Leftist revolutionary standards…, the day Che Guevara laid aside his medicine kit as a doctor and took up his rifle and cartridge belt in the mountains of the Sierra Maestra.  
            More from the polls of yesterday…the historic March 21:  
             None less than 52% of all Democrats polled support the defeat of all congressional incumbents with only 32% decided to keep them.  79% of all Republicans want all incumbents defeated.  Moreover 78% OF ALL INDEPENDENTS WANT THEM DEFEATED!  In another sampling of the independents…the group that elected Barack Obama…42% say they favor the GOP in congressional contests—38% the Democrats.  That’s a revolutionary change! 
            Let me say that Bart Stupak has proved to be the Judas Goat of the Democratic caucus…leading a needed handful of Democrats to a bargaining position and then—on cue with the Speaker—raising the white flag for what?  A watered-down Executive Order based on the pledge of a consummate liar that he won’t renege: Stupak was not only dishonorable in the pretense that he would hold out for change…but he will be defeated because of it and will bring his baa’ing lambs to the slaughter pen through duplicity. 
           In summary… 
            The 21st of March will prove to be the worst day in the political careers of Melissa Bean (8th)…Debbie Halvorson (11th)…Bill Foster (14th)…Jerry Costello (12th)…and Phil Hare (17th).  They all voted aye. That vote will hang like a necklace of political death around their necks. Dan Lipinski (3rd) saved his job.   
            That’s why I say let us remember “the 21st of March.” It will be the mirror reverse the 26th of July” was for the Cuban Marxists…and the beginning of our own Long March to reclaim this country.

                                   The Sacrilege of Ms. Pelosi.
             Catholicism’s theological definition of sacrilegious is…
         “The deliberate violation of sacred things. Sacred things are persons, places and objects set aside publicly and by the Church’s authority for the worship of God. Sacrilege happens when a sacred thing is desecrated precisely  to serve an evil end.   The Church views these as mortal sins.”  
            San Francisco Catholic Nancy Pelosi’s publicly proclaimed prayer to the one she called Saint Joseph the Worker (but which on Thursday was honored as the spouse of the Virgin Mary and foster-father of Jesus Christ),  to pass ObamaCare which would provide abortion as public expense without taxpayers having a say in the decision fits the description. 
              Given she dies with unrepentant heart, still gesticulating with her long claw-like fingers beckoning the holocaust that consigns millions of unborn to death… her soul should be by every theological measure…in John Milton’s classic description…  
            “Hurled headlong flaming from the ethereal sky/ with hideous ruin and combustion down/ to bottomless perdition, there to dwell in adamantine chains and penal fire.” Paradise Lost by John Milton: Book I, lines 43-45.  
            …There to join the souls of those supercilious and unrepentant   liberal nuns who sacrilegiously misused of their vocations to lobby for abortion.  
         NOTE: A few questions have been asked about Pelosi’s sacrilegious    prayer for passage of ObamaCare invoking “St. Joseph the Worker.” March 19 has always been dedicated to St. Joseph, Spouse of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Foster Father of Jesus Christ.  In 1955, Pius XII, concerned that Communists dedicated May 1, “May Day,” signifying the revolution, named May 1 “St. Joseph the Workman to counterbalance it. (I don’t know why he didn’t just leave May 1 as the entire month is dedicated to the Blessed Virgin but…). It has never really taken off in the Church.  Of course later neuter-gender rules, flagrant in the Church as everywhere else, required it to be changed to “St. Joseph the Worker.” But they are both designated to the same saint—the foster-father of Christ.  Pelosi appropriated “the Worker” of May 1 to March 19  to fit her populist inclinations which she delivered beamingly with her trademark hysteric frozen Botox grin. 
         *: St. Isidore the Farmer [1080-1130].  By now you have perceived that most saints are strange ducks—unlike you and me…which in fact have made them saints. The refreshing thing is that here you have a very (to all outside appearances) ordinary man-- and his wife. 
         Isidore was born of devout parents and worked as a farm-laborer at Torrelaguna, near Madrid, all his life. He married S. Maria de la Cabeza.  They had a son who died young.  Both husband and wife rose to such spiritual heights following that death that they decided to embrace voluntary celibacy and perform endless rites of prayer, contemplation and alms-giving to the poor for the remainder of their lives (Maria becoming a saint as well as Isidore) and is known as Santa Maria de la Cabeza. 
        The two were not martyred, did not become  priest or nun, were not subjected to tortures or abuse but by their sanctity, leading ordinary lives attained sainthood.  That’s his—and her—entire story.   I like it, don’t you? 

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