Monday, March 8, 2010

Personal Asides: Ignoring $12.4 Billion State Deficit, Quinn Plays Pander Bear.

         Feast of St. John of God*
                               The Sound of the Pander Bear. 
               No sooner had State Sen. Bill Brady been certified as the Republican nominee for governor than Pat Quinn issued a statement declaring there’s a “Grand Canyon” difference between him and the Republican lawmaker.  He didn’t mention their differences on how to cover the state’s $12.4 billion state deficit but that Quinn detailed that at one time or other Brady opposed “[state] funding for mammograms and pap tests.”  Brady is “a member of the extreme rightwing of the [Republican] party and far from the mainstream” said the Governor, citing also that Brady wants to “ban all abortions.”   
               That’s the sound of the Pander Bear. 
               Huh? If you are the governor responsible for trying to fill the $12.4 billion budgetary hole…and at the same time you view the “Grand Canyon difference” between you and your opponent involves disagreements on state funding of mammograms,  pap tests and abortion…you’re a little weird, are you not?  But it’s the sign ofThe Quinn Pander Bear making its appearance this year as in most other recent election years.  
                The Pander Bear favors not just an income tax hike but is leaning toward getting rid of the state’s flat tax in favor of imposition of a “progressive” income tax?  That’s not the Grand Canyon of differences but the Himalayan Canyon of differences…the Yarlung Tsanpo River Canyon of the Himalayans near Tibet contrasted to which the Grand Canyon is middle-sized. 
                     The Quinn Pander Bear Focuses on Social Issues.
                                       Not Fiscal Ones.    
                 It’s also instructive to note that high up in the Yarlung Tsanpo River Canyon in the Himalayas which climbers rarely scale are a few rare species of the Russet-Colored Pander Bear about the size of the average house cat which has reddish fur.  These are much rarer than the familiar black and white pandas in some American zoos.   
                Quinn should be familiar with it since he himself is a choice specimen liberal Pander Bear. His introductory statement about the differences between himself and Brady emits the squealing sound endemic to the certifiable 100% liberal Democratic Pander Bear. . 
              What are the unique sounds of the Quinn Pander Bear? Trying to size up differences between himself and Brady he fawns over feminists, choosing to center on subsidies for mammograms and pap tests…indicating that one who doesn’t charge the state for these tests is against them…touting that he is 100% in favor of abortion on demand, that he favors partial birth abortion and shares the view of Barack Obama that the “Born Alive” legislative bill Obama killed in the state senate is the latestPander Bear sop to “ a woman’s right to choose.” 
                In other words to vote for a bill that would supply nourishment, medicinal aid and human comfort to a baby born live from a botched abortion would be a violation of a woman’s “right to choose.”  This is what the No. 1 Pander Bear Obama has argued with no dissent from Pander Bear Quinn.     
               Since Pander Bear Quinn has decided the Grand Canyon gulf deals with social issues, let it be reckoned that both Quinn and Brady are Catholic and the central issue that divides them is the Himalayan towering one of  pro-life…the issue Brady favors and the issue Quinn opposes.  Quinn is a pro-abort  notwithstanding that it is regarded as a serious breach by the Church Quinn continues to attend.  Why does Quinn continue to attend the Church with which he disagrees on its central-most social policy?  
                Like other pro-abort Catholic members of The Squid it would be impolitic to separate from their Church because it would be to their political disadvantage to do so.  
              What sounds does the Quinn Pander Bear make? 
              “We’re in the worst financial calamity that the Great State of Illinois has ever had—and we’ve been a state since 1818…We must make sure to be true to everyday regular ordinary working families in the Land of Lincoln so that we have adequate revenue for important things all of us want in government…BUT ALSO DO IT IN A FAIR WAY. ..You’re all invited to the governor’s house because the governor’s house is THE PEOPLE’S HOUSE which we must make accessible to all—especially everyday ordinary working families in this Land of Lincoln.  Remember when everyday regular ordinary working families work together in this Land of Lincoln, we can accomplish great things…so we CAN accomplish amazing things!”
             What a career you’ve had as a Pander Bear, old Watery Eyes…starting out as a patronage lackey hod carrier working for the PEE-PUL’s governor Dan Walker in his Personnel Department…later mis-leading voters with your misnamed “Cut Back Amendment” which stripped power from the rank and file state legislators in the House and dumped it in the lap of the 4 Tops…getting fired by Harold Washington for incompetence and self-aggrandizement as the city’s Revenue Director…helping to elect and reelect the 2nd most crooked governor in Illinois history…stabbing him when it was apparent he couldn’t survive and assuming responsibility for piloting the state which is encumbered by a $12.4 billion debt.
              You’re my man, Old Pander Bear…and now that the identity of the Republican nominee is settled, I’ll do my utmost to see that Regular Everyday Ordinary Working Families who are burdened with high taxes don’t get hit again by you, watery-eyes  Pander Bear…so that this coming November in the Land of Lincoln, Regular Everyday Ordinary Working Families keep your cliché-ridden posterior back to private life so you will get to understand what it is to be at one with Everyday Regular Ordinary Working Families in this Land of Lincoln.  It will be good for your soul to reflect on how you have identified with the backsliding Canterbury Archbishop Thomas Cranmer…whose last words were “if only I had served my God as I served my…” substitute “own crass political interest.” 
       *: St. John of God [1495-1550]. Founder of the Brothers Hospitalers, he was born Joao Cidade at Monte Mor II Nuovo, Portugal.  As a young soldier he joined the mercenaries of the Count of Castile, saw heavy action against the French and Turks in Hungary.  After being mustered out he lived the life of a dissolute: overdrinking, womanizing, carousing. Then he came to loose ends and wound up in Andalusia as a shepherd.  Alone in the fields he contemplated and turned gradually to God.    He never became a priest but to extirpate the guilt, he took vows of a monk and donned a robe like one—calling himself John of God. .  He traveled to Gibraltar where he peddled sacred books which made him fairly prosperous although he hadn’t planned it that way.   At age 43 he started a book store in Grenada but that was insufficient.  So… 
          He began a ministry to serve the sick and poor.  He rented a house in Grenada and formed a community later (after his death) called The Brothers of St. John of God which spread throughout Christendom. He lived to the age of 55 when he fell ill from over-exertion, caused by striving to save the life of a drowning man. As he lay struggling to breathe, the Archbishop of Grenada came to him and asked him to bless the city.  He reluctantly did so. He died on his knees while praying at the altar of his monastery.  He was buried by the archbishop and his funeral procession included many hundreds of the people of Granada. He was canonized in 1690. In 1886 Leo XIII declared him patron of the sick, patron of nurses and of book and print sellers.

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