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Thoughts While Shaving: Liberals Will Elect Palin if They Keep it Up…Justin Kaufman of WBEZ Believes Jason Plummer’s Experience Insufficient for Lt. Gov…More.

         Feast of Our Lady of Lourdes*
                                        Tribune Cartoon Helps.
            Liberals of both parties…and the “Educated Class” of elites…will nominate and elect Sarah Palin as the 45th president of the United States if they keep it up. Best example: : The sneering, Upper Class cartoon in yesterday’s Tribune which showed her holding her palms up with her hands inscribed Left and Right. Hahahahahahaha.  
      Just right for the Lake Forest, Hinsdale, Lake Bluff country clubs which the paper reflects…and elites which the editorial board serves.  The echoes of their down-their-nose haughty laughter resonate with the Chicago Club, the editorial board of the Chicago Sun-Times, the paper’s Roger Ebert; Neil Steinberg; Richard Roeper, The Washington Post ranking pundit E. J. Dionne; The New York Review of Books; Garry Wills; the New York Times’ Maureen Dowd, Tom Friedman, Frank Rich… 
       …the late night entertainers David Letterman, Jay Leno, the soon-to-be employed again Conan O’Brien; MSNBC’s Chris Matthews and Keith Olberman; the SNL bunch; Georgetown’sPost gossiper Sally Quinn; Hollywood’s Alec Baldwin, CBS’s Katie Couric; ABC’s Meredith Vieira; Tina Fey; Arianna Huffington of the Huffington Post and the Daily Kos   What a lovely bunch of gargoyles to have allied against you—the most helpful to Palin would be Huffington with her hard-to-decipher shrill Greek accent.. 
          All that is needed is to have this crew of snobs making fun of Palin and  given the state of the country’s mentality right now she’d be embraced by the middle class.  As Palin would say—driving them all nuts: “YOU BETCHA!”
          The Elites think it uproarious that Palin wrote three issues on her palm for use during a speech. Of course it is highly okay for Obama to use teleprompters including for a talk to a 3rdgrade class…wonderful that JFK had Ted Sorenson write his “ask not” inaugural talk which was stolen from Warren Harding…edifying that FDR had Broadway playwright Robert Sherwood do the Dec. 8, 1941 address to Congress “…a date WHICH will live in infamy” WHICH?  Should have been “THAT”. Stirring that Peggy Noonan wrote Reagan’s “These are the boys of Pointe de Hoc…” And wasn’t that a stitch when Gibbs the White House press secretary held aloft his hand with open palm and read: After work bring home Bread, Eggs. 
         Yeah, that gang should do it. 
  This Just In: WBEZ Guy Finds Plummer’s Experience Unimpressive.
          The Internet editor of WBEZ Chicago Public Radio, whose funding is partially paid by taxpayers, has found that GOP Lt. Governor candidate Jason Plummer’s experience for the job is insufficient: he was only an intern for Peter Fitzgerald and The Heritage Foundation before helping his family’s company build shopping centers. 
      Pardon me but we are referring to Justin Kaufman are we not?  The guy who voted for Scott Lee Cohen because Cohen was so intimidating on his TV commercials that Kaufman didn’t want to be made to feel uncomfortable? So he voted for Cohen?  And who explained: “I’m like that”?  Yeah, that’s the guy. Just what I thought.  
                                           Jack Franks.
            State Rep. Jack Franks (D-Woodstock), probably the smartest, most astute, most character-endowed Democratic House member, this morning  formally suggested that his party notname anybody to the post of Lieutenant Governor nominee. Smart idea. If Quinn is elected and dies his successor would be Lisa Madigan. Of course Quinn won’t follow it. This walking, talking cliché who thinks he seized on a catchy slogan by referring to “the land of Lincoln” and whose eyes take on a sanctimonious glaze when lying won’t pass up the chance to align himself with Tammy Duckworth, the severely wounded ex-helicopter pilot from the Iraq War…who would undeniably help Old Watery Eyes get elected. 
        If she gives up Secretary of Veterans Affairs to run with this loser whose days are numbered, she isn’t the resourceful lady I think she is.   
            And if she were to get elected with Quinn, her name would be imperishably linked with other Lieutenant Governors: Quinn, Corinne Wood, Bob Kustra, George Ryan, Dave O’Neal, Neil Hartigan…going all the way back to Pierre Menard, Adolphus Hubbard, Zadok Casey, Stinson Anderson, William McMurty, Gustavus Koerner, John Early, Lyman Ray, and William Northcott among others. She’d be number 46 if she were to get elected. 
           If. The only ones in the list to rise to governor were Quinn, George Ryan, Sam Shapiro, John Stelle. Stellar list.  Quinn got upped after Blago was canned; Ryan moved from secretary of state to governor while the Feds were probing his uncountable excesses which later sent him to jail.  Shapiro also of Kankakee succeeded Otto Kerner who later went to jail and Stelle became governor on the death of Henry Horner.   
         Basso-profundo-voiced Paul Simon, who viciously attacked Dick Ogilvie during his single term as governor in hopes of getting the Dem nod to run against him, fittingly lost to Dan Walker who later went to jail (not for anything he did as governor however), Simon going to the Senate where as a non-lawyer member of Judiciary he distinguished himself by recommending that nominees for Supreme Court visit an Indian reservation.   
             Report Cohen Won’t Quit Until He Gets His $2 Million Back.
          Speaking of Scott Lee Cohen (which I guess we weren’t exactly) a news report is circulating that he won’t quit as Dem Lieutenant Governor nominee until he gets his $2 million back.  And he has a point. He shelled out the money in good faith and used it to win the primary. Now he has been asked…politely…then rather curtly..,.to step down from the post for which he expended the $2 million.  Only fair, I think, that his request is honored by the state Democratic party.   
          However I don’t think that request will be received at all felicitously. In fact I would predict that if he doesn’t cease making this request and resign post haste he may soon be visited by two slab-faced, well-dressed gentlemen wearing fragrant pomade hair-dressing making their black hair glisten…and sporting expensive pointy-toed shoes…who will impress him with their unique powers of persuasion. 
   *: Feast of Our Lady of Lourdes [1858].  On Feb. 11, 1858 three little girls, Bernadette Soubirous (14), her sister Marie-Toinette (11) and their friend Jeanne Abadie (12) were looking for wood. They were told driftwood and dried branches were to be found on the bank of the Gave River.  To get there they had to pass a grotto (or natural cavity) in the rocky cliff of Massabielle which skirts the stream. The two younger ones made their way over but Bernadette, hesitated to follow.  The others would not help her so Bernadette was bending over to remove her stockings when she heard a rustling sound resembling a gust of wind. She looked up and saw the branches of the trees were not moving. She pulled off her stockings and put one foot in the water when the rustling sound came again. 
       This time she looked intently at the grotto and saw the bushes near it violently shaking. Then in the opening of a niche behind and above the branches she saw—as she wrote later—“a girl in white, no taller than I, who greeted me with a slight bow of the head.”  The girl was very beautiful, clad in white, wearing a blue girdle with a large rosary hung over her right arm. She invited Bernadette to pray.  Bernadette knelt, took her own rosary out of her pocket and began to recite the prayers.  Her girlfriends didn’t see it. Bernadette later returned with her parents. As they told their rosary beads on the 3rd decade the same girl appeared in the same place as before. Bernadette said “there she is!” She then fell into a trance-like mood.  Her parents saw nothing.  
        This was the beginning of repeated visions which drew Bernadette into great controversy.  The town grew very hostile believing that Bernadette was part of a fraud on them. But the visions increased throughout February and into March when the lady told Bernadette ”I am the Immaculate Conception.”  
         On February 25, as many watched, Bernadette pointed to a spot where immediately a spring rushed out with water. Bernadette became a Sister of Notre Dame at Nevers while the town of Lourdes became world famous as did the spring. It became one of the great pilgrimage centers of the world and many thousands of people were healed from the waters of the Spring. After painstaking investigation and heated, sometime bitter, controversy which Bernadette avoided since she was locked in contemplation in her cloister, the apparitions were ecclesiastically approved. She died in 1879 in her cloister. 
      In 1958 I went to Lourdes, participated in the procession in a crowd composed of many people including those in wheel-chairs, some carrying small children who were seriously ill…the procession winding up the mountain from the town, each of us carrying lighted tapers at night…so that at the Grotto when I looked back I saw a long line of flickering candles in the night. Then I went to the convent where her body, completely preserved, is on display with the bloom of youth in her cheeks although she had been dead 80 years.  She  is still there, a beautiful woman of 34 her fingers grasping the rosary. It was one of the most inspiring sights I have ever seen.  

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