Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Personal Asides: Brit Hume’s Advice to Tiger Woods…The Real Scandal Isn’t Just the Unconnected the Dots—but the Unconnected Dolts.

Feast of Blessed Andre Bessette*

Brit Hume’s Advice.

By the intense howl and uproar from secularists over Brit Hume’s advice to Tiger Woods to become a Christian rather than stay a Buddhist, one would think he said something obscene about the Buddhist religion. First to register his horror was Tom Shales, the TV critic of the Washington Post. Let me predict that a number of Chicago columnists who fill niches supposedly to attract the oh-so-worldly-young will soon follow suit: Richard Roeper and Neil Steinberg of The Sun-Times. Add the possibility of “commentary” from the Tribune’s Clarence Page (alerted to covering anything concerning blacks) and the relativist it carries in syndication Garrison Keillor.

The hubbub was started by one TV anchor, David Shuster of MSNBC, who said Hume’s remarks were an insult to Buddhism. But no one…absolutely no one of major liberal media status…in my reckoning has objected to the steady drumbeat of anti-Christian, anti-Jesus Christ cartoons on “South Park.” If you want a real shocker in Satanic-inspired hate, give the show a brief…very brief…look on Comedy Central. The purportedly hilarious show which is decadently anti-Jesus Christ and portrays Him often as a goofball hippie has “won” Comedy Central a huge audience and a number of Peabody awards. Think about this defamation of the Son of God when you hear of the stink aroused on secular TV and in the press concerning Hume’s remark. No one in the secular news in my memory has defended Christianity from such retrograde insult.

The secularism is made worse by this president we have elected who denies America is a Christian-based country and shirks any need to serve as model as a secularist by not going to church but taking his kids to the notoriously anti-Christian, anti-capitalist, liberal guilt-instilled film, Avitar. He is emblematic of our decadent time and we suffer under his careless insouciance in payment for our transgressions as a flabby, relativistic heavily godless, hedonistic society.

On a news panel last Sunday on “Fox News Sunday,” Hume, the senior political correspondent for the network, was asked to comment on the Tiger Woods affair.

He pointed out that Woods has suffered greatly from the exposure of his sexual carousing, that his reputation has suffered and that…much more serious…he may lose his wife and family.

“Whether he can recover as a person I think is a very open question,” said Hume, “and it’s a tragic situation for him. The extent to which he can recover seems to me dependent on his faith. He is said to be a Buddhist. I don’t think that faith offers the kind of forgiveness and redemption that is offered by the Christian faith.”

Hume added his message to Woods would be: “Tiger, turn to the Christian faith and you can make a total recovery and be a great example to the world.” The criticism came not initially from Buddhists (although there was some) but from committed secularists who viewed the statement as a bid to proselytize the golfer. It was wrong for a news correspondent to do, argued MSNBC’s Shuster.

Why? Hume is indubitably right that sin is not considered in Buddhism: rather, it is karma, the sum-total of good and bad that determines one’s ultimate destiny.

Hume’s suggestion was emblematic of compassion and Christianity.
Now let me predict what…if anything…Messrs. Steinberg and Roeper will do with Hume’s statement.

They will cite the number of Christians who have gone wrong, disgraced themselves, been unfaithful to their spouses as an example of hypocrisy. As if dereliction by Christians disproves the testament of virtue.

As if the multiplicity of lies compounded a million-fold debases the truth.

Not Just the Unconnected Dots—but the Dolts.

Anyone who has worked just below cabinet level in the federal government (as I have in two posts) knows that sometime or other such snafus such as happened with the underwear terrorist getting on a commercial airliner can happen. This is not denying the seriousness of the episode and the fact…I think sooner rather than later…that heads will roll including—I would hope—Janet Napolitano’s: although another might be in the State Department, not Hillary but some assistant secretary because that’s where this creep got his visa and was allowed on board without a passport.

Even so, bureaucratic red-tape can snarl anyone. After the heads roll, it should be pointed out that the real problem is not just failure to connect the dots—but the failure of the unconnected dolts. By which I mean people like Attorney General Eric Holder who sanctioned this kid being tried in a civilian court and having his Miranda rights read to him, after which his lawyer told him to clam up…depriving America of its right to be held secure.

Those Dolts go right up to the top: Barack Obama, his attorney general and the pathetic fools in his administration who endanger this country every day by this insanity. One of them certainly is Michael Kinsley whose Op Ed in The New York Times yesterday said we should afford terrorist non-citizens and citizens alike constitutional rights as an expression of our confidence in our system. The fact that by extending the privilege to non-citizens endangers our country is of no concern to this spindly, bespectacled member of the Over-Educated, Under-Intelligent Class of which The Times is its oracle.

Everything about this guy Obama wreaks of danger to himself but also to our society. The health care fiasco will pass but it will bring down the Democratic house of cards in 2010. His utter doltish recklessness…such as allowing non-citizen terrorists not to be tried in a military court when in fact they are combatants in a war against us…could well produce a tragedy for which he will pay.

We must pray that we will survive this reckless man whose demeanor seems cerebral but which is Spockian…as in Mr. Spock, the half-alien (take that analogy for what it’s worth): unfeeling of fear and because unappreciative of America is insouciant about protecting it.

*: This Feast honors Brother Andre Bessette [1845-1937], a porter and gardener who worked in many menial positions for 67 years, achieving an aura of sanctity at St. Joseph’s Oratory, Montreal, responsible for countless miracles that drew many thousands to Canada to see him…making the Oratory one of the most notable places for pilgrims to pray.

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