Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Personal Aside: Brown’s Win a Devastating Setback to Obama…and Obama-Care. Now Don’t Blame Martha. She is Just the Goat for Big Liberalism.

           Feast of St.Sebastian.*       
        Hell hasn’t exactly frozen over but it’s very-very chilly down there.

        Every Democrat in ultra-blue Massachusetts plus two presidents…Barack Obama and Bill Clinton…the governor, the Democratic constitutional officers, the entire Democratic congressional delegation, the legislature…couldn’t save the day for the Democrats. And don’t pick on poor little Martha Coakley (whom Rep. Patrick Kennedy who Sunday got hold of some bad ice and kept calling “Marcia”).  Earlier, Martha won her state attorney general’s seat by 74%.  There’ll be many excuses: her campaign was mismanaged, she wasn’t warm and cuddly, her TV was lousy. 
      Not at all. 
       What lost for her was that she unwittingly became the symbol of the far-Left high-and-mighty elitist government of Barack Obama which is threatening to ram redistributionist health care down the throat of the electorate which doesn’t want it…which has a soft heart for terrorists insisting they be tried in federal courts with all their Miranda rights protected.  What lost for her was that paragon of legal virtue Eric Holder who so tussled with his conscience before he gave the terrorists including KSM all his “rights” that he wishes to use to destroy us.
         What lost for poor Martha was the fact that this 44th president is different from all others—and I’m not referring to his race.  He is certifiably not a patriot.  Every fiber of his being telegraphs Third World.  From his offhanded cool statement that we’re no longer a Christian nation, from his oh-so-detached Harvard-University of Chicago faculty lounge elitist view that we’re no more an exceptional nation favored by God than are the Italians, the Brits and the Greeks.   
         Never in my long lifetime have I seen the Democratic party resolutely grab the electorate, pinch its nose shut and try to gag it with Castor Oil as it is doing with this abominable prescription.  The blame belongs squarely on Obama—not the hapless little lady AG.  And with the High Command of the Chicago Squid including  that smug, wily, Rahm Emanuel who knows better than anyone else what’s good for the American people. 
      And that hang-dog looking mustached marvel David Axelrod who not only gave us the imagery that elected Obama but the TV package that elected Chicago-born Deval Patrick the highly unpopular Governor of Massachusetts. Desiree Rogers who forsook her job as custodian of the White House dinner gate to flounce in her multi-thousand-dollar gown.  
        The prognostication has always been that Dickie Durbin is going to be the next majority leader after Hangdog Harry goes down.  Wrongo. Durbin has a shot at being Minority Leader of a Senate that will have repudiated the Democratic misnamed “leadership.” 
         The other day Dan Quayle came through here and made a suggestion. That the Tea Party should become part of the Republican party!  That’s about as dumb as anything Quayle has ever said including the time I happened to go to a reception in Washington for Walter Dudycz for Congress (of all people) attended by the then veep who was trying to recover from his fatal image as a dumbo.  Before I left Chicago I did a tape for CNN Headline News (this was before Fox) about Sanctimonious Paul Simon who was then running for reelection.  I happened to say that Sanctimonious Paul was very like a piano player on the first floor of a bordello, unaware or unconcerned about what we going on upstairs.
           A fairly cliché-ridden observation.  In those days CNN Headline News would play the same news bytes over and over every half hour. I got on the plane and that night went to the Dudycz reception which was, believe it or not, at the Mosbacher mansion, the fete hosted by the winsome couple (since divorced) Rob, the commerce secretary and his svelte Georgette.
            The line formed to shake hands with the veep whom until then I felt a good deal of compassion, believing the liberal media were unjustly calling him dumb because they didn’t agree with his conservatism.  Well that changed when I approached and we shook hands.

          He looked at my name tag and said: “Wait a minute!  Didn’t I just see you on CNN this afternoon?”
           He drew his lips to my ear. 
           “And didn’t you say that Paul Simon once played piano in a whorehouse?  Is that on the level?”:
           The crowd was stalled and shifted its feet for long minutes as I personally and laboriously explained.
            “You see, that’s an old expression, hackneyed, trite.  No, Simon never played piano in a bordello.”
             “But wait—didn’t you SAY IT?”

            “Mr. Vice President, I’m trying to tell you it’s a hackneyed expression to show that one is naïve.  Naïve.  Out of touch.”
             “Oh, then it didn’t happen.  He never--.”
             “No, he never played piano in a bordello.”
             “Then why did you say it?”
             “It’s a figure of speech I tell you. The important thing is--.”
             “…that I don’t repeat it.”

             Right.  Right. 
             When I finally walked away, a guy said to me: “Hey, do you know Quayle that well?  What did he want?”
             Nothing. Forget it. Mistaken impression.
             Also mistaken is the impression that the dynamism of the Tea Party should be diffused in the massive monolith that is the Republican party where all that energy for change will evaporated.
        *: Feast of St. Sebastian. [Circa: AD 288]. It’s highly irreverent, I know but whenever I see the famed statue of Sebastian tied to a tree with his chest bristling with arrows I think of the cowboy who arrives on an exhausted horse shot full of arrows and is asked if he is in pain…to which he responds: “It only hurts when I laugh.” He was born in Gaul, became a Roman soldier, was secretly converted and advised two prisoners under sentence of death to remain resolute to their Faith. When Sebastian’s faith was discovered, the Emperor Maximian ordered that he be executed by being shot full of arrows.  He was left for dead when the widow of St. Castulus came upon him, bound up his wounds and took him to her house where he recovered. Undaunted, Sebastian made his way to the Emperor’s throne room and publicly berated Maximian for his cruelty to Christians.  Whereupon Maximian had Sebastian beaten to death with clubs. Sebastian,  the patron of archers, athletes and soldiers, was buried on the Appian Way. 

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