Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Thoughts While Shaving: 11 GOP County Chairmen “Nominated” Scozzafava…Of Course Dan McCormack’s Hearing Should be Public!

Nominated by 11?

The lesson for Republicans on New York 23 is that eleven county chairmen “nominated” Dede Scozzafava for the GOP congressional nomination—heedless of the counter-revolution going on in the country. True, New York law prevents a primary but the closed-room style of the party caused it to name a candidate at furious odds with key elements of the GOP program. There certainly was no law or rule preventing the party from staging a Town Hall where candidates interested in running could present themselves. It was the stupid closed-mind of the GOP there…and the obtuseness of the GOP nationally…that allowed the meeting of two handfuls of pols to make the selection rather than open the process up for wider participation.

Dan McCormack.

Dan McCormack, the unfrocked Catholic priest who spent five years in jail for sexually abusing five boys, is ready to be freed. Prosecutors will now seek to have him committed as a sexually violent person. A county judge ruled yesterday that the court hearings on this matter will be open to the public. McCormack’s attorney said the public’s interest in openness “isn’t safeguarded by knowing the inner workings of [McCormack’s] brain.” On the contrary, I argue the public has every right to know. I only wish the hearing could be extended to examine the inner workings of the brains of those archdiocesan and seminary officials who were asleep at the switch and who allowed this guy to be ordained in the first place.

There was entirely too much rush from civil and moral judgment to protect those archdiocesan and seminary officials from their responsibility for McCormack in my view. The whole thing was outrageous. Everyone…everyone…associated with this scandal has been promoted in one way or another—including the seminary rector who told the Sun-Times after the scandals rocked the Church that he, the rector, would ordain McCormack again. AGAIN! Outrageous! The entire case wreaks with purposeful ineptitude…the seminary records of McCormack having “disappeared”…the rector being promoted auxiliary bishop of Chicago, promoted again to bishop of Tucson, promoted yet again to number two in the leadership of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops. If that isn’t rewarding a person who…having expressed little remorse for his culpable toleration of clerical perversity isn’t disgusting…serving as a gift for malfeasance of duty…I don’t know what is.

McCormack should be placed under lifetime watch as a convicted pedophile—one who, incidentally, has never expressed remorse for his actions. When asked to comment at his conviction he had nothing to say. I say again: the lack of oversight, the callousness with which the seminary regarded an offender, the slipshod way in which things of that nature have been handled here…cry to heaven for vengeance. Instead those who presided over this atrocity continue to swing incense burners, wear miters, carry crosiers and receive honors from docile “sheep.” Don’t get me started.

But, then, I have.

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