Friday, October 16, 2009

Personal Asides: Thoughts While Shaving…CBS-TV…Yesterday’s Photo…Obama’s Humanist-Atheist Non-Beliefs


Thoughts While Shaving.

1. I don’t care what trouble CBS-TV here has had with news ratings, it has improved strikingly at 10 p.m. Strikingly different from the hi-ya fella happy talk and boring fluff on the other stations, it’s excellently put together with Rob Johnson the anchor with investigative reports from veteran Pam Zekman. The only downer is that the oleaginous Bill Kurtis occasionally makes a cameo appearance at the end. If anyone is a plastic man with accommodationist vibes (not beliefs) it’s him.

2. Occasionally I get insulting comments from a woman named e. a. I know her real name but don’t want to get into that now. She has a thing about calling me a racist. Once she said I should don a white sheet and go out and burn crosses. This because I criticized Obama’s foreign policy. Yesterday she said that because we ran a photo of Obama smoking a cigarette it’s indubitable proof that I really am a racist. Do you get the logic of that? It’s a photo my webmaster Jake picked out and he’s far from a racist. Poor woman.

Obama’s Creed.

When asked why I am outspokenly anti-Obama, here is a main reason. Last April 9 at a news conference in Turkey, he said that while there is a great number of Christians in the United States…

“…we do not consider ourselves a Christian nation or a Jewish nation or a Muslim nation. We consider ourselves a nation of citizens who are bound by ideals and a set of values.”

You can check the quote for accuracy on the Internet. It’s verifiable. Well, as reader Joan Solms (and conservative activist) says: who are “we”? And what “ideals and a set of values”? What are they?

Here is the closest affirmation I can find of what this 3rd World-indoctrinated mystery man of murky genealogical background really “believes” if in fact belief is the right word. He is really not very smart. He poses often with his forefinger dug into his cheek with a faraway look in his eyes from which we are to deduce he’s an intellectual. He’s decidedly not (take it from me who was the first to interview him on radio after he became a state senator).

Some say he’s a Deist like Thomas Jefferson but the above statement contradicts that. Jefferson who first postulated (in a private letter) the concept of “wall of separation” between church and state first suggested that members of Congress go to church in the Capitol itself. That’s not Obama. His statement above is humanist and intrinsically atheist. His 20-year membership in Jeremiah Wright’s Trinity United Church of Christ was no test. How can one sit there for 20 years hearing Wright rave against whitey and believe that’s Christianity? Obama did it because he was a young man on the make and he decided the folks there could be put to good use as volunteers for him. Period. If he ever believed anything Wright said he should not have tossed him aside when the heat came on…because Wright was a detriment.

No, essentially Obama is an atheist clothed in humanist philosophy. His declaration above certifies it.

Religious historians commonly trace the origins of modern atheism to the 18th century “Enlightenment” [sic] or humanism, spawned by the fight by materialist philosophers and the encyclopedists (among whom was one Francois-Marie Arouet who signed himself “Voltaire”) who sought to collect the sum-total of human knowledge within two covers. The original motivation was correct—to change the Old Order of ancient states which sanctioned their rule of “Divine Right.” But it soon changed as the masses were told in books and pamphlets that the Christian religion contradicts “the political health and well-being of nations.” Thereupon the encyclopedists invented their own god—the state…to which Obama obviously subscribes as substitute for God. People of Voltaire’s time believed Christianity is “the art of making men drunk with ecstasy in order to divert their attention from the evils heaped upon them by those who govern them.”

It’s notable that since he’s been president, Obama has never found a church or belief to which he is sustained. Jeremiah Wright was a useful tool and nothing else…no church, no minister…can supplant. So Obama lives a life as president identical with his life before being president: rootlessness but at bottom his religion is the state. It translates practically into humanism-atheism…which comes down to a variant of Marxism.

Marxism which started in the 19th century is essentially humanist, affirming the towering domination of man. Marx like Obama believed in essential economic rationale meaning that the production of goods and services form the real basis of society. Economics is totally under man’s control and he need not look to any god beyond his own collective genius to achieve happiness. Among intellectuals there are two ways of looking at the purpose of human life. One is to begin with the world and allow one’s intellect to soar after that to God. That is what’s called philosophy. The other is to begin with God and allow one’s intellect to explore the world. That’s what’s known as theology. Obama follows neither route. That’s why he has tried to redefine what we believe as “ideals and a set of values.”

It boils down to the state. Obama is a pragmatic materialist, an atheist-humanist who has placed the totality of his belief in man and the state as created by man. That’s what I believe he is. Tell me if you agree or disagree by writing me at


  1. I despise Obama; would never vote for him, but I think that is the best photo of him I've ever seen. Sort of James Dean/Frank Sinatra Commander in Chief.

  2. Elizabeth AlexanderOctober 16, 2009 at 11:28 AM

    No, Mr. Roeser. I don't know if the cigarette was part of the fakery. I suspect it was. I was referring to the color that has obviously been added, making Obama much darker.

    The darker the better, you know.