Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Personal Aside: While His Team Wars with Itself, Obama Dithers.


The Rosencrantz half of Rosencrantz and Guildenstern, Rahm Emanuel, is the one I know best. He is so slippery that if he were to lose his balance while walking down a White House corridor he would literally slide in self-generated grease and oleaginous offal to skid past his office door. There is nothing sincere about him: not even his supposed loyalty to Barack Obama. Emanuel can only be loyal to himself and he sees Obama as a temporary expedient.

He means to have it all—beginning with future acquisition of multi-millions (at which he made a fair start due to his utilization of old Clinton contacts)…parlaying more political power (again which he capitalized on his closeness to Mayor Daley enabling the city’s Water Department to free hundreds of its taxpayer-paid minions to campaign for his first run for Congress in 2002)…opportunistic feigning where he shouted he was a victim of anti-Semitism when an old man in Kazak’s campaign alleged falsely he was a dual citizen which Rosencrantz shrewdly used to paint a portrait of himself as victim with the supine media.

Now, if I know Rosencrantz correctly, he is already looking ahead to acquiring more power and money—spending a few years getting returns from earlier political favors dispensed, to sucking up multi-millions from contacts in investment banking to reward himself…and going back to the House where he will be in good position to become Speaker.

To do these things, Rosencrantz has to remain in good paper with the political Left which he has heretofore exploited shrewdly. And as the Left eschews U. S. patriotism, Rosencrantz has to be seen as tilting to them in the White House…which means fighting against the advice of two top generals in sending reinforcements to Afghanistan who say if the men don’t come soon, the U. S. will lose the war.

Losing a war versus ingratiating himself with his Lefty backers is an easy choice for Rosencrantz: the choice is self-ingratiation, of course. That’s why this lean and hungry Cassius did what no other White House chief of staff has done heretofore: invaded the precincts of national security policy—a subject of which he knows nothing—to block reinforcements. In doing this last Sunday, he shook up the entire military and caused our enemies to take heart that the purposefulness of the United States is in serious doubt. So what we have here, friends, is a political power play by a non-military strategic ignoramus for his own self-aggrandizement. The overwhelmed Hamlet who is supposedly in charge of policy is relegated to the back row while Rosencrantz wars with two 4-star generals, brilliant at their craft and the secretary of defense…the secretary saying that until action comes quickly the war will be lost. Rosencrantz gives not a rat’s ass: he is playing the game he knows best—described by that sage scholar of city politics John Kass as the Chicago Way.

The other half, Guildenstern—David Axelrod—is a far lesser man from the standpoint of skullduggery and intellectual amorality than is Rosencrantz. Guildenstern is behind the Obama effort to destroy…physically destroy…his enemies of the media which is also reflective of the Chicago Way. The Madisonian view of government set forth in Federalist 10 celebrated factionalism as contributing powerfully to the republic through the robust exchange of views. This is anathema to the Chicago Way which cannot tolerate dissemination of any views beyond that of the central political leader of the Squid. The Chicago Way to Guildenstern is to destroy…utterly destroy…proponents of opinion who differ from the Squid. So we find Guildenstern saying that the Fox News network is not a news organization…and actively urging advertisers to drop their spending on the network so that it will revert into insolvency. That is truly the Chicago Way: based on rooting out and destroying dissent.

Guildenstern has taken it a step further. In addition to trying to drive a legitimate news operation out of business, Guildenstern is behind the campaign to vilify the U. S. Chamber of Commerce. Why? The U. S. Chamber is nothing more than a group of accommodationists who are largely devoid of principle. They supported the bank bailouts because they like public money as well as private. They supported the $787 billion TARP Obama launched because they like businesses being subsidized. They even supported a variant of Cap `n Trade. They have endorsed such Democrats in the House who curry big business favor like Melissa Bean of the Illinois 8th whose votes against national security matter not to it.

Bean voted to bail out financial markets, to expand SCHIP (Children’s health program) though it’s a flagrantly expensive backdoor to expanding Medicaid and to oppose a ban on operations in Iran which is against our national interest. But because the U.S. Chamber opposes the excesses of Obamacare, Guildenstern has ordered that it be destroyed by encouraging businesses to drop its membership. Obediently Exelon here in Chicago for whom Guildenstern worked as consultant has done just that, courtesy of the obediently loyal John Rowe.

Understand, I care not a whit about the U. S. Chamber long having disdained it as a lobbyist myself because of its footsie playing with the liberals. It has enough money to fend for itself. But I do resent the Chicago Way being transplanted to Washington through Rosencrantz and Guildenstern designed to destroy institutions. And now their Hamlet-esque puppet Obama has touted the fact that the Chamber has spent multi-millions on lobbying activities…as if redress of grievance covered in the Constitution is un-American. This I can stress has not been done in my experience by any Democratic president—not FDR nor HST nor JFK, nor LBJ, Carter or Clinton: the concept of flat-out destroying the Madisonian concept of federalism out of self interest.

As bad as Guildenstern is, he would probably give pause to the step taken by Rosencrantz, who gives not a rap about national security as he polishes his apples with the non-patriotic and utterly disloyal political Left.

The real surprise is how both Rosencrantz and Guildenstern have allowed their Hamlet to continue dithering—which puts Hamlet in an almost untenable position. The logical thing would be to have Hamlet either refortify Afghanistan or not. But the interesting thing is that Afghanistan as of now is in the hands of Rosencrantz who is pursuing Rosencrantz’s chief interest, himself…not worrying about how Hamlet looks at all. I am told Guildenstern does care but of the two Rosencrantz is uppermost…being far more duplicitous, venal, perversely brilliant and harder working.

Thus are we largely governed by two unelected adders—both with fangs and less interested in their pathetic client than how they make out.

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