Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Personal Aside: Those Dems Challenging Todd Stroger? Awful—Starting with Danny Davis (Chuckle-Chuckle)…Roeper Says Chappaquiddick Only One Episode in Ted’s Life.


Davis (Chuckle-Chuckle).

The Dems challenging Todd Stroger for the Cook county board presidency don’t ring a bell with me…starting with the unctuous Danny Davis who has problems showing up at meetings, due to an apparent chaotic lifestyle and non-organizable work habits that defies anyone or anything to get him where he’s supposed to me—and on time. For the latest episode, I’m indebted to the excellent blog “Blithe Spirit” written by Jim Bowman for the latest Davis snafu. Davis was due last Saturday morning at 2nd Baptist Church in Maywood. His office in D. C. had told “Organizing for America,” an Obama front group that he’d be there for a town hall. But his office got the address wrong—listing it as 35 South 13th avenue versus 436 and he never showed.

Oh well, when you have a basso profundo voice that makes audiences think they’re going to hear something memorable even though it never strays from ultra-liberal boilerplate maybe you can get away with it…especially if you’re in a solid black bloc district where you don’t have to try to exert yourself except to go chuckle-chuckle and roll a few Wurlitzer-style organ-sounding phrases of meaninglessness. And easy-going…v-e-r-y easy-going Danny (meandering while he goes chuckle-chuckle) doesn’t exert himself doing anything, believe you me.

Bowman’s story hit me first hand because some years ago I was host for the Congressman at a City Club function. Earlier, knowing his reputation we checked and double-checked but notwithstanding our diligence he never arrived. No excuses, no sorry-he-couldn’t-make-it. Nothing. Just Danny, that’s all (chuckle-chuckle). He reportedly has filed for president of the Cook county board and also for reelection to Congress—where this chronically under-prepared individual serves as member of…God help us and the United States of America…the Ways and Means committee.

Which leads us to some other noble Dem challengers for the board presidency such as Alderwoman Toni Preckwinkle who once had Tony Rezko as fund-raiser. This Democratic party really has a full bench of effective challengers. My bet is that Todd will mow them all down…and well he might since they’re all nonentities. The liberal media can’t understand but the only change that can come is from the Republicans.

Roeper and Falsani: Hey, So Ted Wasn’t Perfect!

Richard Roeper of the Sun-Times said the other day, hey, so Ted had Chappaquiddick—so he wasn’t perfect! There have been a lot of apologists for the grossly self-indulgent senior senator…and of course you’d have to expect it from Roeper—as well as from Cathleen Falsani the paper’s flower child who writes about God sometimes. To them, allowing a 28-year-old woman to die in a car he drunkenly pitched upside down in a pond while he and a woman cohort escaped…so drunk were they that they didn’t know there was an occupant in the back seat…and even then he faltered and didn’t tell police, quavering with cowardice while the girl tried to suck up the remaining oxygen in a tiny, shrinking air pocket…the divers saying that if they had been able to reach her even four hours after they could have saved her life…about which he kidded about it years later, reportedly…is just one of life’s episodes.

My favorite Teddy stories? They’re the hollow explanations for his grossness, better than even Roeper and Falsani could invent. From his biographer, Adam Clymer, formerly of The New York Times…the one who named him The Lion of the Senate (lyin’ more properly) summed it up all very well with perfect liberal compassion: “[Kennedy’s] achievements as a senator have towered over his time, changing the lives of far more Americans than remembered the name Mary Jo Kopechne.”

And not to forget Melissa Lafsky in the Huffington Post. She ruminated on what Mary Jo [1940-1969] “would have thought about arguably being a catalyst for the most successful Senate career in history [sic]…Who knows—maybe she’d feel it was worth it.” Plus the Kennedy’s prime flack Ted Sorensen who wrote in retrospect about the incident this way (how’s this for airbrushing away an un-prosecuted manslaughter?): “Both a plane crash in Massachusetts in 1964 and the ugly automobile accident on Chappaquiddick island in 1969 almost cost him his life.”

But I think the truest thing that was said on the day of Ted’s funeral Mass came from Barack Obama: “He was the soul of the Democratic party.”

Sure was. Sure IS.

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  1. “He was the soul of the Democratic party." Wouldn't that now make the Dems "soulless"?