Monday, August 24, 2009

Personal Asides: Amateur Night at The Tribune…Danny Davis at Malcolm X…Senior Catholic Prelate Gives Left-Wing Lesson in U. S. History Then Censors His Words.


Amateur Night.

I never thought much of The Tribune’s Rick Pearson for political news analysis although I have had…until now…some grudging respect for Ray Long. Yesterday the two collaborated on a Trib story that showed their total ignorance of political reality in the Republican party…which verifies my conclusion that these guys are visceral Democrats…Pearson particularly… and so are much more interested in that party than the GOP.

“Illinois GOP chief steals spotlight at Republicans’ day at the fair” the headline reads with subhead: “Andy McKenna stuns party with announcement he’s stepping down.” The story begins:

“On a day when Illinois Republicans got a chance to show voters they’re ready to capitalize on the scandal of former Democratic Gov. Rod Blagojevich, their message was stepped on by an unexpected leadership upheaval that underscored a chronic lack of cohesion.”

I would surmise that this take was Pearson’s who has no aptitude for a job that involves perspicacity and insight. Actually (a) the denouement of Andy McKenna has been expected for some time. Anyone who followed the GOP knows that he has been in trouble for many-many months because he has been attempting to use the state chairman’s job as a springboard to elective statewide office. Only a clone from the doltish Trib editorial board office like Pearson would have failed to realize this. In fact, the one thing that has united conservatives and liberal Republicans has been the driving wish and expectation that McKenna would leave. Which means (b) the decision of McKenna to step down followed by a smooth transition to Pat Brady does not show in the slightest way either “upheaval” or “lack of cohesion.” Getting rid of an inept chairman is the first step to bigger things in 2010. But don’t expect Pearson to grasp it.

Danny Davis at Malcolm X.

If the Democratic party really wants to move from Todd Stroger to disaster, it will nominate the basso profundo-voiced Danny Davis for president of the Cook county board. Aside from being the laziest human being considered for the post, you have here the most intellectually vapid. With a soft chuckle that is meant to indicate he knows more than he does, Davis is not just an extreme liberal but an incoherent one…the kind who were he to be in the driver’s seat of an automobile would continue running it until the gas runs out since there is no cogitation there: none whatsoever and then blame whitey for the lack of fuel.

Here is what our great senior statesman…who reminds you of James Bassett in Disney’s 1946 “Song of the South”… said at Malcolm X College the other day at his town hall love-in before a typically bouncing, cheering, “amen!” shouting group of taxpayer recipient-wannabe’s.

Brushing aside the financial difficulties, Davis said “No matter the cost, quality health care should be provided for every citizen. Every time I hear the cost is tough much, I am reminded of Frederick Douglass and what he said about abolition of slavery. There’s always a reason not to do what’s right. Opponents of abolition depreciate agitation and”…get this… “want the ocean without the roar of its mighty waters. But one thing is for sure. You won’t get all you pay for but you will pay for everything you get. No price is too high for quality health care” he said shucking off consideration of possible U. S. bankruptcy.

Senior U. S. Catholic Prelate.

A senior U. S. Catholic prelate…preening as a so-called intellectual of the Church…answered a question from a mid-western audience the other day and came forth with a three-phased scenario about the development of the United States—proving that he has been indoctrinated with the same Marxist faculty lounge prejudice that has replaced any vestige of patriotism in the intelligentsia. Earlier he had given the meeting organizers an okay for reproduction of his remarks but after he left the rostrum he pivoted and turned thumbs-down, wisely feeling that his views so clearly echo those of Barack Obama that he would only face trouble for it…and justifiably so since his words betray a naïve sophistry about U. S. history.

Those who were there tell me he said there have been really three phases of growth in this country: slavery…mercantilism where property is confiscated…and militarism.

About slavery he should know that nearly every society in the history of the world has had in its lineage slavery in one form or another. In the West since civilization’s founding slavery was regarded as normal and unremarkable. But what IS remarkable about Western Europe and America is that it abolished it. Seventy-five percent of white southern families did not own slaves; not all blacks in the South were slaves. Ten percent of blacks in the Upper South were free and made their living as laborers and free tradesmen Less than 2 percent of blacks in the Deep South wer3 free but they tended to be rich and owned slaves themselves. What the senior prelate doesn’t know is that the Vatican newspaper editorialized on behalf of the South and its right to own slaves.

However it is one thing to sound smug about it when you demean the very nation you adhere to.

About mercantilism, it was never an economic creed of the United States for the simple reason that Adam Smith’s capitalism dominated the nation from the start, mercantilism flourishing only until 1750—26 years before the Declaration.

About militarism, he should have been taught…but wasn’t, poor guy…that no other nation used its military might more idealistically and without recourse to plunder than the United States. I suppose by militarism he means Iraq where we went after a country high on the terrorism list. None other than Bernard Lewis, the foremost expert on the Middle East, has pronounced that our involvement in the Iraq War marked the first time this nation struck back at the source of world disruption—and credits our being free of other terrorist strikes is due to our Iraq involvement.

But you can’t imagine the senior prelate accepting that. One thing is sure, however: when you ascertain that 54% of the Catholic vote went to Barack Obama, having heard this guy you know why. Yes, it is possible to be educated beyond one’s intelligence.


  1. You need to name names. The time for allowing false Catholics to hide is over, esp. if he is a bishop/cardinal or priest. Who was it?! Don't let him hide.

  2. "In the West since civilization’s founding slavery was regarded as normal and unremarkable."

    I didn't know you were a moral relativist.