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Personal Aside: Obama, Daley Share Radicalism, Don’t You Believe Otherwise… On Ghetto Non-Families, the Churches…Including My Own Catholic…Are Enablers.


Just because Barack Obama is a tall, angular, smooth-talking third-world denizen crypto-Marxist with a Harvard orientation and Mayor Richard M. Daley is a short, squat, jowly Irishman who speaks with accents of Bridgeport blue collar and goes to Mass every Sunday at Old Saint Pat’s, don’t go getting the idea that (a) they’re not united on every issue and that (b) Daley is a small chip off the old block who inwardly shares his Old Man’s innately conservative thinking. Answers: (a) they are and (b) he’s definitely isn’t.

While Obama’s Chicago orientation is Hyde Park, the fashionable once “politically independent” (meaning left-wing) neighborhood that houses the University of Chicago (whose longtime venerable alderman Leon Despres, an ultra-left supporter of Leon Trotsky tangled with Old Man Daley), Daley’s son…unlike his father…has no stomach for principle. “Young Daley,” age 67, long ago made peace with Hyde Park and every other leftwing group in the city and, in fact, is in bed with the most virulent anti-patriotic faction that has compiled a long record of disloyalty to our country.

Behind the scenes, he sponsored an unrepentant terrorist, Weatherman Bomber Billy Ayres, to become…here pause for laughter… “Distinguished Professor of Education and University Scholar” at the University of Illinois-Chicago. He did it despite Ayres’ statement to The New York Times on Sept. 11, 2001 no less that “I don’t regret setting bombs” at the Pentagon and U.S. Capitol. “I feel we didn’t do enough.” That meant and means absolutely nothing to Daley to whom nothing is more important than his own reelections. When Ayres’ terrorist views came to light in the 2008 presidential campaign, Daley had his press office issue a statement in readable English that said: “I…know Bill Ayres. He worked with me in shaping our now nationally-recognized school reform program [sic]. He is a nationally-recognized professor of education [sic]…and a valued member of the Chicago community.”

Daley added: “I don’t condone what he did 40 years ago, but I remember that period well. It was a difficult time [sic] but those days are long over. I believe we have too many challenges in Chicago and our country to keep re-fighting 40-year-old battles.”

Ayres’ views on education are Marxist—not that this means a thing to Daley who places his own political well-being first and disregards everything else including his own church’s theology…although with his beamingly Irish wife, Maggie, who like him identifies with the-wearin’-of-the-green, strides to Communion every Sunday at the mother-church of the ultra-pragmatic Cook county Democratic party, Old Saint Pat’s.

Daley sold out long ago…dating from his state senate days…to all liberal and radical constituencies…but since being mayor has paid special attention to homosexuals, lesbians, bisexuals and trans-genders. Not only did he sponsor a tax-supported building to honor their peculiar “saints” but recently named a self-outed gay as CEO of Chicago public schools. Any objection by traditionalists to the appointment as being the wrong model for public school children, of course was dismissed and brushed aside by the liberal news media.

His new schools CEO is Ron Huberman who used to be Daley’s chief of staff, ran the CTA and has zilch…zilch…experience in teaching or education. Huberman succeeded Arne Duncan whose own credentials rest on his having served true educational reformer Paul Vallas as deputy chief of staff. After Vallas was fired by Daley for challenging the all-important teachers’ union, Duncan took the CEO job and swiftly surrendered to the teachers. He also made “more equal” the test scorings he said had discriminated against blacks, causing by this legerdemain the scores to rise, although they were rigged: for which he was applauded by Daley and the media.

(Duncan then was appointed secretary of education by Obama. He is a former Harvard basketball star who went from there to professional basketball playing in Australia after trying out for berths…and failing…with the Rhode Island Gulls ands New Jersey Jammers. His thesis at Harvard was entitled “The Values, Aspirations and Opportunities of the Chicago Urban Underclass.” In those years Duncan often spoke Black English, causing one college basketball head hunter who talked with him on the phone to assume he was black.

(There is very little doubt that Obama appointed Duncan to education’s highest post not just through the Daley connection but because for a decade Duncan has been available for pickup basketball games with Obama).

Back to Duncan’s successor, Huberman. Not long after he proudly outed himself as a homosexual following his appointment as schools CEO, he announced the birth of a child to him and his “partner,” Darren Delong. Their child was conceived through one partner’s or possible both partner’s sperm deposited in the body of a willing female “mother” who is unknown. Announcement of the birth thrilled the fluttery far-left Catholic Sun-Times political columnist Carol Marin to exclaim breathlessly:

“[Being gay] hasn’t been easy but it’s made more difficult now by an economic crisis that trumps virtually anything else. As a result, Illinois’ gay and lesbian citizens still do not possess the same rights as the rest of us.” Meaning Marin is plumping for special rights—same-sex marriage. “But there is always hope…And today that hope is wrapped in a blanket and watched over by two sleep-deprived fathers!”

After her column and the general huzza’ing by the lockstep media, there wasn’t much concern in Chicago circles about the school CEO being gay. But then came trouble. Huberman named whom he felt was just the right guy to motivate Chicago students to go back to school this fall. He is Jeremih (correct spelling) Felton who in the rock world known as Jeremih registered number 4 in the “Hot 100” recordings for youth with his recording of “Birthday Sex.” The recording is the braying of a horny young man who tells his girlfriend that the only thing he wants to give her for her birthday is to have sex with her. Some of the printable lyrics go:

“It’s your birthday so I know you want to ride out/ Even if we only go to my house/ Sip on weezy [a kid mixture of alcohol and uppers] as we sit on my couch.”

When asked about this decadent Pied Piper Huberman hired to encourage kids to go back to school, Daley justified this to the press which I republish in its entirety to show the garbled non-logical construction he relies on when caught in a bind:

“Jeremih is a graduate of many sons and all that. Today you have all types of artists and music and like anything else, you’re going tossing their songs and let them sing it. It’s freedom of speech and he’s just pursuing his careers [sic] and why not? He’s going to be a wunnerful engineer or whatever he ‘s going to do in life. He knows he’s going to do something and let him do it!”

Having delivered these immortal words, he huffed away while the press consulted with one another to try to fathom his statement’s sense. That’s what Daley does when cornered. You need a cryptographer to discover what he means…and even then you find he’s a giant squid which squirts ink that clouds the waves, allowing him to escape being pinned down.

Crime: Something Daley Can’t Talk Away.

On a single weekend last month (July), at least 35 people were shot…and in one night alone, seven in a single incident on the West Side. A few items from that historic weekend: Police were called to a shooting on the South Side’s Holman Boulevard (July 29) where seven were shot with six hospitalized in critical condition and one adult male in stable condition with a graze wound….a man was found shot inside a grocery store while customers routinely pulled items from the dairy case into their baskets…while six others were found shot within a half-block radius of the store.

Continuing: An hour later, three people—including a woman standing with her baby in a stroller waiting for the light to change—wee shot within a period of 20 minutes on the South and West Sides…in the South Shore neighborhood, a 22-year-old man was shot in the hand and suffered a minor head wound…the shooting was preceded by a carjacking when five suspects approached a victim and physically removed him from his car at gunpoint, then took him in their car to his residence where they stole his TV sets…then they drove him to a vacant lot where they beat and shot him as he tried to run away.

Then a 25-year-old woman was shot while talking to friends on the grounds of a gated housing development…three males wearing black hoods burst out of an Auto Zone store on the West Side and opened fire. A woman not a target of the shooting then felt a sharp sting in her lower right leg and discovered she was shot…in a pre-dawn hour a 22-year-old male walked into Loretto hospital with a gunshot wound in the ankle after having been shot in the Austin neighborhood, the victim of a shooting during a robbery…Later in the early morning hours, two males were shot as they sat on a porch in Little Village, by members of a rival gang who came by one foot…as the sun came up a man was hit by gunfire on South Wells when two other males began shooting. The victim was hit in the leg and taken in stable condition to Provident hospital.

As the weekend ended, a teenaged boy was shot and wounded as he walked in his South Side neighborhood…hit on the right side and is in good condition at Advocate Christ hospital…followed by a male who was snot and critically wounded not many blocks away, found sitting in his car where investigators found blood, but he said he was shot four doors down.

These reports gravely disturbed Daley because he saw in them a threat to his landing the Olympics for 2016 when he will be 74 years old. So what did he do? He authorized community marches led by his $300,000 a year body-builder police superintendent Jody Weis who looks like the Incredible Hulk. Weis and Daley along with ministers blamed the availability of guns but uttered no concern over the chaotic family dissolution that produces his carnage. Railing about the excess number of guns is very popular with the city’s ministries and the media.

The Silence of the Churches and My Own Catholic One.

One can readily understand Daley’s evasion of broken families as a pol: it would be taken by many as racist and an insult and the media would be all over him. But one cannot understand the silence of the churches…including my own Catholic one…which cowers from bringing up the subject of non-family chaos because it is politically unpopular (something the churches shouldn’t be concerned with).

So far as can be seen, there has not been any specific admonition or reference from the Catholic archdiocese on the need for marriage to build homes and bind them into a unit in the overwhelmingly minority neighborhoods. Chaotic puppy-dog couplings are winked at by the clergy—not only my Catholic ones but black evangelical churches in the ghettoes. While all can cover themselves by saying they inherently support marriage and legitimate family-building, no church leader has spoken out directly on this matter. The churches are tight-lipped on the issue of chaotic non-families, characterized by strange male visitors and resident females who welcome them, producing children who as soon as they can walk retreat to the streets to search out what passes for stability for them in the form of male-led gangs with militant father figure bosses.

Why the silence of the churches including my own Catholic? They do not want to appear to be “racist” by referring to the couplings. It is far easier and more palatable to the editorial boards and TV stations to rail against the proliferation of guns. A case in point happened with the pastor of Saint Sabina’s parish run by blond, charismatic, demagogue Fr. Michael Pfleger. He says whitey should be ashamed that he has allowed violence to come to the black community…not mentioning that it was really detonated by Lyndon Johnson’s War on Poverty which drove unmarried males out of welfare-recipient households.

Take a look at what Pfleger said recently as covered by Chicago’s CBS-TV after two teens wee shot outside Pfleger’s church. His “sermon” delivered before a cheering all-black congregation (many of whom are not Catholic) ran this way as covered by the station.

“If it was white children,” shouted Pfleger, “we’d have a revolution going on in America but because it’s black and brown children…” and here he lapsed into his favorite stunt, a white priest using black English: “ain’t nobody doin’ nothin’ `bout it!” That got a great hand and a chorus of shouts “right on!”

Later, Pfleger got more media attention by shouting dramatically that if someone has to be killed, let the gun-wielders come to his church and kill him instead of black children which drew stentorian applause in the church but was, of course, shameless political showboating. If only things were that easy. Pfleger and other members of the cloth are not known for advising any of their flocks to take on the arduous duties of marriage and children-raising…nor are any of the sing-song heroic couplet intoning charismatic black pastors who have one eye cocked for the TV cameras.

Pfleger is a wild card in the Catholic archdiocese which fears to force him to accept term limits that other pastors adhere to because it cowers that it will receive criticism from Pfleger’s congregation that idolizes him. And he has blackmailed the archdiocese to stay on, saying that if he were to be removed from Saint Sabina’s, he would leave Catholicism and set up his own ministry. That was enough to frighten the Catholic chancery. Of course the answer anyone of courage should make to Pfleger is to say: Go ahead! Leave!

Instead what does the Catholic archdiocese and what passes for an interfaith ministerial society talk about? The need for more marches to end violence, the need to end racism, the need to confiscate guns. These are the popular palliatives that satisfy editorial boards and leftwing newspaper columnists in this town, which don’t ruffle feathers of the blacks.

Thus cowardice should be affixed to the churches and my own Catholic archdiocese here. There should be a general city-wide project led by a ministerial coalition involving Catholic, Protestant and Jewish denominations. It should involve heavy black and Hispanic participation—but how to do it when the leading black civil rights protagonist is the Rev. Jesse Jackson, Sr….who has a weekly column in the groveling Sun-Times—and a good personal reason to evade the issue of family responsibility.

Great Role Model: Jesse Jackson, Sr.

Himself an illegitimate child, born Jesse Louis Burns in Greenville, S. C. to Helen Burns, a 16-year-old single mother, his father was Noah Jackson, a former professional boxer who was married to another woman when Jesse was born.

Two years after Jackson’s birth, his mother married Charles Henry Jackson who would not adopt Jesse for 14 years. Married and the father of five children, Rev. Jesse Jackson was…and still is…Chicago’s most prominent black spokesman. He was shown to have had an affair with a Rainbow-Push Coalition staffer, Karin Stanford, that resulted in the birth of a daughter, Ashley, in 1999. According to CNN, in August, 1999, the Rainbow-Push Coalition paid Stanford $15,000 in moving expenses and $21,000 in contracting work. In addition, she was promised an additional $40,000 against future contracting work—which was rescinded once the affair became public. Separate from the 1999 Rainbow-Push payments, Jackson pays $4,000 a month in child support for his daughter.

AWOL Archdiocese.

Be that as it may, there is no given reason why the Catholic archdiocese for one avoids exerting leadership on its own to alleviate the major source of instability in the ghettoes: chaotic non-family life. I am sure it can point to a few agencies here and there and some bureaucratic entities in Catholic Charities that purportedly cover the issue, but to use this as an excuse is to avoid the fact that the Archdiocese itself and its Cardinal Archbishop should make this issue a major priority.

Don’t buy the answer that the Catholic Church is doing anything substantive on that issue here…as an attempt will be made by its favorite device of parsing-parsing-parsing…but the Church is and has been AWOL on the issue out of hierarchal cowardice—nothing less.

The agenda for rank-and-file fed up Catholics should include these items: Speaking, teaching and conducting workshops on the sanctity of marriage to ghetto dwellers…getting the Feds out of Catholic Charities and Charities out of Fed control, with a reformation so that Catholic Charities teach and practice the spiritual as well as corporeal works of mercy with 100% private contributions. The dough the Feds put in should go to secular agencies.

Enough for now.


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