Friday, August 28, 2009

Personal Aside: Holder’s Search and Destroy Mission Against the CIA While Obama Smirks in the Wings.


I may well have been the first to say this…but I will say it again: my concern is that for the first time in U.S. history we have elected a president who is not a patriot.

The sly, deceptive strategy that will, if allowed to continue, undermine the CIA and unhorse it from its hitherto successful protection of the United States against terrorism is really something to behold. It bears all the slick earmarks of David Axelrod. President Obama is shown on television saying that he wishes there be no probe of the past—that he would prefer to look forward. Then his Attorney General Eric Holder says that he will probe the CIA anyhow—followed by Obama’s shrug and declaration that he would not interfere.
Worry about the deficit, the piling on top of a 9 trillion dollar debt further huge expenditures of Obama’s health care if you will—but this attempt to wreck the CIA smacks of a flippant disregard for U. S. safety by one who embodies Third World attitudes…someone slick and in league with the fawning mainstream media which take at face value whatever it is he wants.

The signs are clear showing the immediate danger to our safety from terrorists. Many CIA officials are stunned by Holder’s decision to launch a probe…by a selective declassification of documents that describe the acts at issue…the CIA’s decision not to rebut a 2004 CIA inspector general report that criticizes the agency regarding interrogations, the decision to have future interrogations undertaken not by the CIA but the FBI under close supervision of the White House.
The weakening of the CIA which is pleasurable to the Left shows that at bottom the interest of the Obama administration appears to be the steady weakening of our defenses. This stealth act lays bare the responsibility of the president whose first job is to protect the peace and liberty of the people of the United States. My question is: Do we have an Attorney General gone berserk here—or do we have one whose actions are sanctioned entirely by the president? The nearest historical allusion would have to be the search-and-destroy action of Attorney General A. Mitchell Palmer during World War I while Woodrow Wilson looked the other way—a search-and-destroy effort that triggered a reign of terror against political dissidents to Wilson. The current Eric Holder action has all the appearances of a search-and-destroy action against our own defenses,..with a purposeful intent to render us weak to our enemies and powerless to apprehend terrorists.
If tragedy happens because of the weakening of our defenses, let everyone know: it is impeachable. The Congress must halt this reckless search-and-destroy before it succeeds in laying us naked to our enemies. The time is fast ending when we can give Barack Obama credit for good intentions. My guess is that he does not have good intentions in mind for the United States. Therefore it is time for the Republicans in Congress to move—do whatever they can—to interrupt this search-and-destroy.
I have already said that I do not believe Barack Obama is a patriot. Whether he is on our side or not is undetermined. But before tragedy happens, we must call on members of Congress of both parties that take action to halt this Holder wrecking crew. He has earlier called us a nation of cowards.

We must prove to him that we are not. And the first thing to do is to interfere with what appears to be a calculated, alien attempt to destroy our safety.

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