Friday, July 10, 2009

Personal Asides: Burris Won’t Run; Kennedy and Mark Kirk Likely Will—Will McKenna?...On First Looking Into Chapman’s Palin.



Phil Ponce over at WTTW…the ever-bland living liberal cliché anchor who could read a bulletin on the end of the world with a non-comprehending smile …said last night on Chicago Tonight that Roland Burris will not run for reelection. Not so, Phil: He won’t run for ELECTION. Remember? He was never elected. CUT! TAKE TWO!

That means that media-contrived liberal charisma factory will snag another candidacy on which to apply pancake makeup and rouge from the perilously dwindling number of Kennedys who had avoided politics heretofore…number 8 of Bobby and Ethel’s 11… i.e. Christopher George, 46. who runs his family’s former fiefdom, the Merchandise Mart. It’s not Chris’ fault or Ethel’s fault but sadly he resembles his mother toothy countenance, not unlike Eleanor Roosevelt’s, rather than his father’s movie-star good looks—but he has the cultivated shaggy haircut, is properly thin and perhaps with training he can remember to jab a left hand in his jacket pocket while the right gesticulates dramatically ala Pop and Uncle John. If we had only a slightly objective media we wouldn’t have to worry about CGK’s dramatization but as it stands, no.

With luck, CGK should make short work of the Dems’ media—protected hoax “reformer,” Alexi Giannoulis, the state treasurer, funder in private life from papa’s bank to some Outfit big-wigs.

On the Republican side which media are less interested in, it could be that Rep. Mark Kirk has the nomination all to himself…but were I advising Andy McKenna, I would advise him to go for it and zero in on Kirk’s record which includes responsibility for giving us the House-passed cap and trade bill which Obama himself acknowledges will send our electricity rates “skyrocketing.” I think McKenna could knock him off and at least make a pitch for conservatism straight up with Kennedy. McKenna would inestimably help the Republican ticket by running for the post, tidying up a largely do-nothing record he compiled as state chairman.

On First Looking Into Chapman’s Palin.

When John Keats wrote “On First Looking into Chapman’s Homer,” he was so enthusiastic that what had always been translated in blank verse was now accomplished in rhyme and so he extolled it in sonnet of iambic pentameter. But the Chapman was George. Our Chapman is Steve, a refugee from the liberal New Republic to the Trib who pretends to be a Deep Thinker but is just another clunker along with Garrison Keillor, both inexplicably appearing each week on the editorial page. Not just a refugee but a liberal mole, Chapman portrays himself as a libertarian but he always manages to strike a blow for the Left with his Op Eds—a sly hoax with which the Trib is complicit.

Last night the effete snob Chapman was on with the self-same Ponce to render his latest column on Sarah Palin to the deadly monotony that is public TV liberalism where all guests echo the same ruminations and Ponce looks as though they have given him some fresh insight. It was the burden of Chapman’s Op Ed that Sarah Palin whom he defiles was a heroine of the Right because she is a looker—whereas poor Harriet Mier was scorned by them because she was not. Now I ask you honestly, was this vapid thought worth contemplating, then writing, then reproducing it at partial public taxpayers’ expense? Of course it is to both Trib and `TTW because Chapman ridicules Palin. See how much good the drumbeat of ridiculing the Right has done the Trib?

To falsify his point, Chapman invents facts and of course no one either in the Trib or on Ponce’s show challenged him. Mistaken fact 1: “…her bungling performance in the 2008 presidential campaign.” The fact is that if there was one bungler on the Republican ticket it was John McCain and that until Palin entered the race it seemed the GOP was going nowhere, having lost its base to ennui. Palin not only electrified the base but in 46 days enabled the ticket, running at a disadvantage with an unpopular war and a recession, to finish only four points under the Trib’s and Chapman’s wunderkind, Barack Obama. Palin debated a 36-year veteran of the U. S. Senate and came off if not the victor, at least equal.

Chapman then goes on the sarcastic to say as do all liberals “no matter how badly she performs.” That’s the same kind of non-rational, no statistics-needed short-hand that has contrived to make Obama a deep-thinker, Reagan an amiable dunce. the Kennedys all intellectuals and Michael Jackson a civil rights leader. As governor, Palin cleaned up Juneau and concluded negotiations for a pipeline that had been hanging uncompleted for decades—all in less than one term while adding heft to the national ticket.

The Tribune is running out of gas and money for good reason. It stands for utterly nothing—barring John Kass—otherwise nothing except phony sophistication for which it will die deservedly since it has nothing to say.


  1. This vestigial paper is now, as you note, only worth anything at all because of John Kass. And perhaps those nice weather radar graphics, although one can skip the almost certain inaccurate forecasts along with the even worse ones from the NOAA.

  2. The problem with your post is that McKenna's not a conservative. His IL GOP was very hostile to conservatives - see his ham fisted intervention in the 06 gubernatorial primary.