Friday, July 3, 2009

Personal Aside: Chicago’s Murderous Crime Tally Should—but Probably Won’t—Doom its Chance for the 2016 Olympics.


Reason: A City of Bastards.

Last weekend…just an average Chicago Friday to Sunday in the summer…six men were shot dead in one 24-hour period plus the critical wounding of a 9-year-old who was merely out walking with his family. In 2008 Chicago’s murder rate was double that of U. S. soldiers killed in Iraq, 509 homicides which rose over the preceding year by 15%.

This appalling lawlessness should write finis to Irish Catholic, pro-abort Mayor Richard M. Daley’s grandiose plan to snare the Olympics’ summer games for 2016—but probably won’t. Why not? Here’s why.

The slab-faced largely pro-abort white, black and Latino Catholic Democratic warriors, jowly business titans and black for-rent ministers of the gospel plus one demagogic white rogue priest are following their master’s order. All have risen above principle to please him. In the old machine days, the word would go out that with Chicago being the murder capital of the U. S. the machine would decide it’d probably be smart for the city to drop its bid for the Olympics—lest international focus would draw even greater attention to its lawlessness. Not any more. Why not?

No more machine in its classic sense. It’s successor is an unthinking organism with no political sagacity: just desire for more nourishment: in other words a Squid.

The 78-year-old one-party government is run no longer by a definable machine. A machine has parts with complex gears and inner-mechanisms which requires perspicacity and dexterity to run. This current metamorphosis has, through cell growth, produced an unthinking invertebrate which doesn’t think but grows, breathes, perspires and feeds like a gigantic amoeba-like alien.

Which I call The Squid. And it needs nourishment: contracts, jobs and political contributions as payback in Illinois’ (now the U.S.’s) pay to play politics. In short, The Squid needs the Olympics..

The Squid.

The Squid like all other cephalopods has a nominal head—Daley for now—but runs on its own apart from him: business, churches (with significant Catholic affiliation), unions, blue chip law firms, universities, “civic” organizations, editorial boards, liberal interest groups, members in good standing or sub-rosa of the Outfit. It’s mindless, with bilateral symmetry, numerous arms and tentacles arranged in pairs, advanced eyes common to vertebrates. It is covered in chromatophores which enable The Squid to change color to match its surroundings, making it sometimes invisible. While Daley occupies the head, he’s a figurehead and is no more important than its other parts including The Squid’s eight arms and two tentacles. The Squid is driven by fins which move not thoughtfully but in response to stimuli and sees through eyes on either side of its head, each of which contains a hard lens enabling it to spot prey. It cruises along encrusted with hundreds of suckers attached called taxpayers, seeking to draw nourishment (called city services) from the large systemic heart that pumps blood through the body.

The Squid carries a giant ink sac with which it clouds itself to frustrate investigation by the feds, squirting obfuscation also at mainline journalism to confuse it. But confusing liberal mainline Chicago journalists isn’t very strenuous as they want to be fooled. The only media that can penetrate the inky substance are “new media”—blogs and electronic coverage by non-professional but angry self-taught citizen reporters on Internet newspapers such as the one I run.

If The Squid makes a sound at all, it’s the word “gimme.” Meaning gimmie more jobs, construction contracts, big lawyers’ fees, p. r. fees and phony philanthropic contributions, state and federal grants to support huge excavations, park constructions, stadiums, swimming pools, running tracks and auditorium complexes needed to feed The Squid. But the spurting crime wave that is uncontrolled is The Squid’s biggest enemy as it may dampen the enthusiasm for the International Olympic Committee. But to fight this The Squid has powerful forces on its side. One is the Chicagoan who is president of the United States. Another is my ex-neighbor a few blocks down in my suburb—the secretary of state of the United States.

The old crusaders in the 11th century fought, marched and killed to free the Holy Places from those called by our long unused history books “the Mohammedans”--and marched under the banner “God wills it; God wills it!” The Squid just belches “gimme-gimme” and everybody hops to its feeding…the Daleys (Richard, John, Bill, Michael et al), the two Madigans (father the Illinois House Speaker, step-daughter the Illinois Attorney General who might become the next governor), the clout-heavy law firms, the editorial boards, the religious hierarchy, ministers, black deacons, storefront preachers. And the Obama people who are in Washington but want to return (Rahm Emanuel, Valerie Jarrett and David Axelrod among them).

Near the beak of The Squid is a muscular hydrostat which provides the money suction spigot that goes swooooosh! and inhales money. He is Irish Catholic Patrick Ryan, 70, chairman of The Squid’s Olympic committee, a billionaire who founded a small insurance agency in 1964 and built it into Aon, the world’s largest insurance and reinsurance intermediary and global leader of what it calls “human capital consulting.”

While attending an Olympic parley in Switzerland, Daley and Ryan agreed city taxpayers will pick up the bill if the Games here produce revenue losses. This without an okay from the city council. The tally already includes a $450 million “rainy day fund,” $375 million in cancellation insurance, an additional $500 million in insurance coverage (as I earlier said Ryan is in the insurance business), a state guarantee of $250 million (even though the state is $7 billion in the red)…to which will be added a “last resort” $500 million of taxpayer money from city taxpayers.

This was prompted by near heart-stopping panic in Switzerland. Daley and Ryan were told they had to match what other cities are doing—notably Tokyo which placed 1st), Madrid 2nd and Rio de Janeiro 4th among which Chicago took 3rd place and no time remained to ask the city council with the two major domos overseas. The city council is grumbling and probing but will probably go along as it always has. Both the overweight, puffing, unhealthy looking moguls, Daley and Ryan, are waiting for the final decision to come next Oct. 2 in an announcement from Copenhagen, Denmark.

Uncontrollable Murder Rate.

The Squid won’t admit it…and consequently the mainline media don’t either…but the one thing that could sink the Olympics for Chicago is the city’s staggering murder rate. Thirty-six public school kids were gunned down so far this year. CNN’s Anderson Cooper spent one whole day reporting on our crime wave. How to fight it? The Squid belches up an answer which is popular with all liberals but which hasn’t ever worked: more gun control.

Old man Daley, Richard II’s father, led Chicago’s machine… before The Squid…and he was a man of much tougher mien. When lawlessness threatened to decimate his city…with the riots after Martin Luther King’s death and the demonstrations during the 1968 Democratic convention…he told the police to “shoot to kill, shoot to maim.” The rioters knew the Old Man meant business and although the boys in blue were called inhumane beasts by the liberals, the fomenters ceased and desisted. Peace was restored and Chicago avoided becoming another Detroit.

But Richard M. Daley is a very small chip off the old block when it comes to courage. He is a liberal squish. Which means when murders occur, the Daley chief of police (a Boy Scout-like, compassionate ex-FBI agent, a body-builder who never walked a beat) shakes his head and goes tsk-tsk-tsk…and afterward marches with neighborhood residents carrying placards reading “End the Violence.” I have never been a great fan of Rudy Giuliani but when he was mayor of New York…despite all his failings…he became idolized by whites as a tough law-and-order mayor. Last year when he was in town, I asked him his impression of Richard M. Daley’s record on crime and murder.

He told me not to quote him directly…and I didn’t since I was holding a drink not a pad and paper.., but his response went something like this: There’s one thing you must do if you want to cut down homicides—and it is this: You have to back the cops. When the ACLU comes around and tries to persecute them…and I mean persecute…you gotta stand up for the cops. The police respect that and will bust their [scatological term] for you and the crime goes down. My observation is that there is a kind of ACLU mentality dominant in his city hall. . You know why: liberals feel any action the police take is “brutality.” If you stand with the goo-goos the cops will know it and sit on their hands. Well I didn’t and we cleaned up New York. Depends on what is more important to you, make friends with the goo-goo’s or get things done for the city.

It was significant that he used the Chicago word “goo-goo.” “Goo-goo’s” is a time-worn Chicago derogatory reference to liberals—anti-death penalty, soft-on-criminals people who believe murderers are victims of bad environment. Young Daley has gone to bed with the goo-goo’s. He rides in gay rights parades, endorses gay marriage, espouses abortion rights: indistinguishable from the Left. Unrepentant terrorist Bill Ayres got approved for his job as Distinguished,,,get that: Distinguished Professor of Education and Senior University Scholar at the University of Illinois-Chicago because he was recommended by Daley. Ayres’ wife, unrepentant terrorist Bernardine Dohrn was hired as Associate Professor of Law and director of the Children and Family Justice Center at Northwestern with Daley’s approval. Romancing the Left got Daley easy victories in 1989, `91, `95, `99 and `07.

Liberal Mantra: “Gun Control.”

Richard M. Daley and the goo-goo’s response to the horrendous murders in Chicago isn’t to use the cops to crack down on the areas of the killings, the South and West Sides where the gangs are. No-no. The cracking of heads would offend minorities…blacks, Hispanics…as well as the entire corpus of the liberal community: gays, feminists, trans-genders, Hyde Park intellectuals, theorists, sociologists, the editorial boards, the TV broadcasting people. So they have adopted the mantra of gun confiscation.

When you support “gun control” in Chicago where goo-goo’s reign, you offend no one. It’s a safe villain No matter that Chicago has one of the most stringent gun-control legislation in the country. Of course this hasn’t done a thing to end the gang shootings and murders but it is something for liberals to talk about. And say we need more of. And still more of. And much more of.

The number one point man for gun control is the Catholic priest Fr. Michael Pfleger about whom I written many times. He’s white, 60 years old this year, blond-haired, a brilliant rabble-rouser who has adopted black hip-hop talk (known as ebonics) which he delivers from pulpits in stentorian tirades in his Auburn-Gresham church. Pfleger has cowed the tremblingly waffling archdiocese (which isn’t a very difficult job) into thinking it will be perceived as racist by the media if it requires Pfleger to respect pastoral term limits that applies to everyone else. Accordingly, Pfleger who boasts he’s his own man is owned by The Squid. He goes to White Sox games with Daley and runs regular Democratic party rallies at his Masses at his church, St. Sabina’s.

Pfleger isn’t worried about the niceties of the 2nd amendment at his Mass-rallies. He riles up his parishioners (many aren’t Catholic) about the ocean-tide of handguns among the poor (actually, it’s a good bet that most of his piety-shouting parishioners pack heat themselves). But Pfleger can sense when he has a good thing. The crowd brays “amen, yeah brother!”

Pfleger can bring his audience to standing ovation by saying he doesn’t care about what’s written on a piece of paper like the Constitution: he’s just tired of burying children. Always good for salutes, cheers and whistles from the Amen Corner. Taking a cue from whitey Pfleger, now almost all black preachers get people standing up in church applauding by beseeching legislators in ear-splitting decibels to pass ever-more stringent gun legislation.

The courts have given Pfleger much oracular ammunition for more standing ovations, no matter how they rule. Last year the U. S. Supreme Court took a decided conservative stand in behalf of individual gun ownership when it tossed out Washington, D. C.’s very stringent 32-year-old gun control law. If any town out-rivals this one in murder, it’s the capital city which has the most abstemious gun control law in the world.

It was the first time the high court had ruled on guns and it came down on the side of the Constitution. That sent Pfleger and his troops angrily marching to the whirr of TV cameras. Now another case is wending its way through the courts to give the high court another bite at the apple. In a 3 to 2 decision (on which Obama’s Supreme Court nominee Sonia Sotomayor, the self-styled “wise Latina” took the liberal position) the 7th district circuit court of appeals upheld strict gun control ordinances in Chicago and Oak Park. This is a natural for Pfleger’s happiness march staged in front of the Supreme Court when it reconvenes to intimidate it to rubber-stamp it in a separate decision.

Everybody, goo-goo’s and conservatives, realize gun control isn’t the answer to cutting down on homicides and the formation of street gangs who kill—as do the mainline news media…but no one wants to face the unpalatable truth. There is one main reason why gangs dominate their turfs in this city: the breakup of the family which has led to young fatherless males running the streets aligned with gangs as family substitutes.

Nobody in the poor, minority neighborhoods get married because the churches aren’t doing their jobs…concentrating instead on prattling for more government handouts and blaming murders not on their own irresponsibility for not teaching the moral virtues—but on an easy answer: guns. Guns. Guns. By tagging guns as the reason, the churches and the liberals evade the blunt truth…that in its poorer sections—indeed in some trendy white enclaves as well…Chicago has become a…

City of Bastards.

The real and only reason for the ungodly high tide of murders on the largely minority South and West Sides is : the disintegration of the family. The Squid depends on the allegiance of minorities and to point out that black and Hispanic folk ought to get married is to insult them, goes the popular credo. And since black ministers…and black wanna-be preachers like Pfleger…crusade and cry their eyes out against violence…they more than anyone else should be the ones to insist their flocks get married, that fatherless families are disaster. But no. That will never do. Why?

You ask why? How unpopular would priests, ministers and politicians be if they said this to people who cheer, stomp their feet and fill the collection baskets? How their parishioners (and contributors) would have their Sundays ruined if they heard that kind of thing! They’d never come back to church; they’d go to another church where the sermonizing is more convivial. Donations would be down.

And the TV stations: they wouldn’t play such sermons at all in fear of alienating so many viewers. The goo-goo’s particularly the whites would be outraged. In fact it is very comfortable for all members of The Squid to crusade against guns and for gun control rather than be forced to consider that puppy-dog couplings on the South and West sides that produce kids bereft of families are the reason for the lawlessness…and why kids who have no family allegiance join gangs to whom they become indentured.

Of course if the Chicago Catholic archdiocese decided to take up the challenge of stressing marriage and legitimate children for whites and blacks…make a real crusade of it for everybody…that’d be good. But to do it would run the risk of being judgmental. Ugh. Judgmental. A terrible thing to be. Especially for a church.

Much easier to bewail lack of sufficient gun control. Besides, to imply that Chicago is becoming a city of bastards would jeopardize our getting the 2016 Olympics.

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  1. Tom,thank you so much for such an intelligent and honest assessment of the cesspool known as Chicago.