Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Personal Aside: Wheels Coming Off the Obama Bandwagon.


Scathing attacks by veteran “Washington Post” economics writer Robert Samuelson on the media’s fantasy over Barack Obama coupled with a follow-up in which he terms the president’s universal health care program “delusional” and “hypocritical”…followed by here-and-there zings from the Left, tells me that unless some quick repairs are done, the wheels will come off the fantasy-media bandwagon.

There are five reasons why the administration may face an unusual fate—with a charismatic president who can sell himself, but not his programs. The five reasons are utterly tough issues that Obama has shown no serious inclination to solve.

They are: Gitmo…the economy…universal health care…joblessness…and federal spending. On all these issues, Obama doesn’t have a clue toward responsible solutions. And his personal charisma is not substitute for the solutions.

It’s clear now…that I think of it…that the sudden demonization of a series of conservatives by the entertainment media shows the old David Axelrod-Rahm Emanuel theory of finding scapegoats to hold responsible for the very evident intellectual bankruptcy of liberaldom—their working model as applied now to Obama’s programs. The scapegoats are, for the most part, conservative media types: Limbaugh, Hannity, O’Reilly, Beck among them. The others are Gingrich and Cheney. About Cheney the Axelrod Axis has even recruited the director of the CIA Leon Panetta to join the fray and make the unconscionable and unproven allegation that it appears Cheney wishes for a terrorist attack on the United States in order to justify his position that America is not being guarded as securely as it was under Bush.

But their central target is Sarah Palin whom marketing studies have shown to ignite more hate and animosity than any of the others…the reason being that feminists and militant gays despise her because she went ahead with the birth of a Down Syndrome child—causing a trauma of guilt among women who profoundly regret they don’t have the courage…and out of savage retribution have taken their cudgels to her.

Emanuel-Axelrod are aided by a second Emanuel, Ariel (Ari) who has linkage to the entertainment industry in Hollywood and Broadway…leading to the slashing fictional attack by David Letterman that a baseball slugger impregnated a Palin daughter (Letterman thought the daughter who escorted her mother to a Yankees game was Bristol: wrong, it was 14-year-old Willow)…added that she would be an object of interest by Eliot Spitzer who had to resign as governor of New York because he consorted with a prostitute…and further the made-up nonsense that Palin tried on provocative dresses in order to look slutty. Sarah Palin responded correctly by turning down an offer by Letterman to guest on his show by saying that she wouldn’t want to subject her daughter to the ministrations of a 62-year-old sex pervert.

The right-wing villain theory won’t work because the economics are too crucially important to divert the American people via a hate campaign against Palin or Limbaugh or Hannity. It is noteworthy that in Chicago two oracles of the Left media have tried to compensate for the Letterman attack by making it seem that Letterman and Sarah Palin’s response are equivalent which makes it a wash—Richard Roeper and Mary Mitchell of the “Sun-Times.” By their reckoning when a child of 14 is linked with rape and pregnancy and her mother is called slutty, a response to the prevaricator’s sexual proclivities is labeled improper. Of course Roeper and Mitchell know that if she had a good word to say about Palin, they’d be out of the “Sun-Times” columning business by the next day…the marketing of the tabloid based on scouring up rage from a semi-literate pack of near animals…which produces a true irony—responsible for its dwindling circulation since these know-nothing columns dissuade literates of mature intellect to other reading pursuits.

And finally, the villain stratagem has failed totally now that Letterman, following up a non-apology has delivered a full contrition, cognizant that he has lost in the only arena important to him—marketing—as his network reports his joke has cost it ad money.

Ergo: the entertainment business is soul-less but rises to a modicum of responsibility where the buck is involved.

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