Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Personal Aside: Thoughts While Shaving--Quinn…Cheney…Humane Abortion.

Quinn’s Sanctimony.

I don’t know of a single politician who has become more rhetorically tiresome in a shorter time than has Pat Quinn. I mean his rhetoric, his style and his humorless way of raising his eyes to heaven in sanctimony. He epitomizes the goo-goo with his frequent referring to “the land of Lincoln” to sell his bill of goods—making it seem that Lincoln was an idealist. Lincoln was a pragmatic politician with a genius for language. He was a conservative Whig whose initial instincts were conservative. The second thing Quinn always does is appropriate the concept of the Good Samaritan. I find myself offended when Quinn uses the concept of the Good Samaritan and the Land of Lincoln as a hustle to hike the budget.

Cheney’s Insincerity.

I have a great deal of respect for Dick Cheney but seeing him on Fox the other night supporting gay marriage as his lesbian daughter looked on approvingly made me conclude—and I think everyone else does—that his words were unconvincing and seemed like an accommodation to keep his daughter’s love. Everything else he says rings true: not this.

Humane Abortion.

“The New York Times” which is a very proper, socially correct and liberal newspaper, deplored yesterday in a 4-column headline “The Deadly Toll of Abortion by Amateurs.” The subhead reads: They just poke, poke, poke: A hospital in Tanzania Tries to Repair the Stream of Damage.

The ultra-secular newspaper of record is very convincing. So much so that I wish to adopt its credo to-wit:

Terminating late-term abortion doctors should be rare, safe and legal.

The termination of even one late-term abortionist is not relished by the terminator any more than the terminated.

Termination of a late term abortionist involves a decision that should never be considered lightly.

Termination of a late term abortionist should not be in back alleys or with wire coat hangers—but supervised.

However separation of church and state requires that termination of a late term abortionist not be intermingled during liturgical observances.

Finally, social justice demands we no longer support the idea of Two Americas—where the wealthy can fly to some Muslim kingdom where they are free to stone a late-term abortionist to death quite legally—while the poor are relegated to shooting them in ambush and be imprisoned for it.


  1. Very clever and very chilling.

  2. Tell us how you know what Cheney really thinks. You can read his mind?