Friday, June 12, 2009

Personal Aside: Horrors! Shades of Sam Alito! Sotomayor Belongs to Restricted Social Club!


Hypocrisy Haven.

My long article also on today’s website details the obstruction by Democrats who blocked the confirmation of one who then was the highest ranking Latino for federal appointment—an up-from-the-bottom young lawyer whose credentials far outstrips those of Sonia Sotomayor, Miguel Estrada. Estrada’s confirmation was blocked by the pantingly liberal partisan Dem Dick Durbin who thought of a neat Catch 22: He plotted with Chuck Schumer to demand Estrada’s legal memos from the Justice Department. Since it is unprecedented to release such confidential memos, Durbin announced that Estrada had something to hide—so he wasn’t confirmed to the U. S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia.

Earlier, Durbin and others protested the naming of Sam Alito to the Supreme Court on the grounds that when he was an undergraduate at Princeton, Alito belonged to an all-male dining club. With great difficulty, this objection was overcome—because it wasn’t proven. The American Bar Association and Arlen Specter, then a Republican, in June, 1990 plus all but one of the Democrats on Senate Judiciary sponsored a resolution warning nominees that belonging to such clubs that discriminated on gender could be enough to deny them confirmation. Supporting the resolution was Sen. Patrick Leahy, (D-Vt.), Specter (R-Pa.), Herbert Kohl (D-Wis) and Joseph Biden (D-Del.) who is now vice president and leading the cheering for Judge Sotomayor.

But now we find that Sonia Sotomayor has belonged to an all-woman club ever since she was made an appeals judge. It is the Belizean Grove, founded in 1999 and modeled after the Bohemian Grove which admits only men. None of them expressed any concern that Sotomayor’s female-only club membership will jeopardize her confirmation.

Another case of blatant liberal Democratic hypocrisy.

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