Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Personal Aside: Don’t Be Too Sanguine that the Senate Job Belongs to Another Kennedy. Too Much of Anything (Even Chocolate) Can Make One Sick.

Chris Kennedy.

With luck, a Kennedy fatigue is hitting the nation right now…and it might not miss Illinois. The semi-announcement via Sneed that Chris Kennedy will seek the Democratic nomination to succeed Roland Burris is timed to make us all say “whee! Another Kennedy just when Uncle Ted is fading out!” Or as they say about all Kennedys, he’s “growing.”

Now it so happens I know Chris Kennedy who runs the Merchandise Mart and like him very much. I was hoping he would stay out of politics but alas it is not to be. Thus we are in for a spate of stories that tell us after years of living in a privileged family, Chris wants to give something to the nation. John gave the nation the Bay of Pigs followed closely by demonstrated weakness which led to erection of the Berlin Wall, concluded by the Cuban Missile Crisis after which JFK decided heroically that the best counter to Khrushchev would be to step up our military presence in Vietnam.

Bobby gave something to the nation too. He warned his big brother to stop diddlying around with Judith Campbell Exner as his mistress because the lady was hot-hot-hot. No, not just in the carnal sense. J. Edgar was probing her and the frequency of telephone calls that interrupted the Great I Am from meetings of high policy.

Let’s review the bidding on the Kennedys.

It was regarded by the media as a great faux pas yesterday when Harry Reid told them that “as far as I know” Ted Kennedy, who missed a session because of cancer treatment, is okay. The AP described this as a gaffe. What are we supposed to do, avoid mentioning the imminence of death for a 77-year-old with a cancerous brain tumor who a generation ago allowed a 28-year-old woman to die of oxygen deprivation in a car he overturned while Irish drunk because he feared being nailed by the media for being out with a woman not his wife?

That’s known as the “Kennedy allowance for moral dereliction” by the media which has been going on ever since JFK slept with…among many others… Exner, the courtesan friend of Mafia boss Sam Giancana…who passed notes between the Kennedys and the Outfit outlining ways to assassinate Fidel Castro, she having been made pregnant by our legendary president which unborn child she disposed of with an abortion—by her own testimony.

Media don’t mention these things about Kennedys in polite society. Instead media say “that was in the past. Look how he’s grown since then!” Why old roué Ted who was canned from Harvard for cheating on his law exam is now the Lion of the Senate!

Back to the subject: What can we do to put another mop-haired toothy pro-abort liberal Catholic in the chamber? Will media repeat the error they made a few months ago when it subjected Caroline Kennedy Schlossberg (but she uses the surname Kennedy) to what she felt was torturous questioning about the issues. Caroline who was supposedly a front-runner for appointment to succeed Hillary Clinton turned out to be just another goof-up who hadn’t voted very often and who peppered her interviews with arrogance (asking NYT reporters if they worked for a gossip sheet: she had an in with the front office) and a series of “ya know-ya-know-ya-know’s.”

She is divorced and very close to dauphin prince heir Arthur [Pinch] Sulzberger, publisher of The New York Times who has split from his wife. The newspaper thought it was just ducky to have Caroline Kennedy represent the state in the Senate—but it didn’t happen, after which the paper criticized the governor who made a different appointment.

Let’s see: who else among the stellar litany of Kennedys have been in politics? Let’s see, there’s Ted’s son Patrick J., a pro-abort Catholic who is a congressman from Rhode Island who has admitted being treated for cocaine use as a teenager and sought treatment for an OxyContin addiction in 2006, who was accused of pushing a security guard at LAX after which Los Angeles prosecutors decided not to pursue criminal charges against him but for which he paid the guard in an undisclosed civil settlement. And who abandoned a yacht off Martha’s Vineyard for which he paid $26,000 in damages in 2002.

The same year the Coast Guard was dispatched to his yacht after he and his date became embroiled in an argument off Martha’s Vineyard. Yes the same Kennedy who in 2007 refused to return $6,600 in donations from then fugitive Democratic fundraiser Norman Hsu. I mean the self-same august Rep. Patrick Kennedy who crashed his 1997 Mustang into a barricade on Capitol Hill at 2:45 a.m. on May 4, 2006, appearing to be intoxicated to Capitol Hill police but who claimed he was merely disoriented from prescription drugs Ambien and Phenergan, while anonymous sources say he was seen drinking at the Hawk & Dove bar before the accident. Standard sobriety test was not administered and Kennedy was driven home by an officer. The very same Kennedy who told the press “I never worked a f------ day in my life.”

The identical Patrick Kennedy who made a deal with prosecutors and pleaded guilty to driving under the influence of prescription drugs on June 13, 2006, being sentenced to one year probation and fined $350, ordered to attend a rehab program that includes weekly urine tests and twice-weekly meetings with Alcoholics Anonymous. Of course, the self-same Patrick Kennedy who on April 15, 2006 was involved in an accident in Portsmouth, Rhode Island to whom Rhode Island police did not issue a citation notwithstanding that a woman witness said Kennedy was impaired, his handwriting on the police report unintelligible. Yes that’s the same Kennedy who joined his father in endorsing Barack Obama in 2008 as “the perfect antidote to George Bush.”

Then there’s Kathleen Kennedy Townsend, a pro-abort Catholic, who was elected lieutenant governor of Maryland but who lost the governorship in 2002 but has a kind of religious fervor, having written a book announcing that churches “have lost their way”: “Failing America’s Faithful: How Today’s Churches are Mixing God with Politics and Losing Their Way.” Mixing God with politics: God, that’s one thing the Kennedys never did. When they managed to get their annulments, God wasn’t involved in the slightest, was He? And the Churches they dealt with, principally in the Boston archdiocese, knew the way to the money font, didn’t they?

Followed by Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. the Catholic pro-abort environmentalist who at age 30 was arrested in a Rapid City, South Dakota airport for heroin possession after having been found unconscious in the bathroom with a needle stuck in his arm, leading to a search of his carry-on bag that uncovered 183 milligrams of heroin. He was named one of Time magazine’s “Heroes for the Planet” and says “as an environmentalist I support wind power.” Wind power is right.

Concluded for now with Kerry Kennedy, Catholic pro-abort who was married to Andrew Cuomo, now New York AG who have since divorced, the author of the book “Being Catholic Now” and writer of the article “Women’s Rights Still Not Perfect in America.” A shame she can’t try that title on the late Mary Jo Kopechne, locked in that blue Oldsmobile, gasping for breath, about whom her uncle, a friendly biographer notes, never could bring himself to admit that he caused her death.

So you can see from this lustrous list that all of us are waiting for Chris to officially enter and lead us…where? Anywhere the media want us to go. Starting with his announcement that he is a pro-abort Catholic. On and on.

Chris--anything you can do to avoid killing somebody will be a decided plus for one who may…or may not (as I suspect)…become the next Senator Kennedy.

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