Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Personal Aside: Despite the Word Kirk Won’t Run Statewide, Some Experts Say Best Ticket Would be Gidwitz for Governor and Kirk for Senate.

After I reported on very-very good authority that Rep. Mark Kirk will not run for either governor or senator, there has been no denial or confirmation…just a rumble that he is still weighing his decision. I still stand by my prediction and the statement that I won’t vote for him that I wouldn’t vote for him personally because of his extreme stand on social issues—but…to show you how objective I am…other strategists who have considered realities…tell me that the best ticket would be Gidwitz for governor albeit with a far better campaign management team than he had before—running as a man prepared to make crucially important decisions…even unpopular ones…to return this state to solvency and self-respect, even if he were to serve only one term and Kirk for the Senate.

The more important post would be governor in that a lifeblood of a party is built on that office. The logical way to present Gidwitz who has impressed me with his detailed knowledge of the details of government is as a reformer but also a no-nonsense “right man for a tough job.” I agree that he is not over-endowed with charm but haven’t we had enough hail-fellows-well-met in the past with Blago and George Ryan? Are we so obsessed with someone to rub our backs that we can’t be adult enough to pick someone who will have the guts to fix this incredibly sick state? Aren’t our bellies full after seeing Elvis-impersonator Blago in this state and professional charlatans like John Edwards…he of the floppy hair, TV anchor grin and Tom Cruise looks?

Are we that immature that we have to have a simulated TV anchor for governor? Tell me that’s not so.

Speaking realistically not ideologically, I would see a do-able ticket going this way. Kirk for Senate (if he gets in it’ll not be with my vote)… Gidwitz for governor, pro-choice nominally but who would not support taxpayer dollars for abortion or special favors for gay rights but would focus on fiscal and management without a tax hike…pro-lifer Kathy Salvi for Lt. Governor…John Tillman of the Illinois Policy Institute for one of the two fiscal offices…Dan Rutherford for the other…Jim Durkin for AG…Eric Wallace for secretary of state. That and the party godfathers raise double digit millions for the whole ticket.

2010 will be a Republican resurgence year. Here, the Dems will be torn up with division. If Burris runs even in his weakened condition there will be bad blood. Alexi has a lot of stuff on him—lots of stuff, believe me. If Todd Stroger gets licked, more bad blood because Forrest Claypool’s having knifed him from the start but still supported him for election. Paul Vallas should be able to win as president of the Cook county board.


  1. John Thomas Mc GeeanMay 13, 2009 at 10:28 AM


    I would like to see former Senator Peter Fitzgerald run for that post or even former Senate Candidate AL Salvi.

  2. Oh what a mess the Neo-Con's and the Chosen People of Wall Street have gotten us all into. I just hope that the stimulus money dripping from their hands reaches the rest of us someday.