Friday, April 17, 2009

Personal Aside: Still No Thoughts While Shaving—but These While Eating My Quaker Oat Bran for Breakfast.


1. Tribune’s “Coverage” of Tax Revolt?

The bankrupt Chicago “Tribune” had zip coverage of the tea party in this town which shows you that it is all but immobilized in a mausoleum. So very much interested in gay marriage, so very much engrossed in the trendy issues—greeneries…so very much, to look at the dour but pompous Bruce Dold on “Chicago Weak in Review,” worried about what will happen to Rep. Jesse Jackson by the feds. Do you believe this concern in the Tower? Do you wonder why the paper is fading so fast? It’s completely, utterly out-of-touch with average Chicagoans.

2. Another Job for Cardinal Turcotte.

Yesterday I suggested a job in the Vatican library basement for Montreal’s Cardinal Jean-Claude Turcotte who criticized a Brazil prelate for excommunicating those Catholics involved in procuring an abortion for a child and killing as sacrifice her unborn twins…Turcotte saying that after all, he’s against abortion but allowing her to have the children would be unseemly.

That job has now been taken, I am informed. A lower level job, suited for Turcotte, whose Italian is not very good anyhow, is in the lower reaches of the Vatican post-office. The Vatican post office recently announced that due to a printing error, 100,000 rolls of Vatican City stamps were turned out without mucilage…which means that somebody with a brush and dab should go over them and apply the requisite amount of paste. That would be excellent for Turcotte who has also said that he thinks it’s inhumane for AIDS victims not to have access to condoms so that they can continue to have intercourse without fear of spreading the disease—all in the name of broadmindedness, you see.

How was Turcott appointed? Despite his sanctity and obvious enrollment in future beatification, John Paul II was known for absent-mindedly thumbing through the stack of prospective bishops sent from across the world and initialing his support at random. Which shows that even incipient saints are not perfect. Certainly not with this appointment.

3. Obama the Religious Fudger.

It turns out Barack Obama never said that the U. S. is not a Christian nation…but in his typical weasel-worded way…the United States is a little bit Christian, a little bit of this and a little bit of that. How’s that for our firm upstanding young Kenyan-born usurper whose supporters in the media have bludgeoned any study of his dubious origins?

And now Georgetown University the so-called Jesuit university, obligingly took down the HIS designation, Latin initials standing for “Jesus Christ,” in order to accommodate Hussein’s Paleolithic misconception of separation of Church and state.


  1. You have finally flipped over to the silly side: "Kenyan born," "Hussein." For crying out loud.

    And any grown-up who would cruelly want a raped child to bear those twins has really lost it. You care about life? What about that child's life.

    I have lost any respect I ever had for you.

  2. Margaret McCarthyApril 18, 2009 at 4:54 AM

    Didn't Jesus have a warning for those who would deny Him before men? Georgetown beware.

  3. So now it is cruel to bear children?

  4. Not cruel for a nine-year-old little girl to have to bear twins, by RAPE? How sick are you?

    You are beyond belief.

  5. Not cruel for a nine-year-old little girl to have to bear twins, by RAPE? How sick are you?

    You are beyond belief.

  6. It amazes me, elizabeth, that a man can rape a child. It is beyond my understand, as much as it has happened throughout history.

    It also amazes me, elizabeth that women can set aside their nurturing nature to kill their own children.