Friday, April 24, 2009

Personal Aside: Obama’s Narcissistic “Don’t Blame Me for What Happened When I was Three Months Old!”


At the outset, one doesn’t know how to adjudge a president of the United States neglecting to defend his country on a foreign trip—shrugging off a chance to defend three predecessors including John Kennedy. That’s because this is a presidency we have never seen before—because he is a jumble of inconclusive responses to political stimuli, devoid of philosophy, as imponderable as a kaleidoscope with its varying patterns every time it is shaken.

At the root is narcissism but also more than that. Barack Obama’s still largely unexamined (by the media) personal background presages deeper analysis. His is not a family tree but a bramble bush of inconclusive parentage devoid of familial or parental stability…which explains his unfeeling inability to even feign patriotism or loyalty when what is supposed to be his country is under attack by foreign enemies. Answer: it is not his country; he knows no loyalty to anyone by himself. He is a multi-layered ideological non-citizen of any country: an anomaly of confusion even to himself.

He went to Europe and told the French—the French—that America “has shown arrogance and has been dismissive, even derisive” toward Europe—a criticism of his immediate predecessor. When in Prague he said America “has a moral responsibility” to embrace nuclear arms control because after all we dropped the atomic bomb, a slur at Harry S. Truman. When Nicaragua’s president Daniel C. Ortega spent 55 minutes ripping the U. S. as a fascist, anti-humane power he smilingly said,”I’m grateful President Ortega didn’t blame me for things that happened when I was three months old”—referring to the climactic test with USSR-sponsored Cuba, supposedly a shining hour of the Kennedy years. Shove off JFK: your travail has nothing to do with me. You see, I was only a baby! To our enemies he says hate the U. S. but love me!

How did this imponderable species of man happen?

Born in an even as yet undefined chaotic non-family structure, in a location alleged to be Hawaii but with certification that is not accepted as valid by the state…under suspicion he was in fact born in Kenya and protected from examination by a media that adjudges all queries as racist because if the probe were followed along reasonable paths his qualifications for president could be seriously challenged…sired (purportedly) by a black alcoholic father who abandoned the family twice, born to a white atheist mother who skipped out at least once leaving him with her parents…he has been floating all his life in a disparate non-family structure that involving scores of nondescript half-brothers, half-sisters, quarter-siblings and step-siblings in flotsam-jetsam fashion (grand aunts and half-brothers living in shacks in Africa turn up all the time)…thus who can blame him for showing no fealty to his supposed land of birth? How can one expect him to be loyal to any country when in fact he never belonged to any except when he was a young hustler on the make in Chicago?

One can blame him for having no visible patriotism, nor loyalty to the system including two of his Democratic forebears—but can also understand his vacuity. By the very chaotic system of his upbringing he is a genealogical cipher, glossed over with a veneer that makes him smooth, evasive, tentative, harder to pin down than it is to nail a pudding to a wall. To him there’s a moral equivalence between the United States and its enemies. He says he supports the ideal of American exceptionalism the same way “the Brits believe in British exceptionalism and the Greeks in Greek exceptionalism.” Which means he doesn’t buy it. Of course he doesn’t. The only exceptionalism he buys is imbued, he assumes, in himself.

The important thing to Obama the child of non-familial chaos is his own popularity, heedless of the fact that by shaking hands with Ortega and Hugo Chavez he has strengthened both in their anti-Americanism. So what? What is that to him? He’s not involved with America.

Indeed what is truth to this value-free relativist who doesn’t care if babies born from botched abortions are left to struggle in pain, left without nutrition or comfort, left to die…saying all this is “above my pay grade.” ? What does it mean to him? He is a glossy, faculty-lounge sophisticate who picked up Gentlemen’s Quarterly manners with no enduring values, no moral code, no patriotism, no loyalty to anything but to the constantly shifting scenes of his own self-interest.

And because America has always been gullible to liberal political confidence men like him, we deserve what we have.

We’re so dumb we don’t even realize it yet. But we will; we will. Will we ever.


  1. And why was he elected? Because he accurately represents the majority of Americans who are likewise self-obsessed.

  2. Despite spending so many years gazing at his own navel at the University of Chicago, Obama neglected to learn anything about economics and free markets from his colleagues in the faculty lounge. What a shame.

  3. Best post of your life. I would strongly suggest that you do your best to get it circulated as widely as possible. I think you're spot on.


    Former St. John Cantius parishoner now in Denver.

  4. Although, I have no problem with criticizing the man's behavior or his policies, referring to Obama as an imponderable species of a man is a dog whistle to bigots. And the amateur psychoanalysis (I thought he was an imponderable species) is downright creepy.