Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Personal Aside: 3 Thoughts While Shaving.


1. Obama Knows No Shame.

President Obama sends his two kids to a cushy private school, Sarah Siddons, rather than rely on a substandard public school in Washington but to placate the powerful teachers unions he is standing by and looking the other way as Congress is ready to pull the plug on vouchers for kindergarten through 12th grade. A provision in the $410 billion spending bill that passed the Senate on Tuesday says no more funds will be appropriated for the program after the 2009-10 school year unless Congress reauthorizes it and the District of Columbia council approves it. Arne Duncan that GQ fashion type who differed from Paul Vallas in Chicago by caving to the teachers’ unions and who now runs the U.S. Department of Education, shrugs and says that there’s nothing he can do.

Nothing? I thought he was the secretary of education! Here’s a major case in point where Obama’s campaign promises which gained wide support in bucks from the teachers’ unions have to be redeemed on the backs of improvident school children. Not a single Democrat…not a single one…has spoken up for the voucher program. Least of all, fat boy hustler Dickie Durbin whose little heart goes pitty-pat when he thinks of more PAC gifts he can garner for himself and his friends. Screw the poor: we weep for them but let `em send their kids to substandard public schools while we send ours to Sarah Siddons.

2. Cross-Dressing: the Trib’s Gay Advocacy Passing as News.

The soft media push for advocacy of civil unions and gay marriage has begun in the bankrupt “Tribune” which has a supple string in place of backbone…leading to the business office. The other day there was a wonderful historic piece from Iowa…showing how Iowa has been “ahead of the curve” in many things and now once again is leading the way on same-sex marriage. Just a friendly bit of unsolicited lobbying from a newspaper that has demonstrated even though it’s willing to sell out its principles, nobody is buying because of its crass opportunism. Yesterday came another one…two GQ-style male couples sitting together in their home as the sun streams in their suburban windows and their adopted little son plays at their knees.

3. Danny Davis Tunes Up with the Soul Sisters Choir.

Davis: Mr. Studio Engineer, hear me! Ah’m goin’ to start the song and the Soul Sisters’ll harmonize behind. Then ride the gain with their completion of the song while ah give the commercial. We’re goin’ to be walkin’ talkin’ and rockin’ so let’s try to make it in one take. The Soul Sisters will start hummin’ behind.

Engineer on microphone: Ready when you are, Mr. Davis.

Davis: Let me get the first note on the pitch pipe. Hmmmmm. Okay.

Davis sings with perfect bass intonation: Dere’s an ol’ man called de Mississippi/ Dat’s the ol’ man that ah’d like to be. [Gestures and chorus becomes dominant].

This is Danny Davis. You know this song. It portrays a sad character who’s susceptible to the forces of his world. Well, ah’m ready to run for the Senate but Roland Burris…that ol’ man…has to get outta there and not run. As the song goes, ah gits weary/ An’ sick of tryin’/ Not tired of livin’/ Not skeered of dyin’. Let`im cut ties to the white man boss and let’s have a real black man in the Senate once more. Put the heat on Burris, will’ye?

Engineer: It’s a take. Here—I’ll play it back!

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  1. John Thomas Mc GeeanApril 15, 2009 at 6:44 AM

    Your column makes me wonder if Paul Vallas fell out of favor with the current edition of Mayor Daley because Paul did not cater to the unions.