Friday, March 20, 2009

Personal Aside: Four Thoughts While Shaving…40% of U.S. Births Illegitimate?

Thoughts While Shaving.

1: Has anyone checked to find out if the Obama people ever paid the city of Chicago for the Grant Park election night victory rally…or is that discourteous for anyone in the media to ask? We don’t want to interpose on The Messiah at an inconvenient time right after he told Jay Leno that he was “astounded” on hearing of the AIG bonuses when the circumstantial evidence is beginning to show his anger is feigned and that he knew all the time—only to decide to get theatrically worked up when the bad news started to erupt.

2: A Chicago couple posing as Kenyan refugees whose lives were in danger scammed more than $800,000 from an order of Carmelite nuns in Wisconsin. “You feel like you’ve been stepped on,” Mother Marie Andrew, superior at the Carmelite monastery in Des Plaines said. Really? How would you feel if you had given to the Order? In fact, where would this Order get $800,000 to give away to an individual couple? No one should give to a religious organization…particularly Catholic nuns these days… without checking the mental acuity of its leadership. A superior who would confer $800,000 on one couple with a sob story should either be banished to the kitchen to peel potatoes or to a reliable shrink--and the rest of the Carmelite Order examined to see who also signed off on the fleecing--no two ways about that. Bubbleheads who run religious orders are starting to resemble those who run the U. S. Treasury…and are almost as profligate.

3: Cardinal George had a one-on-one with Obama in the White House the other day before the president headed West to escape the AIG heat. Pardon me, but did any of the religious beat Kept Media in this town inquire what they talked about? Or do we have to wait until Mother Superior, Colleen Dolan, the temperamental circuit judge’s wife who runs the Ministry of Information decides what we are to know? It may have been about Catholic hospitals and the “conscience clause.”

4: You know that cute cardboard cutout of Obama that photographers affix in Lafayette Square across from the White House…where you can stand next to the cutout and appear to be conversing with him? It fools some people as does “Chicago Tonight’s” daily presentations of so-called issues in the news—except that its issues are all one-sided…from the left…are all cardboard thin…and all Phil Ponce does is smile and ask a few antiseptic questions. Not that Ponce can be confused with the Obama cutout in the park: Ponce’s lips move and he blinks.

Last night the cardboard cutout handed his assignment over to a surrogante. And there was this “panel” on the fatal shootings of 26 Chicago public school kids thus far in 2009. Because WTTW-TV is so intellectually crooked it can’t lay straight in bed, the panelists all brayed about gun-control…which is the liberals’ solution to crime in the streets. Not a word about generations of broken families leading to kids joining gangs and out all afternoon and nights… starting with LBJ’s Great Society and continuing to this very day. Not a single spokesman for anything else than gun “control.” WTTW believes this is what the public television audience believes…it is overwhelmingly secular, non-God-centered, pro-Obama.

To hear them talk, you’d swear those guns just go off by themselves…none of the youth were responsible—but gun-dealers, of course, are. Not a single word about the necessity for those who sire children to marry. And the cardboard cutout, Ponce, nods in wide-eyed approval. It’s hard to tell if he understands: his private persona is about as vacuous as his public one.

40% of all U. S. Births are Illegitimate.

A preliminary report from the National Center for Health Statistics reports that a stunning 1.7 million babies were born to unmarried women, accounting for just under 40% of all births in the U.S. Have you seen any editorial commentary on this in either Chicago newspaper…or, say, The New York Times? No? Neither have I. The reason is that this country has become a secular, non-God-centered country. And major religions are collecting great stores of funds to feed and clothe the homeless but not in any sense invade their dignity by preaching to them.

My own Catholic church is a case in point. Over on the south side Fr. Michael Pfleger bounces off the wall in his regular rallies against the firing of guns that evidently go off by themselves…without a word of aimless, rootless youth without family stability roving the streets—and gets away with turning his Masses into political rallies. The archdiocese does little by homily, teaching or pre-marital counseling to encourage family stability: nothing said demonstrably on abstinence, nothing substantial in official teaching mode in opposition to birth control, no discipline exercised to channel the clergy to provide the true word of God. All too often, the front offices of “social concern” in the archdiocese are merely articulators of secular “compassion,” which is taken to mean federal largesse and more…many more…pork chops.

That’s because in this archdiocese as in so many others…the church militant has been emasculated, has been secularized and often serves as a way station for the Democratic party. Why else do you think 54% of Catholic voters nationally cast their ballots for Obama? They weren’t reached, is one reason. And the reason they weren’t reached is that the great unmentioned scandal is that a hefty chunk…one cleric estimated 75%...of the priests are active Democrats who get along with their superiors by not mentioning what they don’t agree with: the need for solid family structures based on marriage…the horror of abortion…the need for sexual abstinence with the singles. Don’t tell me instruction of the ruling cadre of the pro-abort Catholics in the Democratic party is going on behind closed doors in a discreet form by the archdiocese. Don’t even try to sell that canard here.

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  1. Cavorting with the failed neo-con policies led to the Republican losses and now the result, a neo-marxist OBAMA. Roeser you helped this along. Shame on you.