Monday, February 9, 2009

Personal Asides: Gee is Judd Gregg Hard Up for a Job…The Straining Pro-Democratic Party Media Re: Vallas’ Choice of the GOP.


Hard Up Is Right.

I pointed out last week that Sen. Judd Gregg is rather transparent…to use a popular word…about wanting to accept a nothing job as secretary of commerce—so that he can sit in his big executive chair in his canyon-sized office and dial for dollars i.e. a viable job in the public sector. But later developments show how really PATHETIC he is in sucking up to the party he once opposed so strenuously.

He picked his former aide, an all-but-liberal Dem with the moniker Republican whom Democratic Governor John Lynch agreed to name…with the certainty being that she will be defeated in 2010. There isn’t even a dime’s worth of difference between his successor, nominal Republican Bonny Newman and Susan Collins or Olympia Snowe. If pro-abort Newman has any conservative traits I have never seen them when she was chief of staff to the usually conservative, pro-life Gregg. Newman left Gregg’s employ and hustled for the election of Lynch, a multi-millionaire businessman and pro-abort Catholic, married to a pro-abort Catholic feminist physician who endorsed Hillary Clinton for president. Newman should be about as effective in the Republican party as was Jim Jeffords, a very liberal Republican who switched from GOP to “independent” which caused the Senate to tip Democratic.

Secondly, the Obama administration humiliated Gregg by insisting that the only meaningful agency in the flapping Commerce tent…Census…report directly to the White House. Census is due to be the fertile ground for a bicycle-pump blow up of bogus numbers to spur favorable Democratic redistricting in the House. Gregg has apparently agreed to surrender the only viable agency under his command. Now he has the Patent Bureau, the Minority Business Development agency (emasculated when I was fired in 1970), the National Oceanic and Atmospheric administration and a relic of the old WWII War Production board which undergoes a change of name every few years.

Gee, Judd, are employment soundings that bad in the private sector that you have to defile an outstanding conservative record to (a) serve as a cabinet officer for a liberal Democratic president you didn’t support in 2008…(b) sell out for a shell cabinet post that will be overruled in its reporting relationship to Census…all for (to paraphrase Thomas More) the “Wales” of a castrated Commerce sans Census?

The Shameless Dem Party Handbill.

To no one’s surprise in the last 30 years, the so-called “mainstream media” is so cross-eyedly liberal they can’t see straight and propagandize for the Democrats without even recognizing the canons of objectivity in journalism. The worst partisan tub thumping always comes from the “Sun-Times” and its “Group.” I thought at first that the attack by the witless Mark Brown on Paul Vallas for switching to the GOP and the linking of him with soon-to-be-jailed Ed Vrdolyak was just an aberration, blooming only in the fetid swamp of his plodding partisan brain. But now two things have happened.

The “Sun-Times” pronounced it “perplexed” for Vallas’ move. Perplexed. The editorial hinted at expediency. W-h-a-t? It’s expedient to join the Republicans in Cook county who haven’t won the board presidency since 1966 with Dick Ogilvie? That’s expediency? Given the electoral situation here…Vallas having been fired by Daley for displeasing the teachers’ unions...and the tangled nature of the Democratic primary which earlier produced the Toddler…and this isn’t expediency but reasonableness. Normally it should be regarded as a virtue that there is a healthy two-party system. Not to the “Sun-Times” which is surely the Blind Pew of one party loyalty.

The only way Vallas can possibly confront Todd Stroger one-on-one and offer responsible change to the voter is to get the Republican nomination and face him in the general rather than try to buck the Democratic tsunami black bloc where white challengers will be mowed down by Stroger’s monolithically and intellectually somnolent, plantation-black machine vote—a constituency that plumps color first--no matter how incompetent the black office-holder is. Mark Brown cannot conceive this but evidently the editorial “board” or what passes for one cannot either.

That this sadly mismanaged, panderingly left-wing excuse for a newspaper is nothing less than the official handbill for the Democratic party of Cook is now unchallengeable. A faithful party handmaiden is little Ms. Echo (why-doesn’t-Vallas-stay-with-the-Democratic-party Kristen McQueary of the “Southtown,” owned by the Sun-Times’” whom I once viewed as thoughtful. She has a point about legal addresses but she drifts into wailing at him for leaving her Democratic party as well.

Notice also the subtle threat conveyed by Tom McNamee’s editorial page—hinting that if Vallas ever becomes…gasp…a pro-lifer he’ll be defeated for higher office. Nice going, Tom. You’ll probably get press secretary for the recorder of deeds when your trashy house organ goes bottoms up.

Tom, since you either wrote the editorial or edited it, I leave you with Emperor Augustus’ last words:

Acta est fibula, plaudite!

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