Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Personal Aside: The “Inadvertent” Errors of the Liberal Media.

So…it just so happens the gay mayor of Portland, Oregon who became a West Coast media poster boy for tolerance by announcing his sexual orientation and his monogamous life with his partner, has now been forced to admit that he conducted an affair on the side with a young man and steadfastly denied it in his campaign so as not to turn voters…including gay ones…off. His name: Sam Adams. Try as you might to get Adams’ party ID from wire service stories, until very recently it was not when he was nominated and elected…up to the time the affair broke.

His affiliation? You guessed it. Democratic.
Remember when Idaho senator Larry Craig was caught playing footsie with a guy in the next stall in a Minneapolis airport Men’s? When caught he was identified as a Senate Republican. When he protested his innocence, still labeled a Senate Republican. When he finally confessed, still prominently labeled a Senate Republican. See the difference?
The mayor of Racine, Wisconsin, Gary Becker, that state’s third largest city was arrested after showing up for an assignation with one whom he assumed was a 14 year old girl. It was a sting. Then the mayor was found to be the possessor of tons of child pornography involving underage girls. He has resigned after being indicted for six felonies. He denies guilt but you will still have a devil of a time trying to nail down his party affiliation. I’ll help. Democrat. Just an inadvertent lapse by wire services, state media.
If this were a Republican, you’d have no trouble finding out which party he belonged to.

National media like to draw conclusions from various ups and downs. The Mark Foley episode in which a Republican Floridian sent spicy emails to some House pages was underscored the nation over as emblematic of decadence and hypocrisy of the so-called House Republican leadership. The Foley scandal was one…of several…causes for loss of the House by Republicans although no one accused Foley of misbehaving with a page. Foley’s Republican was subject of widespread tsk-tsking by Maureen Dowd, the national networks, “Time” and “Newsweek.”

Foley’s successor, a Democrat, became involved in an extramarital affair, agreed he abused his office in the conduct of the affair and dropped out of reelection. No big media issue there. No symbol of decadence or hypocrisy written about. Nor his party affiliation. Hey, just an oversight, hey?

National media like to illustrate either a party’s strong future bench by writing of its governors or it’s woes caused by governors. One party has had three…three…disasters as governors in major states: New York…New Jersey…and Illinois. In New York a liberal up-and-comer, Eliot Spitzer caught in a prostitution net…in New Jersey, liberal James McGreevy who came out of the closet as a gay left office because he was conducting an affair with an Israeli he hired as director of homeland security…and in Illinois liberal Rod Blagojevich, impeached, is due to be tossed out of office any day now and will later stand trial for corruption. If Spitzer-McGreevey-Blagojevich were Republicans, there would be a tsunami of reproach from the aghast and righteously angered media—from Ms. Dowd making fun to 91-year-old Andy Rooney shaking his patriarchal head in horror.

But all three are Democrats and liberals. So, sorry, no deep analysis pieces in print or video about any party connection with those three. Now wonder if the three had been Governors Mitch Daniels of Indiana, Tim Pawlenty of Minnesota and Butch Otter of Idaho. All energetic Republicans. Ooooomigawd! Scandal devastates the GOP!
See what I mean? Bias doesn’t only mean hyping the media’s favorite party, it means not listing IDs of the media’s favorite party’s miscreants.


  1. I won't argue your point about Blago-Spitzer-McGreevy. But the mayors of Racine and Portland are both non-partisan positions.

  2. John Thomas Mc GeeanJanuary 29, 2009 at 2:41 PM

    Have you noticed that the media has forgotten to identify Rod Blagoyovich as a DEMOCRAT but they always tell us of the affiliation of George Ryan