Thursday, November 20, 2008

Personal Aside: Why Would Hillary Take Secretary of State?...the Logical Question for Dan Hynes that was Unasked During the Carol Marin Interview…the “Sun-Times” is Nothing More than a Dirty-Mouthed Sheet.



Why in the world would Hillary Clinton who wants to be president one day take secretary of state in an Obama administration? It’s plain Obama doesn’t want her since he didn’t leak the offer—Hillary’s people did. Since the Clinton forces leaked it they’ve been busy dissing the job. I can understand why.

Taking secretary of state puts Clinton directly under Obama’s thumb. She could be removed by the president at any time and as private citizen would be out of the news altogether. She also would be involved in a dog-fight to determine who’s making policy. Obama certainly would want the lion’s share of credit for foreign policy moves…and as with all presidents would see that if things didn’t work out, the blame would be placed on the secretary of state.

In addition, Hillary would be bumping up against the national security director whomever that would be…and against David Axelrod, to be the president’s top imager, who loathes her because Axelrod never made out with consulting assignments when Bill Clinton was in the White House…as well as Greg Craig, the lawyer who defended Bill against impeachment but who defected to Obama early…Craig manufacturing the argument contradicting Hillary’s boast that she played a major role in foreign policy-making as First Lady.

Hillary would be much better staying as senator from New York all the more to be protected if and when Obama runs into trouble with his program.

Ask Not.

The logical unasked question which should have been tossed to State Comptroller Dan Hynes on “Chicago Tonight” last night was: How do you liberal Democrats answer the charge that you cannot govern…when you have a clear-cut majority in state House and Senate, all the state constitutional offices…as well as the governorship…and you cannot get along sufficiently to avoid a train wreck? Further…how does it happen that Cook county is governed from top to bottom by liberal Democrats and the county is in shambles? Hynes kept whining that he cannot meet with the governor and the governor can’t or won’t try to solve state problems. Well, then, why hasn’t Hynes and the other panjandrums tried to impeach him—actually called for his impeachment? Hynes is pie-tin in depth and a waffler.

The reason the question wasn’t asked is that the questioner, Carol Marin is a liberal Democrat—and so that logical question would not have occurred to her in her cross-eyed (so Democrat she can’t see straight) perspective.

The Slut-Times.

Looking over the “Sun-Times” yesterday, I toyed with the idea of canceling the subscription…and also that of the “Tribune”…but for the inconvenience of reviewing the week’s news for my Sunday radio show (too cumbersome to go to the Internet and pull down stories). But honestly, the paper has taken on the aura of slowly drifting, decaying excrement in a yellowed, un-flushed toilet bowl.

The filthy tabloid produced by that schlock Michael Cooke makes it hard to even bring to the breakfast table. Here’s the main story—the gay high school for Chicago is deferred. Then on the inside, an editorial advocating a gay high school. Then Laura Berman, the paper’s sexologist has a column urging more people to be swingers. Her column is written for ordinary run-of-the-mill sluts…her niche audience actually. Actually it will be comforting to see the paper go down…as it rivals its cousin “Tribune” in a race to the bottom. My first preference is for “Tribune” to go down, then the “Sun-Times.”

I understand I missed the piece that said the clever Q-T columnist Zay Smith has been demoted to street reporter. Q-T while resolutely liberal was one of the cleverest things in the paper due to Smith’s cogent workmanlike editing and commenting. Score one more triumph for Cooke as he continues to degrade what was once a great newspaper.

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