Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Personal Aside: Durbin Pleads for George Ryan Pardon…Marion Brooks Keeps a Straight Face to Interview Jeremiah Wright…“Catholic Colleges” are a Misnomer—with Few Exceptions.



Yesterday, the leading political hack of the U. S. Senate, Dickie Durbin…born without a sense of shame so he matriculated well in that cavern of raise-your-eyes-to-heaven hypocrisy…pleaded for George Bush to pardon Republican former Gov. George Ryan because good ol’ George “has suffered enough” for his transgressions—and his wife, Lura Lynn wants him home for Christmas. As this website predicted, the publication of a laudatory biography of Ryan and Durbin’s plea were orchestrated by Jim Thompson…whose lieutenant governor Ryan was and who can likely sully Big Jimbo in the annals of history if he is not pleased with Jimbo’s due diligence in his behalf. Jimbo assigned his top lawyer, Dan Webb, who has the boyish face of a cabbage-patch doll, to take the case. Any ordinary hack could have done as well as George lost on all counts before the jury…and all pleas subsequently failed.

NBC-TV assiduously played Dick Durbin straight last night and magnanimously failed to mention why bulbous-nosed ol’ George is in stir: because five kids were cremated in an accident caused by an illegal alien who got his CDL courtesy of bribing one of George’s crooked driving inspectors. I’m sure Mrs. Ryan misses ol’ George for it was she who contacted Durbin. I would imagine Rev. Willis misses his kids, too but nobody cries for them—certainly not Dickie Durbin who has apparently some debts to pay to the old fraud who betrayed his trust to bed down with the Democratic party in order to taint the jury pool with liberal benefactions…going to Cuba to salute Castro…switching from pro-life to pro-abort…switching on O’Hare to please Richie Daley…and before the polls closed in 2000 when he was state chairman of the Bush effort, met with Daley to concede Illinois.

I doubt whether Durbin’s professionally somber puss on NBC will impress George W. Bush who has at least one deserving candidate to pardon—Scooter Libby who didn’t deserve being convicted on a case that started out as who-leaked-Plame when in fact the prosecutor knew who it was all along and told Bob Novak and others to shut up about it.

Marion Brooks.

Another stellar star on NBC-TV is Marion Brooks…she of Atlanta fame who as a TV journalist there conducted a 4-year sleep-in with the mayor…showing her unique brand of ethics—after which she was promoted here…in contrast to Amy Jacobson who took a dip in a swimming pool with a news source and hasn’t been forgiven yet.

But Marion is uniquely sensitive to race which is why she is here. Now voila! she came out to WVON to interview that terribly wronged raving black racist Jeremiah Wright. She carried the assignment off without cracking up…citing everything favorable—coverage of a Protestant pastor friend of John McCain who is an anti-Catholic bigot…and exclaiming oh-dear-the-media carried Wright’s stories far more copiously than the GOP pastor…forgetting to add, of course, that Wright god damned the United States and accused whites of inoculating black babies with HIV. Just a slight oversight in her reportage.

“Catholic” (Ahem) Colleges.

A study by the Cardinal Newman Society’s Center for the Study of Higher Education has released a poll surveying Catholic college students’ behavior and beliefs. Get these figures:

60% of Catholic students polled say abortion should be legal. 60% say premarital sex is not a sin. 57% say same-sex “marriage” should be legal. 39% say they heard college officials encouraging contraceptive use. 31% say they have heard college officials encouraging acceptance of homosexual activity. Findings were published last week in the “National Catholic Register.”

The reason I am so everlastingly bitter cranky about so many Catholic bishops in the U.S. is because they have done such an abysmal…almost criminal…job in refusing to deal correctively with so-called “Catholic” colleges. I was lucky enough to graduate from a university that pursued the old verities—a university I refused to send my kids to later because it has taken on the coloration of abject secularism.

Defenders shouldn’t shove off on me the hoary excuse that colleges and universities won’t respond to ecclesial prodding…prodding meaning threatening to remove permission to use the name “Catholic” from these secular (and worse) institutions. A prelate who dilly-dallies out of timidity from pulling the “Catholic” designation from DePaul and Loyola…which flaunt the name in their promotions but which are nothing less than recruiting stations to lure the very young into homosexual lifestyles by (in DePaul’s case) instituting a minor, Queer Studies: 101…is failing his duty as a bishop--notwithstanding protestations to the contrary. The reasons are many but the central one is that many bishops are ceremonial political figures, fearing the condemnation of the media for being “authoritarian.” Gee, you’d think they’re running for office, trying to win plaudits from various constituencies. Well, they’re not. Or they shouldn’t be.

Patrick Reilly, president of the Cardinal Newman Society, said the data was collected in May and June of this year. The 506 respondents are current or recent Cathllic college attendees age 18 to 29. They represent at least 128 different Catholic colleges and universities constituting 62% of the total number of 208 institutions. More data: 46% of current and recent students said they had engaged in sex outside marriage…84% said they had friends who engaged in premarital sex…one out of five knows someone who has had an abortion or helped pay for one…57% said attending a Catholic college or university had no effect on their participation in Mass or confession. 54% said their attendance had no effect on their support of Catholic teachings…56% said the experience had no effect on their respect for the Pope…6% who were Catholic while attending a Catholic college are not now Catholic. Only 1% who were not Catholic while attending college are today Catholic.

Women more likely than men tend to engage in sex outside marriage—50% to 41%...and listen to this: more men than women said attending a Catholic institution had a positive impact on them i.e. receiving the sacraments and supporting church teachings, 40% to 23%.

Thus don’t tell me just being a bishop now is worthy of near-deification Catholics of the `50s used to confer. Most of the men in years past were bishops…in every sense of the word. Not glorified semanticists, p. r. men for fund-raising as many—even most—are today. These don’t get nor do they deserve the sanctimonious status they receive today.

Not in the face of these numbers. Not when so many parade down church aisles…preening their authority with crosier and miter…warming to the accolades of the largely mal-catechized sheep… lack the intestinal fortitude to do anything about it—fearing reproach from their own priests, from wealthy alums…from powerful largely Democratic political leaders who affiliate with the secular “Catholic” colleges… and in the press.

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  1. Which proves my point once more, that conscientious Catholic parents would do better to send their children to secular schools with excellent Newman Centers (like U of I in Champaign), than waste their hard-earned money on a school that is "Catholic" in name only.