Monday, October 13, 2008

The Week Just Passed: Voter Uncertainty Triumphs Over Boob Media as the Unrecorded Story is Misgiving About the Unknown Young Man on the Make.

This election came be won by focusing on three Chicago issues-- but John McCain iwill have to dwell on them despite the ferocity of the liberal boob media that insist these issues don’t impinge on anything important. In contrast, media insist the election will turn on details on the economy such as Obama’s plan to provide an expansion of the earned income tax credit to allow single workers to receive as much as $555 a year. Sorry but voters’ eyes swim when confronted with a welter of statistics. The fact that that even at this late date, McCain is only six points under Obama with likely voters shows that the electorate understands future of this country depends less on who has the better refundable tax credit than who has shown greater character and patriotism for the job.

What are the Big 3 Chicago issues? They’re in the form of questions and I have asked them before in this space and on WLS Sunday.

1. What sort of man is it that four straight times…as chairman of the Illinois Senate’s Judiciary committee…killed the “Born Alive” bill in the Senate…thus depriving babies born alive from botched abortions to receive nutrition and medical care?

McCain has only touched on this sparingly. In response, Obama’s people have devised two answers for the liberal boob media—both of them incorrect. One answer was that the legislation was different from the Born Alive bill that passed the Congress subsequently. Not so—so David Axelrod, the Obama chief strategist abandoned it. The second was that protection for such infants has already been provided for in Illinois law. Obviously the protection was not sufficient as a live infant was tossed like a disposable Kleenex into a dirty linen close at the hideously misnamed Christ Hospital in Oak Lawn where heroic pro-life nurse Jill Stanek discovered the child.

If protection is insufficient, ample precedent exists in law to be sure that there are no exceptions and no one slips through the cracks. On the issue of civil rights alone—as Obama well knows—after the Civil War there were three separate constitutional amendments enacted to protect blacks’ rights—the 13th, 14th and 15th as well as the Civil Rights act of 1866. In our own time there have been various extensions of legislation to protect rights—the civil rights acts of 1957, 1964, 1991 and various executive orders.

Obama killed the bills as judiciary chairman because he was a young man on the make in Chicago politics, as responsive to opportunism as a gerbil, eager to be seen as a liberal in order to ingratiate himself with the liberal Daley machine extension in Hyde Park, the lefty subdivision of Chicago surrounding the University of Chicago. Thus this is the first of the three Chicago issues he should be confronted with—notwithstanding the media’s claim that it does not bear any importance to the presidency. It wholeheartedly does.

Here’s the next one.

2. What sort of man is it who sits in a church for 20 years while his pastor…his good friend…curses America regularly as a racist country and denigrates whites…a pastor to whom Obama entrusted the “spiritual” guidance of his children? In that regard, what sort of man accepts the support of Chicago’s Louis Farrakhan who called Judaism a “gutter religion” and accused the CIA of using crack cocaine to enslave blacks?

Again, the answer is that Obama joined this church as a young political wanna-be on the make because he saw that it was packed with black liberation activists who could elect him to office. It is a testament to the supine, cowardly Chicago news media that it neglected to uncover Rev. Jeremiah Wright because they wanted to protect Obama. A doughty evangelical woman who runs a blog here, Fran Eaton, went to the church and bought DVD’s the Wright’s sermons and reproduced them. Still the Chicago media shrank from the task. Finally ABC-TV nationally sent a reporter to the church who bought the DVDs and exposed them.

Obama and Axelrod first explained that the DVD’s were “snippets” which the liberal boob media initially bought--but that answer wouldn’t wash because the sermons were drenched with racism. Obama and Axelrod went to Wright and told him to shut up in the future and be a good soldier or he would jeopardize Obama’s election. Wright refused and continued to prattle his racism so Obama and Axelrod had to throw him under the bus. Now any mention of Jeremiah Wright is shushed by the liberal boob media as racist and not germane to a presidential election which is supposed to concentrate on other issues.

Thankfully, Obama and Axelrod breathe a sigh of relief that the supine boob media have refused to cover Farrakhan’s laudatory and effusive support. Farrakhan can never escape the likelihood that he ordered the murder of Malcolm X (ignored by the liberal boob media) —a speculation that has built Farrakhan’s fearsome role as a racial racketeer on the South Side. Recently he told a group that those who attack Obama “will be dealt with” which brought a respectful hush to the crowd. Last week, addressing 20,000 at the annual “Saviour’s Day” celebration, Farrakhan compared Obama to the founder of the Muslim religion, Fard Muhammad who also had a white mother and black father. Not a peep from the Chicago media on the story. What little notoriety that came from Farrakhan’s speeches were doused with cold water by Obama campaign spokesman Bill Burton who said, “Sen. Obama has been clear in his objections to Minister Farrakhan’s past pronouncements.” Of course the liberal boob media has accepted this at face value.

3. What sort of man is it who arranged his “coming out” party in Chicago machine politics in Hyde Park to be held in the living room of Bill Ayres and Bernadine Dohrn, two unrepentant terrorists…Ayres who bombed the Pentagon and the U. S. Capitol…and used his close working relationship with Ayres on school issues with the same foundation to advance in Left circles?

Axelrod has first come out with the statement that since Ayres’ bombings occurred when Obama was 8 years old, Obama could not be held responsible for such an association…and indeed Obama didn’t know of Ayres’ activity since it happened so long ago. The liberal boob media quickly accepted this explanation and has pronounced the issue is not worthy of discussion in a presidential campaign. Two things wrong with this. (A) Bill Ayres, the radical son of a boss of Commonwealth Edison, the giant Chicago utility, has with his wife continually dined out on the celebrity both have earned as terrorists. Personal experience: in 1993 I was visiting a na├»ve liberal in Hyde Park who had just bought a rickety old mansion and was rehabbing it. He said, “you know what? I just rented our carriage house to Billy Ayres and his wife! Wanna meet them?”

I said sure. I went in and Ayres regaled us…knowing I am a conservative Republican… with stories of his terrorist days, declaring jocularly he was still a terrorist. That was approximately the time when Obama came to him for help in his political career. Thus the thought that Obama didn’t know Ayres’ connection is ridiculous. Answer; Obama was once again a young candidate on the make and Ayres would prove to be beneficial to him. Ayres should have been sent to prison but the liberal ACLU got him off because of supposedly illegal wiretaps. Ayres and his wife joined the Daley machine as leaders of the ultra left Hyde Park contingent and got lucrative teaching posts at prestigious Chicago universities who are indebted to any favors the Daley machine can confer.

Daley’s Co-optation of the Left.

But-but, say some who still remember with misty eyes the old Richard J. Daley who saved this city from becoming another Detroit—and who fought the revolutionists to a standstill during the 1968 convention—how is it that the lefties like Billy Ayres and Bernardine Dohrn are not inserting fuses in time bombs to blow up city hall, given their revolutionary makeup? Simple. Old man Daley was a man of some principle and had nothing to do with revolutionaries. His son…trading on his Irishness as did the old man, is unlike his father: a man of no principle, supporting abortion rights and gay rights: in short anything that would ingratiate himself with the Hyde Park left. While there were definite things Richard J. Daley wouldn’t do—espouse abortion or gay rights or make a deal with enemies of this country…that doesn’t deter Richard M. Daley a bit. So he hired them all and they are as placid as the average precinct captain. Smart in a Machiavelli sense if you aren’t bothered with conscience.

Example: During the 1968 insurrection, the media went to a scroungy girl with stringy hair, bad complexion and worse breath who carried the title of Director of Security for the SDS, working closely with Billy Ayres. She advocated throwing studded nails on the street to stop the police cars. She bragged she had had so many abortions she lost count. Then I always refused to shake hands with her for fear I would catch some loathsome disease. I was on a PBS panel with her a few months ago and the same thing goes—a nod or recognition but no handshake.

Now whenever the boob media want to talk about Billy Ayres, the Daley administration and the Obama people refer them to her. As the only straight political commentator in this city says (John Kass of the Tribune) she is a p. r. maven and has become rich through lavish contracts with the city. She does public relations with the Police Department’s community policing program, Daley’s housing authority, Daley’s city colleges, Daley’s city law department, Daley’s department of aviation, Daley’s department of environment, Daley’s department of health and human services, Daley’s public health department, Daley’s streets and sanitation, Daley’s intergovernmental affairs and Daley’s department of special events. These contracts could pay as much as $5 million each.

And when the boob media need to answer the charge that Obama is a tool of the Daley machine they go to her. Why, she says, Hyde Park is a bastion of independence! Not now. Daley’s machine doesn’t care whether you’re an ex-revolutionary or a young black man on the make. They’ll accommodate you if you accommodate them. They accepted Obama with open arms and in return Obama supported a prime Daley machine black hack, a psychological study in administrative incompetence, for election as president of the Cook county board. Another example: in the 1970s I was chairman of a bipartisan committee to fight vote fraud in Cook county. Old man Daley called me in and told me “there’s no vote fraud in Chicagaw.” I said, listen Mayor, if I lived in Chicago I’d probably vote for you…but you don’t need to steal votes, you can get `em on the legit. His pink jowls waggled and I was shown the door with the rejoined “there’s no vote fraud in Chicagaw.” As soon as young Richie took over, anti-vote fraud died because he hired all our sweet, idealistic volunteers and gave them big jobs. So vote fraud goes unchallenged and the bright young idealists are working on the city dime.

Nothing like good old taxpayer’s money to cool the revolutionary blood. Getting back to my favorite former revolutionary woman, when liberal media boobs ask her about Ayres’ revolutionary past, she tells them Ayres was a radical a generation ago (something Ayres doesn’t say about himself, to give him credit)—and he and Dohrn lecture at such prestigious schools as Harvard, Vasser and Wellesley…so they have paid their dues. Baloney. As a former Harvard teacher I can testify that’s where a revolutionary would go. And in that connection I know full well how affirmative action works: with the Harvard Law Review granting him the presidency when he did no academic writing for that publication.

McCain Can Win.

If you take a look at the polls, the surprising thing is that McCain is still within distance of overtaking Obama—which tells me one thing: the American people are not being taken in by the big media as they once were and they have grave reservations about this young candidate on the make…with sophisticated charm… as he was when I first met him and interviewed him as a state senator.

Examples: At this writing,’s national average has Obama at 49.8%, McCain at 43%, a spread of 6.8% That’s doable. With all the crises that have been popping recently, Obama should be duplicating Franklin Roosevelt over Alf Landon. He’s not. Electorally, with 270 needed to elect, Obama has 277, McCain 158 and the rest tossup. In the battleground states, Colorado Obama is up for 4%, Ohio by 2.9%, Florida, 3.8%, Nevada 2.9%, Missouri 2.3%, Virginia 6.3%.

My theory is that there is a great hidden factor here that hasn’t surfaced in the polls. You may ascribe it to race but I don’t think that’s right. A Colin Powell running on either ticket…a 4-star general, former national security director and secretary of state…would be in a commanding position by now. No there’s a hidden, lurking something about the radical nature of Obama that has certified that as hard as he and Axelrod are striving, they have not made the sale. Moreover Gallup and Rasmussen polling agencies report that more interviewees than ever before are declining to state their preferences: the first time this happened since the Harry Truman victory over Thomas E. Dewey in 1948.

What bothers the voters is not Obama’s race: it’s Obama’s affected faux intellectuality. He preens himself as an intellectual but his resume is devoid of things he has written—no papers for the Harvard Law Review where he was president or scholarly journals afterward. Affected faux intellectuality, the seeming concern with issues so complex the average palooka cannot fathom them did in a number of Democratic candidates in the past. The media always make the same mistake.

Democratic candidates are always presented as deep-thinking and intellectual; Republicans are always dumb. Adlai Stevenson was deep while Dwight Eisenhower the 5-star general who liberated Europe was dumb. Remember Jimmy Carter in 1976 debate with Ronald Reagan when he said that his 13-year-old daughter Amy came to him and said she was concerned about “nuclear proliferation?” Reagan looked skeptical and the nation laughed.

Then Walter Mondale was supposed to be the intellectual’s candidate—thoughtful, deliberate. So thoughtful and deliberate he called for a tax increase which greatly pleased the boob media. Not the voters.

Again, Mike Dukakis was supposed to be so-o-o much smarter than George H. W. Bush—this the boob media bought in spades. Dukakis inhaled and exhaled deep issues. Then came the question in debate on what he would do if his wife were raped and killed—would he favor capital punishment for the offender? His answer, pure Boston Brahmin elitism, turned off the electorate. Al Gore was another “intellectual” (no matter he flunked law school, he agreed with the Deep Thinking media on issues). Gore ruined himself by emitting deep patronizing sighs during a debate. Boob media got him a Nobel prize but it hasn’t helped. John Kerry was another one a gigolo who married two very rich women and so deep, so incisive over that rustic cowboy George W. Bush. Wind-surfing killed him. It didn’t work.

There’s something out there that registers voter uncertainty with Obama. I wonder why. It stems from what John Kass calls “the Chicago Way.” Obama’s chief financial supporter was Tony Rezko now in federal prison. His spiritual adviser and mentor was the Rev. Jeremiah Wright of god-damn America notoriety. And the guy who got his him only administrative job and put him in charge of doling out $50 million is William Ayers, the domestic Osama bin Laden of yesterday. See what I mean?


  1. Where is the outrage about Mark Foley's democratic replacement, Tim Mahoney?
    Foley was used as the poster child for all that was wrong with the Republicans in 2006. This guy used tax payer dollars to cover up the affair!

  2. 1. I do not think McCain will do it. All his years in the Congress have just about extinguished his "fire in the belly." 2. Have you seen Real Clear Politics' electorial vote count? 3. Democrats will contest any votes against them if they do not win the White House based upon fraudlent voter registrations. You take on this is?