Thursday, October 23, 2008

Personal Aside: A Black Catholic Bishop Talks Genocide…Charles Krauthammer on Liberal Women’s Hatred of Sarah Palin… “Tribune’s” Cross-Eyed Endorsement of Obama and Morgenthaler.


Bishop Martin D. Holley

An African-American Roman Catholic Auxiliary Bishop of Washington, D. C. in a statement to Catholics put the abortion issue squarely on the line…in terms once used by the Rev. Jesse L. Jackson 30 years ago, before Jackson ditched his pro-life views in order to get ahead in the national Democratic party.

Here is the statement made to D. C. African-American Catholics by Bishop Martin D. Holley, himself one of 14 children:

“Over hundreds of years, African-Americans have traditionally been pro-life. A pregnant unmarried couple could count on someone in their families to help raise, love and educate their child well into adulthood. This has happened more than once in my own family.

“Today, discerning what is morally correct is a difficult challenge for many in the African-American community because the “Roe v. Wade” decision has the greatest impact on black, unwed women who live in an urban environment where there may not be much support from family, friends or social service networks. Today the number one cause of death in the African-American community is abortion. We have lost over 13 million lives. To put that in perspective, that is one third of our present black population. 1,452 black children are lost each day to abortion!

“The abortion challenge in the African-American community is deeply interwoven with many other concerns. The black family constantly strives for social justice in confronting racism, poverty, violence, a lack of education, high unemployment, substance abuse, incarceration, AIDS, teen pregnancy, a lack of affordable housing and many other needs. These concerns often tend to push the primary moral issue of abortion onto the back burner, when, in reality, it clearly must be at the heart of our discussion on the survival of African-American people. Through evangelization, preaching and solid catechesis, the Catholic church will need to intensify its efforts to reach the broad African-American community. Stated plainly: With abortion in the black family, there is no future, only further extinction.

“Next time we consider silence in the face of carefully sown confusion among Catholic faithful, let’s acknowledge out loud that the consequences of our silence may well fall disproportionately on people of color.”

Krauthammer on Palin Hatred.

On Fox News’ “Special Report” last night, moderator Brit Hume asked panelists Nina Easton (“Fortune”), Fred Barnes (“The Weekly Standard”) and nationally syndicated columnist Charles Krauthammer their views on the highly registered hatred of liberal women for Gov. Sarah Palin. Krauthammer, a Pulitzer prize winner and former psychiatrist, gave the most measured reply. I don’t have the full text as of this writing (Wednesday night) but it appears today (Thursday) in www.realclearpolitics. Look it up.

The Cross-Eyed…and the Straight Sighted.

So cross-eyed Democratic he/she can’t see straight applies to the writer of the “Tribune” endorsement of Jill Morgenthaler for 6th district Congress over Rep. Peter Roskam. The paper has always paraded itself as the more business-oriented publication but in fact the morally crippled Tower editorial denizens under pro-abort Catholic R. Bruce Dold consider anti-life first and foremost when they dip their pens in their poison inkwell…for one reason and one only: to identify with the country club mentality that has always been antithetical to issues greater than the everlasting buck. The fact that the language reflects chilly-hearted ultra-libertarianism makes me think it was written by Stephen Chapman who has never seen a cause worth fighting or dying for since he distrusts all absolutes save Ayn Rand selfishness.


Across the way at the “Sun-Times,” kudos to the courageous, straight-eyed Lynn Sweet for breaking stride with her newspaper’s tireless fawning of Barack Obama to condemn the callous way Obama’s p. r. minions are charging the media spectacular seating rates to cover their candidate on election night in Chicago…She along with the superb city hall and city/state investigative staff gives her paper a one-upmanship over the “Tribune” which has only two commentators of quality—but superlative they are: one who deserves the Pulitzer, John Kass—far better in insight and perspicacity than any other “Tribune” writer in my 60 plus years of reading the paper and who will get it one day…and the other the matchless Op Ed columnist Dennis Byrne. Always a top-drawer talent is the “Sun-Times” cartoonist Jack Higgins who exceeds the best cartoonists either paper ever had, from Jacob Burck to Cary Orr, John McCutcheon and Joe Parrish.


But I must say it is continually John Kass at the “Trib” who amazes me at the quality of output but also the fine historical and literary grace he has…viz the correct and brilliant use of Shortshanks for His Honor. Unrivaled.

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