Monday, August 18, 2008

Personal Aside: How Obama Got Rolled by the Little Lady at the Dem Convention.


If you think Barack Obama will be the kind of tough guy the nation depends on to face down Vladimir Putin all you have to do is take a look at how Hillary Clinton rolled him at the forthcoming Dem convention.

She was about as tough a bargainer as a terrorist and she walked away with these advantages: (1) Bill Clinton has a prominent role at the parley; (2) Hillary has a prominent role at the convention and will be introduced by her daughter Chelsea. (3) Her name will be presented for nomination at the convention and (4) a rollcall of the states will be taken.

What a waffle cookie this personification of Jesus Hussein Christ has become.


  1. Absotively, positlutely correct!

  2. "Who you callin' a Little Lady? That's my wife!"

    --- W.J. Clinton

  3. Interesting. Most conservatives are saying that he's been abusing the poor little lady.