Thursday, July 10, 2008

Personal Aside: Jesse Jackson Out of Control? He’s Always Been This Way—Because Whitey Cut Him So Much Slack He Believes His Press Notices.


Jesse Jackson.

No one, white or black, has been cut more slack by the supine mainstream white-dominated media than the Rev. Jesse Jackson. They’ve caved in as big business has because Jackson is a “people pleaser,” manipulating handclapping enthusiasts who storm his meetings for rhetorical excitement—and media fear if they put him down they will be labeled racist. In Chicago, the “Sun-Times” unforgivably gives this demagogue a full spread column every week to propagandize DNC boilerplate. And the results of this wholesale caving-in richly show: an arrogant, puffed up, swaggering phony “minister” (his “ordination” casual with some additional honorific degrees conferred during congregational rallies)… who has mastered the art of the con....extorting concessions from major companies he has blackmailed including the hiring of two sons with no experience who have a wealthy beer franchise… who falsified his closeness to Martin Luther King (in reality King’s definitive biographer, Taylor Branch, wrote King was concerned he was a hipster)…

…Who smeared blood on his shirt after King’s murder for a national TV interview, so wrote a biographer, attesting on his first national TV break that he who cradled King’s head in his arms until the ambulance came when it was Ralph Abernathy…who was suspended form his post in the national SCLC by King’ successor Ralph Abernathy for “administrative improprieties”…whose so-called spiritual stature was based on hypocrisy given that he had to admit to an affair with a staffer that resulted in the birth of an illegitimate daughter and had the effrontery to go back to the limelight, protected by the white mainline media which never brought it up again (would they have given the same treatment to Jerry Falwell?)…who slurred Jews by calling New York city “hymie-town,” after which he first denied the remark made to black Washington “Post” reporter Milton Coleman, then blamed Jews for trying to defeat him after which Louis Farrakhan, suspected to be complicit in the murder of Malcolm X threatened Coleman in a radio broadcast and made a public warning to Jews that “if you harm this brother [Jackson] it will be the last one you harm”…all the while Jackson said publicly…

…That Richard Nixon was inattentive to the problems of blacks because “four out of five [of Nixon’s top advisers] are German Jews and their priorities are on Europe and Asia,” that Jackson was “sick and tired of hearing about the Holocaust”…that “very few Jewish reporters have the capacity to be objective about Arab affairs”…and now who engaged in despicable scatological demagoguery against Barack Obama because Obama brought up disappearance of fathers in the black community as a key to urban poverty which Jackson took to be a slur.

Now we not only have the bigoted words of Jackson to contemplate, we have the video where he scowled and vowed to unman Obama before a live mike. It is inconceivable that this demagogue will continue to be taken seriously by the media—but he will, so is the weakness of the guilt-ridden masters of networks.

The U. S. Senate is investigating improper handling of money by a handful of evangelicals—which looks like it is deserved. But anyone who understands the ramifications of the 501© (3) nature of the tax code knows that Jesse Jackson has been able to get away with wholesale violations for many years by turning his religious sideshows into political rallies. Along with the lesser lights…Rev. and State Senator James Meeks and Fr. Michael Pfleger…Jesse Jackson is the Big Fish who should be netted. But media and lawmakers of both parties have caved in so often to him that they don’t know how to stand up straight.

What we have here is a 14-carat black racist who cannot abide anyone of his race intruding on his turf. Just as it was when Harold Washington became mayor and Jesse Jetstream was pushed aside here for a time, if the election of Barack Obama would have any consolation to me whatsoever, it would be to diminish the influence of this racial racketeer.


  1. Good for you, Tom, for your guts in revealing the PHONY Jesse Jackson. You are to be commended for speaking out. Keep up the good work!

  2. The only fools who take the Rev. seriously are those white liberals and moderates, the Willie Wetlegs," who dominate our culture, and who tremble at the thought that their fear is actually a deeply ingrained form of their own vile prejudice against honesty and truth.