Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Personal Asides: Ditch the Gloom, this Campaign Will Take Many Twists and Turns Before Completion… An “Event” that May Hurt McCain…Bob Creamer’s Ignorance of “Born Alive” Seems Phony.

The one thing to remember about this campaign is the axiom I cited months ago, the wary view of Prime Minister Harold Macmillan who at the top of his game, having restored Britain’s prowess to some extent as a world power…and when asked dubiously what bad end the Tories could come to in Britain…said that the future depended on “events, my dear boy, events.” And as we know now while he was uttering that remark, unbeknownst to him, his secretary of state for war John Profumo was enjoying a dandy little tryst with a raven-haired vixen who secretly was also having a love affair with a USSR agent…following which Macmillan government plunges into crisis…he wins parliamentary confidence by one vote…but is told by his physician, courtesy the British socialist medical scheme, that he—Macmillan—is dying of prostate cancer…whereupon Macmillan resigns, turns the premiership over to a real dud Sir Alec Douglas-Home…and flies to America for a second opinion at Mayo…which finding overturns the British death sentence, allowing that Macmillan has only an enlarged prostrate that could be remedied with a one-night stay at St. Mary’s hospital where the prostate is shaved to attain reduction in size…allowing Macmillan to live twenty more years as a healthy senior citizen, god-damning the British medical scheme.

Events my dear boy, events.

Before we get to possible events, let’s look beyond the mainstream media hype. Item 1: Obama did not get the traditional bounce in thepolls after defeating Hillary Clinton. The immediate bounce, leading John McCain by 48 to 42 is puny. Item 2: McCain has a 20 point lead over Obama among married white women. Item 3: Only half the voters say Obama has the necessary experience to be president. Item 4: Independent voters are breaking in half.

An Event that May Hurt McCain.

But lest Republicans get too optimistic, consider Charlie Black, the highly paid and largely overrated senior strategist to McCain. He said yesterday that a terrorist attack or foreign policy crisis would be of great benefit to McCain. Right he is—but stupid he is as well to say it. Stupid because it comes very-very close to just about the only mechanism that can elect McCain: a foreign policy crisis. Such a crisis can be manufactured by those who wish to see the election tip to McCain—including two former presidents of the United States and a current president. That would be a variant of the October Surprise.

But cynicism of an October Surprise could backfire.

Charlie Black should be fired forthwith. That stupid crack could constitute an “event, my dear boy, an event” that can backfire.

Do you ever wonder why these guys ever get hired in the first place?

Bob Creamer: Culpable Ignorance?

Many complaints have come in about John Powers and my failure to bring up Bob Creamer’s (the husband of Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky) incarceration while he was a guest on my show. I say it would be tacky and needless to rehash this. Once a guy pays for a crime, he should not have to be dunned forever about it. Sorry if you don’t agree. Put it down to the fact that…strange to say it…I’m a helluva nice guy.

But let me say I was stunned by Creamer’s professed ignorance of Barack Obama’s action in killing the Born Alive bill while he was in the Illinois legislature. The specifics are so horrific that I think Creamer didn’t want to wrestle with the hard facts. The bill would supply nourishment and medical care for a grievously injured baby born alive as result of a botched abortion. Obama not only voted against it but as chairman of a senate committee killed the bill. Later the same kind of legislation was voted on by the U. S. Senate before Obama got there…and was supported by all the leading pro-aborts: Kennedy, Kerry, Feinstein, Boxer.

It proves that Obama is far from a reaching-out-to-others moderate but a hard-shell pro-abortion sadist who used the justification for his action…as did Michelle (remember: another a Harvard lawyer?) to prevent the undoing of abortion rights.

Creamer is anything but an uninformed surrogate for Obama. He is skilled, well-versed and makes a good presentation, emphasizing the politician’s skill of seizing cudgels in debate. To say he was not informed of the matter got him off the hook.

This shows that the Born Alive issue may very well be the determinate one in the campaign. I note that McCain referred to Obama’s opposition to the partial birth abortion ban today. I hope he is saving the most heinous legislative act perpetrated by this fraud for later.

It is nothing less than support for infanticide and the fact that a smoothie like Creamer declines to defend it, pleading ignorance, shows that the Obama people cannot face the music on this issue.

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  1. A couple of days late, but thanks Tom for repeatedly raising "Infnats Born Alive." Bob Creamer's professed ignorance is indeed very interesting. Is it possible that the Obama people think this issue can not be reduced to terms the average voter, especially the young voters Obama is courting in particular will comprehend? A solidly conservative and solidly pro-life college sophomore who has addressed "infants born alive" in its own terms surprised me the other day when he had to think about the word in sylabyls to comprehend the meaning of "infanticide." The dumbing down of America has proceded at a great pace over the last two generations and that plays into the hands of Obama and his ilk.