Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Personal Aside: Obama Supporter Douglas Kmiec Denied Communion and Ray Flynn (Remember Him?) Endorses Hillary Clinton.


Ray and Doug: the Double Talk Twins.

The news that former Boston mayor Ray Flynn endorsed Hillary Clinton is sickening but not surprising. I have always felt he is a duplicitous Irish pol-phony from the time he followed me on what then was the Catholic Family Radio network and broadcast his firm support of “Dignity.” Anyone who works his head off for Bill Clinton for president while at the same time announcing he’s pro-life…then accepts Clinton’s appointment as ambassador to the Vatican…then, when his term is finished and George W. Bush is running, endorses Bush and is held forth as a man of conviction, moving to Romney and, after he loses, now to Hillary Clinton, qualifies, does he not? He says he is for Hillary in the Democratic contest and leaves his options open to endorse John McCain after Obama gets the nomination (unless Obama can get to him first). Talk about a charlatan who’s all over the lot seeing what job he can pick up next.

Doug Kmiec, as I wrote recently, is an entirely different case. While Flynn’s worth is minimal to any side he embraces, Kmiec is a thorough-going brilliantly intellectual, highly burnished with all the sharp edges rounded off traitor along the lines of the legendary Kim Philby. He has just announced as an advertisement for himself that he was denied Communion because he is a supporter of Barack Obama. This announcement was probably made to win points with the Obama people as a martyr.

If Obama makes it, Kmiec will be nominated for a senior post in the judiciary, maybe Supreme Court. With a Democratic Senate as is likely, he would be a cinch to be confirmed.


  1. Let's find out the name of the priest who denied Kmiec Communion and forward his name to the Vatican. The Pope ought to appoint him to serve as the bishop of a diocese to make an example for other clergymen.

  2. Millions of Americans were born and raised Catholic and Democrat. This was not a problem for most until the Democrat Party embraced and the championed abortion on demand, moral relativism and the insistence that government and public debate be a religion free zone. Thus, one can not in good conscious be both a Roman Catholic and a Democrat. One cannot promote the Democrat Party without also promoting the assault on the Catholic Church and its teachings. Many struggle with this quandry. We see many Catholics in America, clergy and lay alike, seeking to have the Catholic Church change its values to bring it more in line with the Democrat Party, in hopes that the tension associated with trying to be both is eased. Ray Flynn exemplifies the schizophrenia that plagues those who think they have to be Catholic and Democrat, an especially traumatic disorder if one also happens to be Irish. As an Irish Catholic Conservative, I have seen far too many fellow Irishmen and fellow Catholics struggle with this mania. I pray that they finally recognize that there are more important things in this world than the Democrat Party. If they want to stay a Catholic, then they need to take their Party back. Alas, since the Democrat Party seems irredeemable at this point, they need to find another party and regain their sanity and peace of mind.

  3. I have some serious questions about Kmiec's story. Do we have any other evidence that it is true besides his word?
    In order to "qualify" for being denied Communion, Kmiec would have to be publicly supporting abortion; but last I heard, he still claimed to be pro-life. Perhaps he is exaggerating or the priest/Eucharistic minister in question was misinformed.
    To the best of my knowledge, merely voting for or supporting a pro-abortion candidate is not grounds to deny the Eucharist -- one has to be doing so specifically BECAUSE of their stand on abortion.
    While it is very difficult to be pro-life and Democrat these days, I think it's essential to keep supporting pro-life Democrats wherever possible and try to reclaim, or at least regain a place in, the party. Life issues are too important to be beholden to only one faction of one political party.
    I consider myself a fairly conservative Republican, but one should not have to agree with me to be pro-life!
    One other thing. Does Obama realize that being endorsed by NARAL will likely lose him more votes than it could possibly gain him? I bet even NARAL knows this... perhaps they are really trying to help Hillary Clinton in a backhanded sort of way.

  4. You coward swine. Go crawl back in your hole. What a pathetic jerk-

  5. In this article on Catholic Online, http://www.catholic.org/politics/story.php?id=27956

    Doug Kmiec seems to think that Obama is some type of benign pro-life Democrat, who only would allow abortion as some sort of legalistic last resort. Of course his voting record is 180 degrees away from that, and his insipid comments about not wanting his children to be "punished" with a baby prove that bit of PR completely wrong, but Kmiec is campaigning, not explaining in this piece.

    Most distressing, Kmiec tells us that his support for Obama is based on other important issues where he deems the Republicans to have failed: "promoting a tax code that favors the wealthy and undermines a family wage" is one of his axes.

    I think we should question the sanity of a person who think that piling on taxes to a small number of people somehow favors the wealthy, rather than favoring the State.

    Kmiec is a public figure and owes a greater attention to the abortion issue than an average layperson. While I personally don't think he should be singled out during mass, a priest can certainly refuse him communion in a quiet manner.