Monday, May 19, 2008

Personal Aside: DePaul Insists Conservative Alliance Must Pay for Security for Minuteman Leader. All the More Reason to Support the Alliance and “The Lincoln Park Statesman.”

Attempt to Bankrupt Dissent?

Heavily liberal…to be exact about it, radical leftish…DePaul University, making a mockery once again of its “Catholic” label, sponsors a “Queer Studies” minor, has told Francis Cardinal George that his views will not dominate school policy, invited Ward Churchill to speak who said Americans who died in 9/11 had it coming, now has informed the dissenting DePaul Conservative Alliance that the group has to pay $2,500 for security guards for a Minuteman leader. The speech is set for tonight on campus.

The University has expertly split hairs on its decision. A few years ago DePaul paid the entire freight including security for Churchill but now passes the buck to the independent Conservative Alliance. What is the distinction? The University says it invited Churchill to speak as an official University function whereas the Conservatives have invited Minuteman Leader Chris Simcox on their own hook—thus the Conservatives will have to pay the cost of the security guards.

Thus the University is taking action against the Conservative Alliance on two fronts.

One is that it levies a charge on the Alliance to protect liberal dissenters who otherwise would have to defend themselves if their planned demonstration rebounds on them.

Two is that DePaul authorities reportedly hope that the $2,500 charge will bankrupt the Conservatives’ slender treasury for events like this. College students have to raise the funds a few bucks at a time Normally a university would have recourse to call in the police for protection. DePaul prefers to have the Conservatives pay the bill, a ploy that can easily be interpreted as an attempt to make the Alliance empty its treasury and thus end the dissent.

The thug-like action by DePaul against dissent unintentionally plays into the hands of the Conservative Alliance which gives it a deservedly martyr role in upholding the tradition of free speech on a university campus. To find out more about the rally for the Minuteman leader that is to be held tonight call the Conservative Alliance founder, Nicholas Hahn IV on his cell (920) 915-8804. Funds will be gratefully accepted to enable this hardy group to pay for the unjust levy of security guards by the DePaul authorities.

Another way to help spread free speech on the tightly-controlled ultra-liberal…even radical…campus is to support the alternative, non-profit newspaper “The Lincoln Park Statesman” that competes effectively with the administration-controlled Pravda-like house organ which gives independent voices little or no coverage—the “DePaulia.” This can be done by contacting them at

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