Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Personal Aside: The Theological Wonk Answer—and Another One.


Are There Definite Locations for Heaven and Hell?

Frank Nofsinger has the right answer for this one: yes. Incidentally, Jesse Taylor answered yesterday’s theological wonk question by saying that under Catholic rubric Old Testament prophets cannot follow the same course of canonization since their miracles were performed too early and cannot be verified. Well—okay…but the real answer as contained in yesterday’s web-site is that they are already saints and have been referred to as such. But thanks, Jesse and I’m sorry to have neglected your answer yesterday.

The answer to this theological wonk question on the placement of heaven and hell is that Christ twice referred to heaven as a place in John 14:2-3. The original word is “topos” meaning “dwelling place,” “abode,” “seat.”

Now…drum-roll please…the third Theological Wonk question.

Question 3: Why Was Jesus Baptized?

Yes, why? And that’s precisely what John the Baptist said to Him: “I need to be baptized by you. And yet you are coming to me?”

But He did. Why?


  1. This topic is the subject of the first chapter of Pope Benedict XVI's book "Jesus of Nazareth."

    As I recall, it can be summed up somewhat like this:
    1) Jesus was the perfect human (without sin) so it was not Necessary for him to be baptized, as he had nothing to repent.
    2) Jesus mission on earth was to take on the sins of the whole world- past, present and future, and make atonement to The Father for them.
    3) By His taking on our sins, it was Fitting that He be baptised by John the Baptist.

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  3. because he was God and man it was a way to identify man's need for repentance and it was part of jewish law.