Thursday, April 3, 2008

Personal Aside: Obama’s Radicality Seems to Foredoom Him for November.


One look at Chris Matthews’ face last night was enough for me. He was in puppy dog heaven, hosting a visit to a university with…GASP OF JOY…Barack Obama! The glow to his cheeks, the uncritical mien, the adoring glances…all of this was embarrassingly unmanly. Of course the kids were ecstatic. But for one with a memory it reminds me…and I have said this before…of 1972 and how the campuses roared with delight when George McGovern visited them.

The media are always fooled when that happens. Send them to a campus when a Democratic speaks…seemingly any national Democrat…and the pounding is evident in their temples and their eyes show the excitement. They’re always fooled. Liberalism always does well on the campuses. God! YOUTH! ENTHUSIAM! Dear old Chris would have to change his pants.

But lurking outside the ivy halls is the reality that the “National Journal” marked Obama the most liberal senator of all…that he favors higher income taxes, higher Social Security taxes and higher corporate taxes. That he supports enormous hikes in domestic spending, far greater regulation by government of the economy: which remains for the public to be told…a massive increase of government control over health care. Strong opposition to the North American Free Trade Agreement: in fact he is a protectionist.

He stands supportive of infanticide by having killed the “Born Alive” bill in the Illinois legislature, meaning that a baby born alive from a botched abortion has to struggle and suffer without care because Obama fears that to render mercy to the baby would endanger abortion rights. He is just about the only U.S. Senator to take that stand because a similar bill passed with the support of Hillary Clinton, Ted Kennedy, Barbara Boxer and Diane Feinstein before Obama came to the Senate after having killed a version in Springfield.

He opposed the Supreme Court decision to uphold the ban on partial birth abortion. He wants to repeal the Defense of Marriage Act. He voted against John Roberts and Samuel Alito for the Supreme Court. In his home state he supported banning the manufacture, sale and possession of handguns. He supports giving drivers’ licenses to illegal immigrants. He voted to deny legal immunity to telecom companies that have cooperated with the government in warrantless wiretapping of suspected terrorists. He wants habeas corpus rights to detained suspected terrorists and security risks at Guantanamo. He wants a full-scale withdrawal from Iraq. He has vowed in his first presidential year to meet with the leaders of Iran, Syria, Venezuela, Cuba and North Korea with no preconditions.

Seemingly everything he does stamps him as a far-left-wing radical. His insensitivity, his alienation from traditional moral values is exhibited in his ultra-crass secularistic statement the other day. He was referring to his daughters when he casually said in Johnstown, Pennsylvania: .

“If people make a mistake, I don’t want them punished with a baby.”

Punished with a baby. This is a very-very cold, uncompassionate and unfeeling young man whose inner-self is masked by a politician’s duplicity. All by himself, he has built the record and has woven the skein that will likely strangle his campaign. You don’t read about this in Carol Marin…the hard-bitten Mother Superior of Feminism, do you? You bet not.


  1. Obama's position on abortion really isn't much different from that of men you love like Tom Cross. I don't get it.

  2. Are you serious? I don't live in IL, but I am one who would sell everything and go into hiding if this modern Bram Stoker dark tanned Dracula somehow got into the White House.

    I live in the very liberal Peoples Republic of Connecticut. In their wildest, they would never come out with the crap that this demon is pronouncing under a veneer of charm.

    Going to Google about your point. The other gent is a Republican, and doesn't seem to want to abort anyone.

    Shame your parents were "punished" by you! Strong message to follow-

  3. Lovie's LeatherApril 3, 2008 at 6:22 PM

    Honestly, I have really gotten to the point with Barack Obama, that I am running out of things to say. I am just in shock whenever the man speaks. I get this cold chill (running up my leg...) everytime. The man is a racist statist. He stands against everything I believe in: Free markets, individual liberty, an end to ethnocentrism, and true peace (not the very temporary peace he offers... that will just lead to more violence). He hates his country. He makes me wonder if he wants to make America better, or if he just wants us to suffer for being immoral rich white people. The black Jimmy Carter. Now that would be a punishment. Well, one thing I have to say to Barack is "I am sorry." I am sorry that your parents were so punished.