Thursday, March 27, 2008

Personal Asides: If I Can Think of This Why Can’t the Feds?...David Axelrod Has Been a Busy Boy…HUH? Wanna Hear Obama Cuss? You Can.


If I Can…

Why doesn’t the Treasury…along with other agencies such as the Comptroller of the Currency and bank regulators…announce that no longer will the feds write down the value of sub-prime mortgage packages but will only do so only when there are actual losses i.e. a bank will recognize a loss only in the case of a defaulted mortgage? Also why doesn’t Hank Paulson buy dollars in the currency exchange markets that will shore up the dollar allowing the Fed to eliminate some of the liq uidity that has been awash since 2004 while at the same time making essential loans to those banks and financial houses to keep the economy afloat? If I can think of it why can’t they? Just asking.


If you think David Axelrod has more than enough to occupy himself with the media strategy of the thus-far-successful Obama race, take a look at “The Chicago Daily Observer” at which has a story from “Newsweek” about a hitherto unknown secret company Axelrod is running which floats up public relations schemes for a variety of corporations and front groups dear to the heart of Mayor Daley. The move, for example, to move the Childrens’ Museum into Grant Park which has sparked strident opposition thus far is being quarterbacked by Axelrod & Company known as ASK, Inc. Why did it take “Newsweek” to uncover this gem and not the local media? Because most of the liberal media here are in the tank not just to Obama but Axelrod?


Like all successful authors, Barack Obama has recorded his two books, including the first best-seller, “Dreams from My Father.” In it there is some modified cussing and of course the author records that, too. The cussing is rather mild, scatological mostly but let it be understood that for the first time in U. S. history a presidential candidate has recorded himself cussing…unlike the Nixon explectives that came out on the secret taping system (when Nixon forgot the machine was on) and Dick Cheney telling Sen. Pat Leahy to perform an impossible biological act while reporters overheard. Hat tip to Hugh Hewitt for this one. How much you wanna bet that some dirty trick artist will doctor the tape, string the explectives together and mislead the public?


  1. Tom Roeser and others have been telling us that McCain's penchant toward liberalism was a spite against Bush. This is not the as is now being discussed by David Devine who was the top campaign strategy person for Sen. Bob Dole's 1988 run. He clearly points out in the article at the link below that McCain was a problem for Conservatives much earlier. The problem is that McCain does enough things that vary to make conservatives question him. It leaves him as being views as unreliable. Everyone including Tom hopes he will be conservative as President but we all felt that way about Justice Souter too. Remember that McCain pondered becoming a Democrat. There problem is that in the primaries there were just enough political distractions for conservative to vote for which allowed a the more moderate McCain to succeed. With that characteristic maverick smirk on this face, he has not really tried to mend the fences either. The problem is that this time he needs every vote he can get.

  2. Finally it looks like the McCain/Romney ticket is shaping up! Let's hope this continues. I certainly would be happy with Romney as VP. The following article makes me feel positive for the first time in weeks!

  3. Since Senator Obama has done next to nothing for the people of Illinois, a point that he has been called on by Chris Matthews, of all people, perhaps he could accomplish one thing for his constituents: Obama could call his handler and ask Axelrod to leave Grant Park alone. Nobody, apart from Axelrod's clients, wants to see Grant Park despoiled by putting a museum in a public park.