Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Personal Aside: More on Oberweis’ Loss and the Liberal Take on Him.


I thought I zinged Jim Oberweis pretty good on the reasons he lost the other day—saying he has a tin ear for politics, shouldn’t have mimicked Foster with the act caught on TV, shouldn’t have tried to inveigle Bill Brady with that irreconcilable multi-straws test to see who would get out of the governor’s race, is in fact running because he wants to be loved et al. But leave it to an ultra-liberal blogger to go over the top because he is conservative and pro-life which to him means a variant of loony. The other day “The Wall Street Journal” featured a page one story on Rev. Jeremiah Wright, Barack Obama’s preacher and Trinity United Church of Christ. It focused on Wright’s undiluted partisan ranting for Obama in a church protected by 501 © (3) and the anti-Semitic nature of Wright extolling the philosophy of Louis Farrakhan Not a peep from the two-headed tame pussies of the contemporary print press, lowering their eyes for fear of “racism.” Oh we mustn’t offend the great god Wright or report his sermon Christmas that said Obama was another Jesus Christ because his parents were so poor like Christ’s. About as sacrilegious and awful as the sermon by The Big Pout, Jesse, who said Mary and Joseph were unwed parents and had an dysfunctional family…no concern that it violated orthodox Christian sensibility as well as biblical authenticity.

By this avoidance of reportorial inconvenience shall ye know them. Not a word about these things because such a thing would be…gasp…racist presumably. When are these liberals going to get over a yearning for the civil rights era they were too young to participate in…and which they want to vicariously share by going soft on objectivity? When are they going to zero in on the Rev. (ahem) Senator James Meeks, attired in bankers’ suits who is juggling twin balls of elected official and pastor…how are does he avoid the funds co-mingling? And who on occasion flies in a private jet to Springfield…or the blond liberal Pope of the Church of Daley, Pfleger and God (in that order) who turns his services into parodies, adopting a phony black slang idiom to please his emotional hand-clapping, swaying multitude with no reproof from the archdiocese or pastoral term limits which are mandated for others?

Now—who has written this in the establishment press? Almost the entirety of state Republican disasters has been attributable to the fey sponsor of the psychedelic James R. Thompson Center whose adulation of the steamy white mushroom statuary outside shows the chaotic nature of an inverted mind that would cherish that Pillsbury doughboy as “art.” Pearson? Anyone? Illinois had not a glimmer of anything remotely resembling Reaganism due to Big Jimbo who has snoozed beneficently under the domination of the Dems, he the progenitor of Combine, he drawing lavish state money for advising Blagojevich on ethics (God help us). But of course since Combine people like Cellini are crypto Democrats they cannot be featured in the prints with the yard-long records they have compiled. urse. How long is this take-any-contract lobbyist-in-chief who winked while the two burglars looted the “Sun-Times” going to continue to be credited as a “Republican leader”?

Enough. I thought of two other major points as to why Oberweis lost. One: evidently his pathetic handlers didn’t realize that running for congress is far different than for a statewide post. Most congressional candidates invest time in going door-to-door at least at the outset, in walking parts of the district. Oberweis didn’t.

Second: Congressional candidates depend on ground games. There was no definable ground game for Oberweis—just TV and radio commercials, of course, because the that’s where the consultants make the big bucks. No consultant makes any appreciable money through grassroots.


  1. Lovie's LeatherMarch 12, 2008 at 2:33 PM

    First question, is Oberweis automatically the candidate in November? Please God, No! Second, I know how much, Tom, you dislike Jim Thompson, Jim Edgar, Judy Baar Topinka etc, but, compared to the idiot that we have now, I would rather have 100 years of Thompson than 100 seconds of Blagojevich. Right now, I don't think any Republican can win state-wide... be they conservative, liberal, moderate, multi-millionaire.

  2. In his some twenty years of ministry, Rev. Wright has molded B.H.O. into the most blood thirsty child murderer on the Nation's political scene.

    Hell of a fine church, fo sure!