Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Personal Aside: The McCain Nomination and the Clinton Victories Make it a Sweet Election.



Divine providence has a special interest in looking out for straying puppies, drunks and the Republican party.

It seemed to do so tonight with the nomination of John McCain. While not my first or second choice…and not the prime choice of many conservatives…it turns out that the Vietnam war hero is indeed the logical man if there can be found anyone who can lead the Republican party to presidential victory. And it will not be easy. I am not optimistic. Already the innate flexibility that has been woven into the political fabric and which has saved the nation from ideological wars and multi-parties has taken hold once again…and McCain is coming home after pique and past resentments to the conservatism he once embraced. He is indeed the Republican Man of the Hour.

What he must do is to (a) get some rest, (b) take over command of the Republican National Committee and name an outstanding organizer as chairman and so funnel the resources in that committee prudently to his campaign so that there is a smooth transition and (c) conclude wisely on a vice presidential nominee who is a good deal younger and more sophisticated on the economy than is the nominee by his own admission.


I am delighted to see Hillary Clinton win Ohio and, at this late night writing, possibly take Texas. For three reasons. First if we must make a choice between the two Democratic candidates for president, there is no doubt in my mind that she is (a) a patriot and (b) has the political skill to organize and run a government effectively. Second, having been deeply involved in the White House she has a more instinctive and combative view of this nation’s priorities than the ethereal Barack Obama. Third and this is of utmost candor, she is less popular than Obama and more likely to lose to McCain.

For these reasons I was delighted to see my old neighbor from two blocks down the street make her victory speech last night. She deserves it. Obama and his cult following has subliminally used the old black guilt that so subverts liberal whites—but it is of more than passing interest to me…and forgotten by many…that black males received the voting franchise after the Civil War but it remained until 1920 until women received their suffrage. It is something that most of my black friends are loath to mention but is nonetheless amazing. So-called liberals following the Civil War were imbued with adding black males but under no circumstances would entertain or tolerate women to be added. I did not live at that time, of course, but I cannot imagine how the cause of women suffrage came to be as underrated as it was. Yes I understand certain states like Wyoming adopted the franchise before passage of the Constitutional amendment but I will have to study up sometime on the peculiar sexist hatred that denied women rights while at the same time allowing them to nurture their families, bear their children etc. It boggles my mind. Perhaps some of my readers will enlighten me.

While this night is Clinton’s, I do not yield in my belief that the nomination will ultimately go to Obama because of the tyranny of the math. Don Rose our esteemed colleague in The Chicago Daily Observer has had a go at the math some time ago and says that there is a barely minimal chance she can be nominated. Jonathan Alter in “Newsweek”…interestingly enough another old Chicago hand, the son of Joann Alter a one-time reformer on the Metropolitan Water Reclamation Board when it was known as the Sanitary District…called “the queen of sludge”...makes a similar claim in “Newsweek.”

My congratulations to John McCain and Hillary. I hope against hope that they are paired against each other in the national election.


  1. Granted a women hater exists here and there, however I think that the reason suffrage took so long was the fact that male leadership roles in society have existed in every age and among every people since the dawn of time. It was simply the natural order of things. I know in my family my father made the money, and my mother kept the home. This was even more ridgid in earlier generations.

    Two working parents, stay-at-home dads, daycare centers, etc. were unheard of.

  2. It was not uncommon in many downtown office buildings to see sinks in offices and numerous half bathrooms located on each floor. By half bathrooms, I mean water closets that provided only a urinal. The architectural assumption was that the clerks and secretaries were going to be almost exclusively males and, hence fewer full lavatories were incorporated into the building plans.

    I was fairly amazed to learn that Illinois did not permit females to serve on juries until the late Thirties -- almost two decades after women's suffrage was added to the Federal Constitution.

    Illinois gradually permitted women to vote in various elections shortly before the 19th Amendment was adopted. Ironically, two first beneficiaries of women's votes were two handsome gentlemen, one was named Bill Thompson and the other was Warren Harding.


    "McCain is coming home after pique and past resentments to the conservatism he once embraced."

    Oh YA Big TOM? Why not start with McCain's stance on Immigration. What is wrong with you Tom? Your infantile comment on dollar shrinkage shows just how out of touch you are in Park Ridge.

    Tom why not read the following article before you go to your computer keyboard or maybe you think we are as stupid as you.

  4. Sally,

    That Human Events article is not very persuasive, and borders on completely irrelevant.

    What does smearing General Petraeus have to do with Sen. McCain, one of his leading supporters? Nothing, it is just an attempt by Babbin to paint with a big sloppy brush. That paragraph should definitely have been cut from any sensible journal, but as editor, I suppose no one will tell Babbin to get his writing up to a high school level.

    I am going to hazard a guess that 70% of conservatives are in favor of immigration reform, and are typically shouted down when Rush Limbaugh flip-flops on the issue based on his rating numbers.

    Does anyone really thing that Duncan Hunder did well in the Republican Primary as an anti-immigration candidate? Should we copy his success in the general?

  5. John Powers, you make me laugh. You with your miniscule Chicago Observer think you are better than Human Events? Your whole offering pales in comparison to theirs.

    And what do you know? Since when are you an expert in anything? Who cares what you did in Pay Pal. It is irrelevant to political issues. Jed Babbin's resume is infinitely more impressive than yours. Human Events has a much longer, valid, and more profound track record than your computer diddles will ever have.

    And since when do you have to speak for for Roeser. Or can't he prove his point?

  6. Any relation?

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  7. Human Events is a decent publication, and needs no comparison. However, that editorial was poorly thought out and written. There are good reasons to oppose McCain. Baggin did not capture them.

    Since there is no need to compare resumes with Mr. Baggin, on issues completely unrelated to the quality of his column, I find the rest of your post irrelevant.


  8. It was TR that opened this debate about McCain. TR said McCain is "coming home". I dispute that because I fail to see evidence of it. All I see is wishful thinking on the part of moderate republicans.

    In Human Events, World Net Daily, News Max, and other conservative places of discussion I see where McCain is far from being a conservative. So I push Roeser to prove his statement and I get some blogging runt called John Powers trying to speak on Tom's behalf by attacking a mainline conservative publication and a person called Frank Nofsinger whose creepy comment toward me is like that of a perverted moron.

    Tom Roeser is this how you respond, through surrogates who obviously could not articulate themselves out of a paper bag?

  9. Sally,

    1) I have never seen Roeser post via the comment boards in 3 years.

    2) Your sources offer nothing new to discuss and your name-calling does not merit a response.

    3) Frank is unexplainable, but I still get a kick out of what he writes.

  10. Lady Sally-

    I apologize. You entered into a room of ruffians (and you talked like one) so I supposed you were not as grand as you think you are. Again, sorry-

    P.S. Look up Barb, Barbie-