Monday, March 31, 2008

Personal Aside: The Clintons Will Get Even with Obama—Count on It…To E. A., a Message


The Clintons.

Obama leaders believe that there is a solution to the impasse with Hillary Clinton that will not tie up the convention in knots. For a glimmer, get thee over to The Chicago Daily Observer and read Don Rose. His solution…brilliant…workmanlike…is likely to be employed. The Democratic party simply cannot afford…and will not try…to alienate its huge African American constituency—not from a purely pragmatic angle, should it. You think they’d be nutty enough to have super-delegates reject a charismatic African American senator in order to run Bill Clinton’s wife? Give me a break.

But the nomination of Obama will not be the last act. The Clintons play hard-ball. Hillary will make a few obligatory speeches in behalf of the nominee but will go about her own political business. Bill is the one to watch. There already have been subtle overtures to McCain by emissaries of the Clintons. The sole interest of the Clintons after Obama is nominated is to have McCain win. He will be 72 on inauguration day, 76 for reelection. That will be Hillary’s golden chance. She will be 64—not too old at all to run. There is some credence to think that she may run and get elected Governor of New York in 2010, two years before the next presidential election. David Patterson has confessed to everything except jaywalking and is soiled merchandise. Andrew Cuomo should be ripe to be rolled.

As how to help McCain: there are many-many ways Bill Clinton can subvert the Obama campaign and tie in to the McCain effort without being tagged or found out.

To E. A.

I understand you have a very interesting blog but I can’t locate it. Would you…if you choose…give me its title by using my personal e-mail… ? I promise not to pollute it with observations. In fact there will be none at all. TR


  1. Lovie's LeatherMarch 31, 2008 at 10:03 AM

    The media think that the Clintons' can be dealt with? Is Obama stupid enough to believe that? Honestly, probably not. I think he is being very careful in not asking Hillary to abandon the campaign. He knows, he knows who the Clintons' are, what they are about... and he is the same way. He isn't running to drop out for the sake of party unity. And the media won't ask him to. Oh, but Hillary Clinton, she is obviously a very reasonable woman to them. She knows when to be a good little girl and step aside. Ha! You just get this feeling up your leg, don't you?

  2. Happy Days arn't here again. The neo-conservative policies of expensive war, influx of illegal impoverished masses, a trade policy that kills good paying jobs, and a Wall Street that operated like a gambling casino have finally taken their toll but do the neo-conservatives care? No, they arrogantly seek more wars, more free trade, a Scandanavian take over of banks, and economic policies that benefit only a few chosen people to the expense of the Middle Class.

    Bush's prosperity was built on a paper boom in real estate that has careened into the wall.

    So neo-conservatives, what is next? What additional follies do you have up your learned sleeves. Oh I'm sorry, I am not supposed to say neo-conservatives because in all the chaos they have created they have even had the nerve to deny their own existence. I am sure the Marc Rich, Boesky, Millkin, and and others wish could deny their own existence and deeds. Oh and lets not forget George Soros who uses his hedge fund for fun and games... Such sweet people, arn't they all?

    So go to the Independant of London and read about the tidy mess they have gotten us into this time!


  3. We have 5 years of record employment growth. Inflation was 0% in February. American exports grew 25% last year. Manufacturing businesses cannot hire enough workers to meet export demand.

    Farmers are making record crops and record profits. The housing market has already turned around in much of the country.

    Calling this a depression is an insult to those that lived through Hoover and Roosevelt's Depression.

    The relatively wealthy holders of Bear Stearns lost 98% of the value in 1 year. Jimmy Cayne (a Boilermaker...does that exempt him from being a NeoCon?) saw his fortune drop from over $1 Billion to $61 Million. The wealthy got creamed (as they should), while the wage earners have done relatively well.


  4. John Powers how can you state such lies and spew such blatant inaccuracies? If if was not for using grain for fuel with heavy subsidies the farmers would be in trouble. The sugar farmers are subsidized, the peanut farmers have their subsidies, the milk producers. Take away their farm bills and ethanol subsidies and they are in TROUBLE. It is funny how you look to the farmers as a success when the whole idea of subsidies flies in the face of your neo conservative theories!

    Manufacturing, tell that to the American auto industry from American parts builders suppliers etc. The Auto industry is Americans largest look at in total is the largest manufacturing sector. Oh, and lets not forget all those sub-prime auto loans out there.

    So smart John Powers tell us if everything is as rosy as you say then why did the Federal Reserve have to with taxpayer backing need to bail out the Bear Stearns mess? Explain that?

    Jobs? Low wage jobs and jobs related to the housing busted bubble. Oh what a Republican success? But then to a poorly educated person like yourself, John Powers, I guess you would call the Walmart greater a life time career. I just laugh when the Bush administration gurus tried to call hamburger making "manufacturing".

    And the housing had far from bottomed out. Read the above URL and go to the link for the consultant to the nations home builders. Look at the charts John Powers, the don't lie, but you do!

    No John, you live in a neo-conservative dream world that will take the Republicans down to defeat in November.

    It is precisely your bad, inaccurate, and naive view that is ruining the Republican party. Look at Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, AND Illinois, once Republican states now firmly in the grasp of the Democrats thanks to the above failed country club/neo conservative ideals that robs the middle class for the benefit of the greedy few.

    John it is time the people like you were shouted down.

  5. Lisa,

    You can shout all you like, but you are still flat out wrong on the recession, and you are wrong in characterizing people as neo-Cons, who are neither neo, nor conservative. (How is Mike Milken a neo Con?)

    Could it possibly be that indicators are not the same all over America, but on average, things are not bad at all?

    We really don't have an unemployment problem, and inflation problem. Manufacturing wages are going up almost 15% faster than wages in service industries. Factories in Milwaukee are 500 workers short handed for $18/hour jobs. Maybe it is time to move from Flint to Milwaukee? Exports of food (not ethanol) are also through the roof, driving up Farm Profits nationwide (yes-ethanol boosts that within the US maybe 5%).

    We still have a record number of people as a % and as an absolute number owning homes in the US. It may well be that some of these people should not have bought at the price the market offered, which has created a glut of rental homes, aprartments, and condos which are much more affordable.


  6. I agree with Ms. Lisa on one thing. Burning food for fuel is absurd. Brazil, the world leader in non-petroleum fuels, uses sugar cane (stalkes, after the major sweet is extracted). When last I read, USA sugar cane is so highly subsidized that it is embarassing. Many parts of the semi-arid western USA grow sugar beets galor. Again I'm confident with great subsidy.

    Aside from these points Ms. Lisa sounds like another BO (Obama) cookie cutter critic.

  7. Right you are Frank. "The National Review" published on article on the obscene amounts of campaign contributions that "the sugar daddies" pay to Congressmen and lobbyists to keep their sweet subsidies and price fixing schemes intact. Chicago, once a center of candy manufacturing, has lost many entry level factory jobs due to high state and local taxes and the excess cost of sugar in the USA. Many products are using artificial sweeteners as cheap substitutes for sugar, but with corn being used for ethanol these prices are likely to increase to. The cost of refined sugar would drop considerably if the politicians would eliminate the subsidies and price gouging schemes and allow imported sugar to be sold in the USA.

  8. If your views John Powers were correct and everything is as rosy as you claim, than McCain and the Republican Party should be raking in contributions from their natural constituants, BUSINESS.

    THEY ARN'T, JOHN POWERS. Explain that you brilliant fool! Some people just need to be dragged to factual reality!

    Read the following Wall Street Journal Article on Business turning its back on McCain. Read it and Reread it until it sinks in John.

    John Powers you just don't get it: The problems that you have your feet firmly planted in mid air along with most Republican pundits who have been sold a "bill of goods" this is wrong. This is why the election will be a cinch this time for the Democrats. It is because people like you gave it to them and you are too ignorant to realize it!

  9. Only in the wacky politics of 2008 can a guy who just won by a landslide be called a "loser" for not raising enough money. The WSJ notes that McCain has been against special interests that donate a lot of money. Good.

    Perhaps the voters will get to choose who wins the general election as well, rather than letting H&O sell the office to the highest bidder.