Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Personal Asides: …Romney’s Win Makes Me Feel Good but McCain Didn’t Do Badly…The Very Choosy-Picky Republicans…Does Axelrod “Have What it Takes?”



Mitt Romney’s victory in Michigan was okay. He’s still technically my guy but I thought he’d have done better in what is his home state. However, he’s the guy I would like to hire for the presidency. I still think at the end of it all, McCain will be the nominee—and I hope that Mitt will be the vice presidential nominee because a 72-year-old with cancer should have a superb understudy.

Choosy and Picky.

Every day I meet Republicans who believe somehow that things are as good for them today as they were in the hey-day of the Reagan years…so they allow that if McCain is nominated, they would “hold their nose’ and they cannot abide Huckabee and Romney is a issues shifter.

They should understand that 2008 may well be 1974, the Watergate year, and they shouldn’t be so cocky but be glad that anybody of any quality decided to run for president on their party’s line. Americans regard the Democrats as more competent than the Republicans by a margin of 5 to 3, more ethical by 2 to 1. They prefer Democratic policies to Republican ones from healthcare to taxes. The economy may be tailing south. The Republicans have a Rudy Giuliani with too much personal baggage plus prostate cancer. Fred Thompson is the first actor candidate to pout people to sleep and also has a virulent for latent form of cancer. John McCain is the oldest candidate for president, has dormant cancer, a wife who stole money from a Third World charity she founded because she was hooked on drugs and who got a personal favor from the prosecutors which kept her out of jail.

McCain himself left his first wife because she lost her looks after being in a car wreck while he was in stir, picked up with a nifty looker multi-millionaire whose Daddy helped him run from Arizona, and who tried to kibosh the 1st amendment. Mitt Romney and Mike Huckabee go together as well as the alumni from their respective schools—Harvard Business and Ouachita Baptist. Everybody but McCain thinks it’s nifty to send 12 million illegal Hispanics home at the same time pollsters are telling us the Latino vote is key.

Ron Paul is right there where the issues count: wanting to abolish the Food and Drug Administration, introducing a bill to de-Pasteurize milk, insisting the troops will be home by week’s end and the hell with what happens to the terrorists. If we only trade with the terrorists they’ll understand we mean no harm. Also what’s this stuff about the feds bombing the Trade Center in order to stir us up? He’s a joy: well, after all, what were the Twin Towers doing in Manhattan anyhow where they don’t belong? Standing there as twin sentinels they were…well…provocative, that’s what they were.

Besides, if we have any presence in the Middle East we’ll deserve what we get. Also the Federal Reserve isn’t written into the Constitution; therefore abolish it. I have one question: for a guy who raised that much on the Internet, what has he done with the dough? He’s right up there in the single digits. What’d he do with that brilliant staff of his, put it all in cardboard yard signs? Oh well, wait til he runs as a Libertarian again—being sure that he runs for reelection also to the House where he can continue the fight for term limits.

Many congressional Republicans have fallen prey to greed and lust; the Speaker looked the other way when one of his party members was importuning boy pages.

Oh we have every right to be choosy we do. Why shoot, man, we’re the majority party! Oh and by the way, there’s more similarity between Hillary Clinton and me than you’d imagine. Did you get that little repartee the other day? Nothing like being instructed by a kid who just started shaving about the nature of conservatism.

Yes, we have a lot to be picky about. And choosy. We’re big time stuff, we are. We Republicans.


Does David Axelrod “have what it takes” to run a national campaign for president someone asked yesterday on the web-site. Answer: yes. What will he get out of it if Barack Obama is elected president is the follow-up question. The best of all possible worlds: no, not chairman of the DNC for that pay is peanuts. Steady reference of White House-favored clients which will make him a very-very rich man. James Carville who got clients referred to him by Clinton is a case in point. I personally think Axelrod is brighter and more effective than Carville.


  1. 66 - 103 million past, present and future illegal aliens and their extended familias would have been granted Amnesty / Citizenship (linked below courtesy of the picky Heritage Foundation) and we would have two additional moderate / liberal (and definitely unqualified) Supreme Court justices. Then again, we conservatives are xenophobic, the evil-Dewar’s.

    Giuliani is DOA because of his liberal positions, not because of personal baggage. McCain is DOA because of his liberal positions, not because of his age or wives. McCain-Feingold (or the Keating Five or the Confederate Flag) is not the issue - McCain-Kennedy Leave No Illegal Alien Behind is the reason McCain cannot win the “picky” Republican vote (depending on independents and Democrats to win in the primary - smells like Judy Baar Topinka).

    The Republicans are not on the defensive because of health care or taxes (Americans do not want higher taxes and have already rejected Hillary-care when Republicans were swept to power back when they ran on conservative platforms). Republicans are on the defensive because Americans oppose the war and Republicans under Bush and the neo-cons have become the party of Big Government (Clinton's government was smaller in all aspects - inflation adjusted of course) indistinguishable from many Democrats (including your preferred Hillary Rodham – swept to power with carpetbag in hand with her sole qualification as being a woman scorned).

    Your blog is written in part for your children and grandchildren. I hope you keep in mind that the "kids" will be faced with a $76 Trillion unfunded entitlement mandate (a substantial portion due to Bush's RX socialist scheme passed via blackmail). Uncontrolled government spending and debt will continue to eat away at their spending power. Americans in lower and middle level jobs are already being passed over due to the need for bilingual employees. America no longer assimilates immigrants as presidential debates are held on Univision (what happened to learning English as a requirement for citizenship – rhetorical of course).

    When government cannot do the few things it is supposed to do (protect our borders), the criticism is deserved. It seems just about everyone wants "change" (conservatives, moderates and liberals). The combine is not solely an Illinois phenomenon. Neither is a unelectable Republican party. Illinois politicians are in the “Bush League” compared to the big time politicians – the “spenders” on the Potomac.

    Perhaps one day us picky Republicans will nominate an Illinois Gubernatorial candidate which a picky Republican like yourself will be able to vote for ;)


  2. The supporters of Dr. Paul should be proud of his 6.3% showing, without spending hardly any of the multi-millions he has raised via the Internet!

    Certainly he is saving it for his forthcoming retirement. Bet he has some "choice" Texas ranch land to sell his devotees shortly ala "Ranch Davidians"-

  3. ...I was hoping for a little entertainment....

  4. McCain voted AGAINST the tax cuts.
    McCain-Feingold is a travesty.
    McCain supports amnesty for illegals.
    McCain supports anti-competitive fuel emission Standard
    Mcacain is a Green on Global Warming
    Was member of "gang of 14" against conservative judges
    but he is LOVED by liberal Media types like Brooks and neo-con Barnes. He is a darling of the neo-con Weekly Standard...
    So if Tommy says he will be the nominee as promoted by his feasting on the Weekly Standard then Tom is NO longer a conservative! He is now a mushy moderate just like McCain! So Tommy you have more in common with Topinka than you thought.... why not join her on the float in the next pride parade!