Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Personal Asides: Hillary’s Win in New Hampshire Leads to Seven Conclusions.


Hillary’s Win.

Hillary’s come-from-behind win in New Hampshire tells me seven things. First, no matter what Billy Kristol thinks, female tears…adroitly held back and captivatingly displayed…helps. So watch the tear ducts well up at strategic points in the future. I was right about that, guys.

Second, I’m not willing to say Barack Obama won’t get the final nod, because I think he will—but there’s a dump truck load of stuff coming down the road with his name on it, special delivery from Hillary. You’re going to see an end to the nauseatingly saccharine media honeymoon very shortly now since the Big Feet on TV realize they have been made suckers of by buying into that goofy Rorschach inkblot test where they see “hope-hope-hope” and “change-change-change” in every mundane sentence and gesture he employs.

Continuing with No. 2: …And it’s good he gets the same critical examination as everyone else must get. Earlier I watched Bill Clinton explain something that I had never been aware of. That oft-used claim that Barack uses that he never voted for the Iraq War while Hillary did is spuriously misstated—and it isn’t Barack’s fault but the adulated media that he wasn’t called on it. None other than veteran anti-Iraq senator Chuck Hagel voted for the resolution because he…and all other senators…were told by Coni Rice that there would be other submissions to Congress before war would be engaged. Dear Barack the wunderkind never specified that and the media were only to glad not to research it. Well I for one didn’t know it. You’ll see a lot more healthy examinations coming of Barack Obama from now on.

Three: The little lady gave me a glimmer tonight…just a glimmer…of what the old Democratic party of patriotism used to have. She said that she would end the war the right way—meaning, I took it, with honor. I never had the view that Obama who is a direct descendent of the McCarthy-McGovern hybrid cared a whit about honorable end. To me he is and was always a very weak candidate, a weed blowing in the wind, reacting to the cross-currents of breeze. I feel she has a mettle that is a distinct improvement.

Four: The win of John McCain doesn’t change my view that he will get the nomination—and that given everything…either the nomination of Obama or Hillary…he would be, with all his imperfections—and there are /many—the strongest candidate basis his experience. I think it would be paramount, however, that he be matched with Romney for vice president. I worry night and day that the guy who will get the veep nomination will be dear old slug-a-bed, drawling Bob-Dole-with- a-twang who calls it quits at 5 p.m. much like Henry Cabot Lodge, Jr. did in 1960…Fred Thompson: a man of low energy and voltage who is content to amble around and take it easy..

Five: Barack has to put on the steam to get John Edwards out of the race because he’s sucking up a lot of anti-Hillary votes that would ordinarily go to Barack.

Six: I suppose we will be continually beset with the cranky doctor who wants to repeal the FDA and institute private-paid highways but he missed his chance. Ron Paul had the opportunity to appeal to the anti-war left and get them to cross over to help him to at least place second. He couldn’t or wouldn’t do it. My guess is he’ll retreat back to the Libertarian party and run on a non-fluoridation water ticket and a strict anti-pasteurization plank which will nail down the Amish vote.

Seven: Rudy Giuliani has been so out of the news that we forget to even think of him. If…and that was a big if…he could have held his baggage at bay with what had transgressed earlier—three wives and some emotional flare-ups—he could possibly have redeemed the promise that some had for him to be the fall-back candidate in case of terrorism crisis. The late entry of the Bernard Kerik indictment and the thoroughly outrageous purported use of the NYPD to guard Judi Nathan when she was the mayoral girlfriend, obviated his being picked. That’s okay by me now that McCain has surged and occupies the central national security berth. It also is delicious to see that the Republican establishment of Illinois has booked passage on the same Titanic that went down in 1980 when all of them—Big Jimbo Thompson, Little Jim Edgar, bulbous-nosed George Ryan and others—went down with that sure-fire potential president John Connally.


  1. With enemies like Bird in the Gilded Cage, Lawrence, the Yellow Feathered Prisoner of Zenda and Poor Man's Tweety Pie banging his Bell against McCain the Aviator can not help but suck the Feathered Fool into his Prop wash! Pretty Purple Prose -

    McCain is detested by Plutocrats on the Right and Proletarian Politburo goofs on the left - leaving the vast and beautiful American Middle.

    He'll do fine.

    He was already given 'the treatment' by Milkey Mattews and Doofus Olbermann last night. Goes with the job.

  2. Connally managed to win one delegate to the Republican National Convention.
    Not locally, but a grand total of one nationally. Proof positive that money talks to the benighted elites of the Illinois GOP and these folks have no firm grasp over the GOP primary voters.

  3. Remember Patty, your boy, McCain, won Neo Hampshire before only to lose to George Bush.

    Quirky, odd, Neo-Hampshire is perfect for the war boy McCain the blustery red faced Irishman who deserves buddies like another red faced Irishman, Teddy Kennedy. They can sit at the pub and hoist the ale and plot the next neo-con wars in the middle east. Neo-Hampshire is full of red neck scotch-irish the perfect musket toting, lock and load demographic to go off in their coon skin caps and muskets to fight the islamofasists. The neo-cons could not have found better boob headed stooges then these people and you Patty.

    When you look up New Hamphire from an economic perspective, you find that its main "industry" is tourism. No wonder they need the first Primary.... this wierd little state needs the MONEY! So go relish this tiny moment of fame for McCain based on a win in a backward little state the epitomizes fly over country.

  4. Lawretch-
    You Paleo Pusillanimous Parakeet Pipsqueak, you got out of the drunktank in a shorter period than usual. Congrats- Unpleasant to have you back-
    Guess you thought that if you ignored Roeser's hand of sanity, you could slink back in, but you lost Drool Cup:


    My friend, you have all of us who read or correspond on this website at a disadvantage. People who write messages on Reader’s Comments sign their full names. You’re the only one who does not. Yet you say I know you or imagine I do. You seem to know a great deal about me but I haven’t a clue who you are. Therefore I would like to sit down with you so as to get your full bill of particulars so I may respond and share insights with you. You have a point of view and I’d like to hear you speak about it personally. Please leave your full name and where I can contact you on my personal email. Thanks.

  5. It is sad that Tom needs people like you. If you don't like what I post then don't read it. It is as simple as that. Go take your ignorant brawl to your local bar where everyone will laugh at you.

    Oh Frank why not post YOUR telephone and address for all to see?

    I feel no need to cozy up to Tom Roeser and become a dear dear friend. His blog site is open for comments and I fully intend to comment whether or not it upsets you, him, or others.

  6. Larry you silly shit you dissed NH! I, you filthy coward, have an ancestor who left a very large family to fight the British. He died from wounds incurred at Fort Tigonderoga (for a brainless shit head like you, that is at the bottom of Lake Champlain) That is a fly over fo sho Rastus!.
    Died Novemer 11, 1776 (whatever is now Patriots' Day)
    He was aged 54 with many children. They brought his body back to NEW HAMPHSHIRE
    where he lies, besides other patriots.

    Not with bullShit artists like you and Paul Ron, or whoever

  7. Your foul mouth has no place in this forum Frank. Your classless thug like attitude and inability to debate the issues is becoming more and more obvious.

  8. Larry-
    You insignificant garter snake. What a stupid question- "Why don't I post my full name and address?"

    To all with a third grade education (I realize that is two clicks above yours), anyone with Web access has about two dozen ways to reach me.

    Why? Because I am not ashamed of who I am, as you must be.

    You don't want to make friends with Roeser, as that would give you a friend, breaking your decades-long record of being a scorned nobody.

    You have often made me violate my father's directive- "Never have a battle of the wits with an unarmed man".

  9. Frank, why not debate the issues for a change?

  10. but he is the only candidate serious about conservative ideals such as limiting the size and future growth of government which has increase 3 fold since Ronald Reagan left office (of which Republicans controlled the White House for 12 years and Congress for several).

    George Bush has increased discretionary spending (not including military spending which has obviously gone through the roof) at a higher rate than the Bill Clinton spent while White House .

    Most conservatives will stay home rather than voting for John "Straight Amnesty Express" McCain. McCain insults Evangelicals, insults Americans opposing totally open borders and unlimited amnesty and he insults those who support free speech.

  11. Frank,

    I have not laughed so long and so hard at a series of put downs since Pat Buchanan was Spiro Agnew's chief speechwriter. Jolly good fun!