Friday, January 25, 2008

Personal Aside: Sunday’s Radio: J. B. Pritzker and Russ Stewart Plus--.


J. B. Pritzker, co-chairman of the Illinois Hillary Clinton campaign and journalist Russ Stewart will be the guests on my WLS-AM (890) radio show Sunday night at 8 p.m. I’m sure J. B. will give us the Clintons’ side of the imbroglio with Barack Obama and will answer charges from some…not all…pundits that the Clinton attacks on Obama are a tactical mistake. I don’t think so and believe very strongly that Don Rose’s analysis in “The Chicago Daily Observer” a few days ago was the only route for Hillary to go and has paid dividends. But it will be interesting to hear what J. B. has to say.

Russ Stewart, political analyst for “The Chicago Daily Observer” and Nadig newspapers…now that he’s freed from running as a Fred Thompson delegate…will give his famed predictions of what will happen in local races (I don’t know whether we can intrigue J. B. to play the prediction game or not). Russ has a very high degree of right predictions—about 96%--across the board stemming from his encyclopedic knowledge of Chicago and Cook county demographics. Among the races we’ll discuss are these:

o Cook county states’ attorney Democratic primary with first assistant states attorney Bob Milan, chief deputy states attorney Anita Alverez, Alderman Howard Brookins, and ex-state official Tommy Brewer. The Republican nominee will be Tony Peraica who is unopposed.

o Cook county board of review 2nd district with incumbent Joe Berrios, Cook county Dem chairman and Jay Deratany, wealthy lawyer with Deranty backed by Assessor Jim Houlihan and Jan Schakowsky; Berrios being Madigan’s guy who has raised $5 million in three years.

o Selected Democratic ward committeemen races including the 50th with Bernie Stone (I refuse to spell Bernie the way he wants: “Berny”) versus Ira Silverstein…the 41st between Ralph Capparelli, Frank Coconate, Mary O’Connor and Pat Mulligan, and the 7th between Sandi Jackson and Bill Beavers.

o Selected Dem congressional races: the 3rd Dan Lipinski and three opponents—Mark Pera, Jim Capparelli and Jerry Bennett…the 8th Republican between Steve Greenberg, Ken Arnold and Kirk Morris to face Dem Melissa Bean…the 10th with Dems Dan Seals facing Jay Footlik the winner to face Republican Mark Kirk…the 14th between Republicans Jim Oberweis and Chris Lauzen.

All these things plus your calls on Sunday.


  1. Ask this question of Mr. Pritzker: Why would you as a wealthy person support Hillary Clinton who would raise taxes on you? Why would you or the Crowns who support Obama support candidates who are so destructive to capitalism which brought you and your families your fortunes? What's in it for you, Mr. Pritzker, if Hillary or Obama wins?

  2. Lawrence you craven coward most despised among blogers and boogers, why don't YOU YOU YOU ask these questions?

  3. Keep it up and I will post all your information FRANK!

  4. Who posted bail for Lawrence? I cannot imagine that he received an "I" bond.

  5. Dan at least you will make an attempt to discuss the issues. But if you stoop to the level of Frank and start feasting on blue collar tavern style personal attacks then you will do Tom Roeser NO good. If you agree with Tom then pick up on his issues and argue them.

    When I point out the hypocrisy of a Pritsker who wallows in his inherited wealth and then wants to the rest of us to pay for his liberal Hillary schemes, then it is proper to point out that he is a traitor to his class. Maybe there then should be a wealth tax on the limousine left such as him. Let him pay for all the give aways he dreams of.

    But then if you come here as a liberal leftist then I reserve the right to verbally tear you apart. But if you really want make it personal then I will be happy to take you on PERSONALLY! Otherwise discuss the issues that Roeser presents.

  6. Go ahead Larry Baby- Post my info- It is public knowledge anyway- I am not ashamed of it as you seem to be of yours, you filthy coward.

  7. Lawrence,

    Isn't there another playground that you can go to? Half of the time, no one can follow what you are railing about. No candidate with a chance of being nominated and elected seems to meet with your approval. Maybe you should secede from this blog. I cannot think of a reason that you remain here apart from some personal animus directed at Thomas Roeser or some of the other persons who post comments here. You have not persuaded anyone to come around to your point of view after months of haranguing people. Why don't you found your own blog somewhere else?