Monday, January 7, 2008

Personal Aside: The Sunday Night Fox Debate Puts Romney First, McCain on Defense, Giuliani and Thompson Strangely Quiet. Huckabee OK.


Mitt Romney came back with ferocity in the Fox New Hampshire debate while it appeared to me that John McCain had decided to throttle down his negative comments about Romney…and hence appeared passive. Rudy Giuliani seemed unable to get up a head of steam. I didn’t think Thompson made much of a contribution. But then the only time he seemed to was Saturday.

However while Romney scored best on points, McCain was not hurt although I am sure some consultant wrongly convinced him to put a damper on the spirit that gave him great verve on Saturday night.

Watching them I thought, given that it appears Obama could go all the way to the nomination, it would be advantageous for somebody to try to broker a ticket of McCain and Romney. If you can get these two guys to put aside the internecine warfare. McCain has the sagacious stature but he is, after all, 72. Romney at 60 would be an extraordinary vice president. I know something about people over 70 like McCain and you never know how long they’ll be around. I once thought Huckabee…who clearly along with Thompson and closer to McCain than Romney…would be good to add some yeast to the ticket—but Huckabee’s intransigent continued support of Fair Tax, the creation of the Church of Scientology and Tom Cruise, is a disaster. Now that we’re getting used to him he’s starting to bother me as a kind of evangelical slick Willie. I was not impressed with his defense of his attack on Bush in “Foreign Affairs.” I read the whole piece and it was far more of a devastating criticism than just about Don Rumsfeld not building up the force there. He’s starting to parse a little too much like his fellow townsman Bill Clinton.

(DIGRESSION: Switching over to the Democratic debate on ABC Saturday, the debater’s world cup for assininity has been retired for all time by Bill Richardson. He first called JFK the best president in U. S. history. Then because Kennedy was the best president in American history, he was misled, he says, in thinking that Whizzer White, Kennedy’s Supreme Court appointment, was a good Justice. But remembering that Whizzer dissented to “Roe v. Wade” Richardson changed his mind. The vacuity of this statement reminds me of the adage that divine Providence has protected drunks and the United States of America from many presidential ignoramuses. END OF DIGRESSION).

I still say of this group Romney is the guy I’d hire for the job of president but since this is going to be a very tough year…the worst Republican-wise since 1974…maybe the strongest combination would be McCain for president and Romney for vice president. Yeah, as I write this at 10:15 p.m. Sunday after watching the debate, I think that’d be the best course. Huckabee is just too much a wild card and Fred Thompson is just slow-talkin’, slow-movin’ old Fred who wouldn’t add very much to the ticket, I think. Giuliani could be AG if one can take him at his word as a supporter of strict constructionism in judges. Thompson I would send back to the television studios. I’d bring John Bolton back for secretary of state. Duncan Hunter for secretary of defense. Steve Forbes for treasury secretary. Mike Huckabee for homeland security secretary. How’s that? Mark Levin as domestic affairs counselor to the president. Peggy Noonan as White House director of communication. Laura Ingraham as secretary of health and human services. Wow, that’s a helluva administration. Once Bush pardons Scooter just before his term ends, I’d put him in as national security adviser.

Your comments? Let’s build winning tickets on both sides. Democrats give me your rationale and Republicans postulate your arguments. Put on your strategic hats rather than your ideological ones. Act like consultants and give us your practical views on how your ticket would surpass all others.


  1. >Once Bush pardons Scooter just before
    >his term ends, I'd put him in as
    >national security adviser.
    ...Your supposed to put a little smiley face after this :)

  2. I am starting to believe that all of our votes for president are already predetermined. The race goes to the candidate that can identify and motivate his chosen few.

    However, anyone likely to vote for Hillary is already at the voting booth - and she is likely to irritate enough snoozing republicans to show up and vote against her.

    Iowa shows that Obama can energize all kinds of previously invisible citizens. I reserve judgment until after New Hampshire, since Iowa was just an extension of his Senate race - the "I'm just a farmboy" stump speech and his electrifying performance at the National Convention. If those are the only two arrows in his quiver then he will fall flat.

    If this were the old days and the convention actually mattered, he'd have them swooning to elect him on the second ballot ( after the pre-committed delegates did their duty) and for sure has enough depth to get from August to November. But January to November is a different game for which he has not yet been tested.

    Tom: Is Axelrod enough of a heavyweight to go the distance? Or does Obama have to get a different team when he switches from running against democrats to running against A republican?

  3. Aliens monitoring mother earth must be scratching their whatevers. Is this or is there not intelligent life on this planet? Hillary? Obamamama?

    They will get another weird message tomorrow I'm sure! People that will consider foregoing their safety and security for a gruel of bullshite.

    May God have mercy on our poor Nation!

  4. Wow, that’s a helluva administration

    From your keyboard to God's laptop...

    Unfortunately, in 2009, the big questions will be A) How many of these dedicated folks will find employment in an Obama Administration?

    And B) Are there enough gigs at Fox News for the rest?