Friday, January 11, 2008

Personal Aside: Media-Aided Obama Scenario Has Gone On Too Long: With Vague, Feel-Good Message that has No Specifics: “Obama—the Better Way!”… Dan Miller to Leave the “Sun-Times” as Paper Slashes its Budget to Shrink Business Section.



The recent, abjectly humiliating confession by NBC anchor Brian Williams that “it is very difficult to be objective” regarding Barack Obama because the national media are so entranced with his charm and the possibility of the first black president, underscores the central fault of current affirmative action-style liberalism in race relations. He is not to be questioned on how to achieve any of his glittering generalities. Media are giving the tall, statuesque, oracular senator who seems to be welcomed by Central Casting like a Sydney Poitier or Harry Belafonte with what seems nothing less than the soft bigotry of lessened expectations. With every other presidential candidate, the mainstream media are examining and probing internal inconsistencies and fallible programs.

This has happened to Hillary Clinton, John Edwards, Bill Richardson, John McCain, Mike Huckabee, Fred Thompson, Rudy Giuliani and Ron Paul. But not so with Obama because of the lingering feeling from the guilt-ridden 1960s that to do so would be offensively racist and subject a black candidate to scorn when in their estimation the country deserves a black president which will enable all of us…particularly liberals…to feel good about ourselves. Thus the mainstream media themselves have become possibly an unintentional but nevertheless an entirely co-opted part of the strategy.

Thereby Barack Obama has managed to get by with the very minimum of effort. He has gotten by superbly talking in vague generalities about “hope” and “change.” Hope and change for what? He is talking about moving the country beyond partisanship where 47 million people will receive health insurance, where environmentalism will be an assured condition, where teachers will receive higher pay and youngsters early childhood education. But as everyone knows, to achieve these gains, there has to be a legislative program and the hard, grit work of getting it passed. There is no magic wand that will translate the generalities that Obama talks about without a presidency that takes risks.

Barack Obama’s campaign reflects the somber lesson of the 1971 film “The Candidate” starring Robert Redford. A good-looking, well-financed candidate named Bill McKay (Redford) with a potent political name, money and a Kennedy-esque style is surrounded by handlers who push him through a vacuous campaign where he begins with certain statements that have some resonance but then waters them down day by day with his speech fading to mush—until he has so “broadened” his message as to give it no meaning. The slogan becomes “Bill McKay the Better Way.” Where the difference comes between the Obama campaign and the “Bill McKay” reel-movie version is this: Redford playing Bill McKay has cynical consultants who see the need to blur his positions to meaninglessness. In the Obama real-life version, the supposedly discerning media are corrupted because of a misplaced sense of concern for the career of the very engaging African American candidate. Thus while Hillary Clinton’s positions are seriously examined and criticized as well as John Edwards’ and others, Obama is allowed a pass. Every instance of severe criticism is feared by the liberal panjandrums as possible bigotry.

Obama is not pushed to put flesh on the bones of his broad generalities. Just as “The Candidate” ended with candidate McKay getting elected and asking his consultant plaintively, “”What do we do now?” Barack Obama may well get such a pass that the nation will be treated to a candidate who has not been vetted or whose ideas have not been examined.

The real disservice is meted out to Obama himself who has not been given the opportunity to show that he has mastered the presidency at all. Yes, as pretty-boy Brian Williams has said: it is to terribly difficult to be objective.

Dan Miller.

Dan Miller is probably the best business editor in the city. He is leaving the “Sun-Times” because as the paper winds down, it has evidently put the entire business section to bed and has made it impossible to continue the section which was under-funded but at the same time a rival for the business pages of “Tribune.” You can wonder about budget priorities when the financial page has to go…while at the same time, the Democratic party’s newspaper of record is paying lavish expenditures to have three female Barack sycophants on the road chronicling the daily campaign of Obama in the primaries—only one of whom has skill or credibility (Lynn Sweet). It continues the dreadful dirge of boilerplate liberal propaganda of the Reverend (ahem) Jesse L. Jackson and the singular Johnny-one-note columns of the Reverend (ahem) Andrew Greeley, a sports columnist who veers into left-leaning politics…a political columnist with two other jobs (including one at WTTW where public monies are involved to pay her salary there) and whose contribution is reduced to quoting others and drawing clichéd predictable conclusions… and a general Michael Cooke-run slickum fiasco that imitates the “National Enquirer.”


  1. "The real disservice is meted out to Obama himself who has not been given the opportunity to show that he has mastered the presidency at all."

    This man did not master his former opportunity as a state legislator to do much more than promote infanticide, aka, partial-birth abortion. He is a flop, an irresponsible U.S. Senator, more absent than present...and has proved nothing except that he is a media-driven creation with enough wit and articulation, and apparent pleasantness to let his veneer pass for something more than a guy whose normal goal would have been that of a Democratic ward committeeman. And as most of those in the media greatly resemble these attributes of the jr. Senator from Illinois, how would one expect them to treat him otherwise?

  2. Tom it was not the "Media" who was pushing Obama it was Liberal Jews who believed that they had finally found their articulate intellectual PC liberal Messiah. Can I say Liberal Jews, YES because it is completely true! I wonder when the African American community is going to wake up an realize how they were "used" in every sense of the word by the Liberal Jews. Well lets start naming them.... Rahm.... you know that ultra liberal, the Crowns, George Soros, etc. The funny thing is how they dumped on their gal, Hillary.... (why do you think that Hillary carpetbagged to New York to get elected to the Senate. It was that demographic that supported her at one time).

    What is with these liberal Jews any way? They are out to ruin Israel by giving it away piece by piece to the Palestinians. In their success the still act like their are in the ghetto working in the garment trade all the while they are still carrying their grandfathers cherished copy of Karl Marx's Manifesto and bound volumes of the Daily Worker. They are for high taxes, the global warming scam, etc. Are they on some sort of a perennial guilt trip? Don't they see how their policies harm themselves? And yet they cry Obama, Obama, and forget his Muslim first name Barak and then his middle name, Hussein! Oy Vey!

    And now on to Sun-Times Business Section. Take time to drive around the Chicago area and you will see that the big parts of the once glorious Chicago industry base is shrinking quickly. Gutted is a better term. The Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago have been documenting this for several years now and they have said that there is NO replacement for the economic loss to the region. This is echoed by the decline in the surrounding cites like Waukegan, Rockford, Joliet, Aurora, Elgin, Kankakee, Danville, Decatur, and Gary. What has been created in these ares are crime infested low wage Barrios. The "industry" in these areas area has been replaced by welfare payments and social security payments. Is it any wonder that these area are now full of forclosures? Yes FULL of them. For example check out Aurora and its flood of forclosures or even Berwyn or Maywood, etc. And look at Crain's Chicago Business getting thinner and thinner and thinner.

    When you no longer can make Candy, Gum, Potato Chips, Radio Wagons, etc. in Chicago then what can you make? Empty speculator driven Condos waiting to be forclosed? Call this success? I call it the fast track to the junk yard of Detroit! Isn't it sad that the only economic future for these places being called for are CASINOS! Forget it! Casinos have not helped Gary, Elgin, or Aurora.... they have been economic drains. Wake up people Chicago is being sacrificed on the alter of Globalism and short term Wall Street Profits or don't you get it?

    Must Chicago ultimately be turned into an armpit for the sake of the greedy few? They after all would choose to live in Santa Barbara, Boca Raton, or the Yellowstone Club in Montana. And don't tell me the financial sector is safe, it is under pressure too. And it does not help to have a garbage Governor like Blago intent on chasing who is left out while he runs the state into the ground to fund his anal giveaways! No wonder mass transit is in trouble the economic base which funded it for years is shriveling up so the taxes have to be raised...... NOT GOOD FOR THE BUSINESS CLIMATE! So the Sun-Times and the Trip shrivel up with it and Chicago becomes a loser in the Global game, a has been.... How sad from the glory days State Street that Great Street, the Edgewater Beach Hotel, the Pump Room, Riverview Park. All of that seems like centuries ago now!

  3. Dan has appeared on Channel 11 from time to time. He has a great voice, is articulate and a very smart and interesting guy. I wish him well.

  4. Hillary may have had more "critical" coverage than Obama but they have hardly been critical of the woman who has frankly little to run on other than being married to Bill Clinton. Her only major contribution has been to deliver Congress to the Republican Party due to her arrogance and incompetence during her Health Care debacle.

    The media's endless loop of a "human" Hillary and bogus (perhaps deliberate) polls which told independents they were safe to vote McCain (because Barack was so far ahead) , the media's other anointed liberal candidate, lead to Hillary's victory.

    I have no use for Obama and Hillary is the only Democrat who can be beaten in the Fall but I disagree as to Hillary's credentials or mistreatment by a fawning national media.