Friday, January 18, 2008

Personal Aside: The Chaos in Springfield is a Variant of the Chaos in Grant Park that Convinced Many the Democrats Could Not Govern. The Question is: Will this Happen to Illinois Democrats? It Might.


National Democratic Party Chaos.

Some…certainly not all…readers of this website have been kind enough to express great interest in the memories I supply concerning the internecine battle of two men I knew well who vied for president—men from the same state—Hubert Humphrey and Eugene McCarthy. Though this happened almost 40 years ago, the tumult that radicalized the Democratic party convinced many voters…some who are still around even today…that the Democratic party was unable to govern.

So turned off were certain factions that had sworn loyalty to the Democratic party…segments of blue-collars, labor (organized and unorganized), lesser educated, average working people…that the history of the country changed accordingly. In 1968 one of the most unattractive and ungainly of men…ill-at-ease, insecure, a man who disliked people in the aggregate…was elected president by 43.4% to Humphrey’s 42.7% with George Wallace getting 13.5%. So climatic was that election that it started a realignment of the South, with Nixon—by 1972 a crook and malevolent but nonetheless a cockeyed genius who had had the insight to go to China—winning over the inheritor of the McCarthy peace tradition, George McGovern by a whopping margin of 61% to 38%.

Thanks to Watergate, the Jimmy Carter election was a brief interregnum that was indecisive and didn’t forestall the continuing realignment, Carter 50%, Gerald Ford 48%. Carter’s continuation of what for all practical purposes was the McGovern-McCarthy peace-in-our-time policy led to an abortive SALT II wherein Carter exclaimed that too many people were over-concerned with communism, a residue of McGovernism. The treaty fell of its own weight and was not even voted on by the Senate because the Soviets invaded Afghanistan. This was followed by the Carter administration’s weak-willed response to the taking of American hostages in Iran. The conservative Republican trend was renewed with the election of Ronald Reagan (51%) to Carter (41%) and John Anderson’s 7%.

And reaffirmed by Reagan’s reelection 59% to Walter Mondale’s 47% where Mondale followed the McGovern foreign policy line, complete with nuclear freeze and a call for higher taxes. George H.W. Bush beat Mike Dukakis, who had adopted the McGovern foreign and domestic policies who refused on television to respond to an incendiary question as to how he would react if his own wife were raped and murdered, 54% to 46%. After Bush reneged on his read-my-lips pledge on taxes and took a path different from Reagan, he lost to Bill Clinton but even here by a very slight margin due to Ross Perot’s 19% tally that no one denied came from largely conservative votes: Clinton 43%, Bush 37%, Perot 19%. And the most lackluster candidate of modern times, Bob Dole, equaled only by fellow Kansan Alf Landon lost to Clinton who still hadn’t been able to get more than 50%: Clinton 49.2%, Dole 40.7%, Perot 8.4%.

Thenceforward, George W. Bush got 48% to Al Gore’s 48.5%, Ralph Nader’s 2.7%, Pat Buchanan’s 0.4% and the Libertarian party’s Harry Browne’s 0.4%., the decision reaching the U. S. Supreme Court. Did the Democrats learn the next time? Nope. They nominated another McGovernite, John Kerry and the results were Bush 51%, Kerry 48%, Nader 1%. Now with all the attendant problems of incumbency, a war and fading economy, it appears that the Democrats have not learned their lesson and are hell-bent on nominating a McGovernite candidate, Barack Obama. When will they learn?

The answer is they won’t. As one who has voted for Democrats in two states, I only wish that party would be able to kick the deadly disease of McGovernism spawned 40 years ago so that the country could enjoy two vibrant parties. The prospect of Barack Obama becoming president with all his wispy rhetoric that beclouds a far-left philosophy can only bring the nation ill—but also a realignment with a vengeance after he leaves office.

Even now, the Republican lineup, barring the lanky, cranky doctor from Texas who wants to repeal the Food and Drug Administration, is infinitely superior to the Democratic phalanx. The cycle demands a change of party, however—and whether that cycle can be deterred by rationality as voters perceive “change” from the very fragile young man from Hawaii who is aided by a media compromised by, as Brian Williams has admitted, a seeming inability to be objective when the Democratic candidate is black (or semi-black) is anyone’s guess. Since Williams missed the civil rights era he wants to play catch up emotionally the only way he can by feeling good as he slants his stuff pro-Obama. But of this there can be no doubt: due to the errors committed in 1968—errors that now have invaded its bloodstream--, the Democratic party has been rendered valueless as an instrument of responsible change.

Illinois and Local Democratic Chaos.

I don’t have to remind readers of the similar chaos that has overtaken the Illinois Democratic party where the governor may well become a case history to be studied by those who believe he has substituted media sound bites for governance. But it is far more than he. The Democratic leaders of both Houses have not been able to supply the grist and muscle needed to tame him. On the Cook county level, similar chaos born of racial politics has subordinated governance to whim and whimsy.

To those who wring their hands about the bankruptcy of the Illinois Republican party I have no answer except to say that this party is bound to repudiate the Combine-accommodationism that was spawned by the cynical Big Jim Thompson and his followers culminating in the moral squalor of George Ryan. If for no other reason than perhaps the secretary of the treasury, a man of great wealth, might decide to run for governor, there is every reason to hope that things will be better because the nature of the GOP is not corrupted by racial or gender politics and McGovernism. It is my belief that the travesty that is happening in Springfield and in the county building here should spur voters to become imbued with the idea of building a strong counter to the decadence.

What do you think?


  1. When you say the "secretary of the treasury" may run for governor, do you mean the federal Treasury Secretary or do you mean state treasurer Alexi Giannoulias?

  2. Cal Thomas a Christian Conservative Pundit posts regularly in the Jewish World Review.... Here is a quote of his recent comments:

    "The only one behaving like a real Republican is Ron Paul, who actually wants to cut spending and get government out of our lives. He won't win the nomination because too many Republican are into handouts and redistribution, just like Democrats.

    "It's a sad political season if you are a conservative... Maybe a miracle will happen and Republicans will start behaving like Republicans again."

    That means YOU Thomas Roeser!

  3. And another quote from the Washington Post:

    "And the latest may be one of the most impressive of all. Ultimate Ron Paul was created by Richard Viguerie, often dubbed the "funding father of the conservative movement." Viguerie, who founded Conservative Digest magazine in the 1970s, pioneered the use of computerized direct mail, helping raise billions for conservative organizations. Most recently, he authored "Conservatives Betrayed: How George W. Bush and Other Big-Government Republicans Hijacked the Conservative Cause."" Tom Roeser, I guess you are just another of those "big-government" Republicans.... Oh Tom, enjoy your free rides on the CTA and METRA.

  4. Every true Ronulan reads The Jewish World Review, The Washington Post and the writings on the walls of the mens' room stalls at the public library. Thanks for the timely report Larry!

  5. I agree with you Mr. Roeser, we need to build a stronger counter to the Democrats who are quite fractured themselves at this point.

    I thought perhaps we had hit bottom when Rod Blagojevich was re-elected as the Republicans had no will to offer anything stronger than Blago-lite in Judy Baar Topinka. Apparently I was wrong. We also need to build some strong leadership in the legislature as well, starting with the ouster of sycophants Dan Cronin and Obama supporter Kirk Dillard. This Governor could not pull off half of his antics with a true opposition.

    The Illinois GOP has effectively been torn down. It is now time to build it back up.

  6. Frank if you had the very least amount of brains, you would know that many Republican and Conservative columnists are printed in the World Jewish Review. But then only white sox wearing blue collar YOU would read the writings on the bathroom wall. Remember that Tom Roeser really needs the support of people like you!

  7. Got you are Larry, you hypocritical homo hasbeen, if you would actually read the Jewish World Review you might notice that unlike you, they offer a balance when they compile their columnists (i.e PALEOs like Charles Krauthammer, Michele Malkin, Thomas Sowell, Walter Williams, etc.)

    Please visit the site attached for their review on Mitt Romney. In the words of the great Bob Grant, you are a "Fake, a Phoney and a Fraud!"

    Shalom (once you never lurk back to this otherwise serious forum)-

  8. Lawrence of Cowardacia-

    You Pillar of Paleo Puritanism, you read the wellhead of Robert Upshur Woodward and Carl Bernstein?

    Clue to the clueless- The semi-straight paper in DC is the Washington TIMES.

    Go and sin no more- Or at least just go.

  9. By your comments you prove again and again that you lack the ability to intellectually discuss political issues because you constantly resort to wallowing in the gutter. Enjoy your tawdry life on Skiff Street. I suggest that you stay there.

  10. Gee Larry, it's hard to find a way to "go back to CT" as I am here. Likewise it is hard to "stay here" as that has always been my intention.

    If I have a mission, it is to fly my P-51 as cover for bombers like Roeser.

    You read like a sicko way off his meds Larry Baby. Go down the block and get some help. Buy extra, and save us all from Lawrence's Lack of Power.

  11. That Bird's Feathers do Fly!

    Frank, Connecticut ever see bird's Larry's color?

    Kind of a dull Putty? Sqwawks like Hell don't he? Maybe it's time the mirror was pulled.

  12. The only thing you have done for Tom Roeser is proven that you are a classless slob.

  13. Is that with cottage cheese, Patty?

    So which way do you like your McCain, Patty?
    Such a curious way to set up a blog, don't you think?

  14. Larry-

    Why don't you show us all how a blog should be set up? Bet you would have the place all to yourself!

    Just think (that would help) you could ask yourself questions, tell yourself how brilliant you are and how pathetic everyone else is, all day long-

    At the end of the year you could award yourself "best of show"- Go for it!

  15. Frank you can not seem to deal with the issues as presented without getting personal and slipping into the gutter.

    You are acting as though you have only a high school education if that and you act as if you have spend your life down at the union hall brawling with the other union members.

    You say you are "flying cover" for Roeser while denigrate him by your very approach. If you want to stand up for Tom, take his arguments and expand on them so as to prove him right. You should get enough background material by reading the Weekly Standard or listening to Fox news or reading your candidate's websites.

    And while you are doing that I will be happy to show that both of you are wrong. As far as Hickey goes, Frank have you ever looked at that Hickey's blog site. The whole site is a little to "peachy" for me. You will see what I mean when you go to Patty's site.

    Now if you are for McCain, stand up for his lack of support for Bush's tax cuts. Or stand up for his McCain Feingold bills or for McCains arrogant support of the failed immigration bill. McCain has been acting more like a Democrat and has been supported by their media. If he is pseudo Democrat as I believe he is, then why are all the neo-con gurus like Kristol, Barnes, etc. supporting him?

    In fact McCain was the darling of the neo-cons when Bush was running for the President the first time. I should not have to tell you all of this, you should already know it.

    As far as Huckabee, his record in Arkansas was more like a Democrat. Romney too was kissing up to the left while Governor of the liberal state of Mass. Just look at his flip flop on the abortion issue. His Bain company's 3Comm deal is iffy as well. Why give China access to techology that could harm our military? Does BIG BUCKS from a deal justify everything? I think not!

    There is nothing wrong with looking hard at the candidate. Ron Paul is not perfect but over the 20 years he has been in Congress he has been far more consistent with traditional Republican platform ideals like limited government and no nation building.

    Do I agree with him on the drug thing? NO. Am I comfortable with all his foreign policy ideas, NO. But the whole Iraq thing bothers me especially since Bin Laden is still "out there". The war in Iraq has only served to make the more radical Shiites stronger who are allied with Iran. This has made Iran bolder. Remember we supported Saadam in the Iran Iraq war so as to keep a check against the more radical Shiites.

    But then we turn a blind eye to the radical Wahabi sect in Saudi Arabia which spawned Bin Laden. We do so because of their oil and big money connections. Remember the people who few the planes in to the buildings were from Saudi Arabia and Egypt, we did not invade them nor did we shut down the Wahabi's. I am also uncomforable with the fact that we allowed the Bin Laden family to fly out of the USA immediately after 911 at the behest of Prince Bandar of Saudi Arabia. It looks like we were pandering to their money and influence. They may say they "disowned" osama but those families are historically tight.

    No war is "tidy" and the Iraq war is no exception. Was it necessary? I say no because it opened up a can of worms that emboldened Iran. What I don't like is that the Bush family has its pet peeves like it had against Saadam or Noriega. Remember Pa Bush was head of the CIA and the CIA was involved with both these people. At one point like Musharif of Pakistan they are our buddies but then the problems begin. It is the proverbial Pandora's box. As a taxpayer I am tired of bailing out all of the world's troubles. Just look, the Left wants us in Dafur..... If all these people want a Foreign Legion, well then let THEM fund it..... don't raise my taxes or tax future generations for it.

    We simply can't afford it any more.

  16. You may seem to some (myself included) as a certified lunatic, and no jury will convict us I am confident.

    Why don't you get a life beyond a cowardly trol lurking in dark damp places and bushwacking otherwise calm civilised folk?

    I have a mental pic of you as that little bastard in one of the Lord of the Rings saying, "Oh My Precious,"
    except you say that into the mirror in your cheap flat in some shit part of ChiTown.

    For your info, I have never belonged to a union in my life. I have always been in management, and I will bet you whatever your chickenshit backbone will stand that I have a better balance sheet than you, you sheethead.

    You seem to think that constant raving somehow makes you impotent (sic)-

    Just go make yourself a Jonestown cocktail. That's my advise.

  17. So there you are slipping into not only the gutter but the sewer with your choice of words. Management of what? A janitorial service? Sorry Frank you lose! You don't know the first thing about gamesmenship. You simply prove once again that you are a classless foolish moron.... just the type the media and the Democrats love. I can't believe how gullible you are! A typical Connecticut pinhead troll. In fact you are making Tom Roeser look as foolish as you. After all he is just a gullible stooge for the neo-cons which proves the point that there is no fool like an old fool... or should I say OLD GOAT!

  18. Larry-

    Your clear thinking powers of deduction and analysis are awesome! Yes, I worked for janitorial service firms such as IBM and AT&T, among others.

    I realize that this just doesn't measure up to your lifelong career as Men's Room Attendant Emeritus at The Baton Show Lounge. I heard this second hand, and if it is not correct, I apologize to the true Attendant for suggesting he is a scumbag of your caliber.

  19. I came back here to see if there had been any response to my original question about the "secretary of the treasury" possibly running for governor. And all I find (well, almost all) is this vicious sniping and name-calling back and forth about who's more truly conservative. No wonder the GOP (in Illinois and nationally) is such a mess. With friends like these who needs enemies?

  20. It is the Federal Secretary of the Treasury, who may run for the Governor's office. Not the State Treasurer, Alex G.