Friday, December 28, 2007

Personal Aside: Not to Intrude with U. S. Politics but Bhutto’s Death Shows Who’s On Top of Foreign Policy (McCain) and Who’s Not (Huckabee).


Bhutto’s Death.

She was a patrician, rich, educated in tony Western schools—Radcliffe, Harvard and Oxford—who capitalized in a male-dominated Islamic society as the child of the charismatic founder of the Pakistan People’s Party, Zulfikar Ali Bhutto, who was hanged by a military dictatorship. She felt she was born to lead and probably even welcomed martyrdom…which she received when she was shot to death yesterday after cycles of exile, jailing, house arrest and huge notoriety. But Benazir Bhutto was a kind of international Jane Byrne (which will signify much to Chicagoans)…a fiery political leader who failed as leader of Pakistan’s government.

Tragic as the assassination was, the U.S. media raced for comments to the presidential candidates. On the Republican side there was one significant comment from someone who proved that he is an adult and has the capacity to react quickly to such events as is called for in the presidency. He was John McCain who gave sober, calm and reassuring assessments all round. One who stumbled badly was Mike Huckabee who suggested that the chaos in Pakistan was time for the U.S. to intervene with troops. Running second to McCain was Mitt Romney with an unexceptionable but not goofed-up statement. Far down the list of acceptable responses was that of Ron Paul who…surprise…thought we ought to cut off any more foreign aid to Pakistan.


  1. Well, you obviously haven't heard that Benazir Bhutto herself recently laid blame for interventionist U.S. foreign policy for Pakistan's terrorist problems.

    Here are the last two paragraphs of an interview which will be published in Parade magazine on January 6:

    Despite the corrosion of her reputation by corruption and compromise, Bhutto appears to be America’s strongest anchor in the effort to turn back the extremist Islamic tide threatening to engulf Pakistan. What would you like to tell President Bush? I ask this riddle of a woman.

    She would tell him, she replies, that propping up Musharraf’s government, which is infested with radical Islamists, is only hastening disaster. “I would say, ‘Your policy of supporting dictatorship is breaking up my country.’ I now think al-Qaeda can be marching on Islamabad in two to four years.”

    The interview can be found here:

    Now, one would rightly assume that Benazir Bhutto would obviously be knowledgeable about the situation in Pakistan. So, when she makes a statement like that, does it make her right or wrong? If it makes her right, how then does it make Ron Paul wrong?

    It just demonstrates to me that Ron Paul has a deeper understanding of foreign policy than most.

  2. I was reading a Ron Paul supporter react to the assasination of Mrs. Bhutto yesterday here in Illinois- the guy sounded like a CPA on crack -

    ‘ 9 trillion dollar deficit is not
    enough. Lets borrow 3 billion or more
    a day and bomb the world, and then rebuild
    it–and pay for it all.’

    Irony does not work for the humorless.

    I was reminded of Senator Nye, the America First isloationist prior to WWII - that guy’s antics not only helped the fascists set up a sneak attack, but Nye's top aide -Alger Hiss - later spied for the Soviets.

    A Free Republic is expensive - ask the kids fighting on the front lines against Islamist Terror - McCain is the Real Deal.

    While some of his supporters cry for the need to look for nickles on the sidewalks, Ron Paul should re-examine his isolationism.

  3. Tom Roeser why don't you just drain YOUR bank account and support all the wars around the world to bring truth and justice everywhere. You and Evelyn and your children must be awfully rich and probably need to pay more taxes to do so! In fact Tom why don't you take out a home equity loan and give it to all those waring factions from Africa to the Middle East. Start with Dafur or are you and Evelyn racists who turn your back on helping the African blacks? The liberals would say the US is racist for not intervening in all the problems of Africa.

    Darn it Tom, where does it end? WHERE DOES IT END? I would like to implore you personally to study the credit debacle, the deficits, etc. Come on Tom, you fount of brilliance, please tell me just where the money will come from to pay for it all. That goes for the war mongering John McCain, the neo-cons, and their sycophants like Pat Hickey. Do you want to pay more taxes? Tom you are really a victim of propaganda as you sit on the toilet in Park Ridge and read your Weekly Standard with the drive of a school boy leering at his first Playboy magazine.

    Ms. Bhutto knew what she was doing, she was a big girl, unfortunately she tempted fate and stepped onto the stage too soon and paid the price. That's not OUR problem, that's hers and that of the wacky illogical part of the world called the Middle East!

  4. Let's see- We cut off all aide to Pakistan, and invite them to peddle their nukes to Iran- BRILLIANT!

    By the way Tom, who the hell is Evelyn? Have you got something going on the side that your friends don't know about?

  5. Why, Lawrence, finished all the Hartz Mountain goodies already?

    I generally do not joust with pygmies or parakeets as it plays hell on the lance and all, but 'sycophant?' Psycho-Lover Man to be sure, Lawrence but 'sycophant?'

    Now, back to the bells, swings and ladders, Lawrence. Tom will put the cover on soon.

  6. Right now the USA is the biggest debtor country thanks to the inbred insight of the neo-con trade policay. Thanks to the neo-con "big government" conservatism the hobby wars in the middle east have balooned the deficit..... Thanks to the cute crowd on wall street the Sub-Primes are crapping up the banking system..... and YOU want to keep paying out more and more and more? With what? Sheckels? Monopoly money? The nipples on the sow have dried up! Can we say.... GOING BROKE!?

    Tom Roeser just what don't you understand here? The United States' Credit Card has been maxed out you old goat!

  7. News media headlines

    Huckabee Surge
    Huckabee on Newsweek
    Huckabee the religious boy
    Huckabee Huckabee Huckabee Huckabee

    Yet I have relatives in Iowa who say this is all a media lie.

    And we should believe the media polls?
    Its all BS.

  8. Lawrence you sack of offal, who are you to call Roeser an "old goat" when you are aged between he and me (70)as I am beginning to determine by profile of your sick mind. If I am wrong, please prove it young man- Hah!

    If Roeser is an Old Goat, and Hickey & I are psychofants, your are still a HORSE'S ARSE!

    You made a bad Fraudian Slip by calling Roesers lovely wife "Evelyn," Evelyn must be the pit bull you sleep with.

  9. Your euphemisms for naughty words are down right as silly and funny as you are!

    How do you know Roeser's wife is "lovely"? Has she cooked you a nice dinner? Has she made you cookies?

    As for Tom being an "old goat", it fits perfectly! He is always butting his head into all kinds of things like DePaul University to which he wants to remove its Catholic designation. I agree with that. By they way, I am sure the seething liberals at DePaul are now calling him something worse than an old goat!

  10. Nothing funny about being a craven coward. Why don't you fight like a man?
    Perhaps you like to be beaten by men?

    "A putie cat! A putie cat! I taught I sawed a putie cat!

    Get back under the manhole to the waste water tunel, your cowardly trol!

  11. I am sure that Tom Roeser does not need to be defended by your foul hate filled comments in his forum. Take your blue collar mentality back to your local union hall Frank N.

  12. I hope that the primaries at least narrow the field so that the SciFi fans of Huckabee and Paul and their Democratic mascot, Kucinich, can find new idols upon whom to pin their hopes. That is, if the mother ship, doesn't snatch them all off this planet first.

  13. Trim, Frank, trim. Sounds like you took the McCulloch Xtreme Chain Saw — 40cc, 18in. Bar, Model# MC1840DK
    to the chirpy chappy's beak.

    God Bless All Union Men!

    'Keep your old Union Halls!'

    'No Lawrence; take them with you.'

  14. P.T. Barnum was right, a sucker is born every minute and those suckers are the Republicans who believe in the neo-con tripe pumped out by the Weekly Standard and other propaganda rags which are scaring the gullible into giving up their rights ala the Patriot Act all the while open borders are tolerated. The 911 Commission wanted the immigration laws and enforcement tightened up which allowed the 911 suicide fliers to be in violation of immigration laws. And the Bush Administration fought it, why?
    Like the gun control laws which don't stop the street gangs, the gullible are being targeted by the homeland security laws while profiling of the people who do the acts is called racist and insensitive. If you don't believe me than ask your bank why they file suspicious transaction reports STR's on regular citizens!

    And like Frank, Hickey, and Hetman they are vocal, stupid, and arrogant in their ignorance of what it going on. They don't care that Bush let the Bin Laden family fly out. They don't care that Bush for most of his term has not cracked down on immigration violators like the ones who flew the planes. They are ignorant of the fact that it was the invasion of Iraq by Bush through his misguided "democracy" that unleashed the Shiite majority to side with Iran. No they ignorantly believe the litany of pundits like that old goat Tom Roeser who apparently has lost his reasoning power while he parrots the neo-con propaganda of rags like the Weekly Standard which he so warmly cherishes. Tom probably thinks that he is a "big man" when the neo-cons pat him on the back while ignoring his social conservative agenda all the while their ideas are busting the budget, raising the deficts, crapping out the dollar, loading the public up with debt, etc. Like DePaul, Tom Roeser has compromised by waltzing down the neo-con path ignorant of the fact that it is the neo-cons and their failed policies that have taken the Republican party to low poll numbers and being an election loser. And he thinks he is so smart along with his groupies, sycophants, and todys like Nofy, Hickey, and Hetman! What the old fool Tom is for falling for is cutely worded neo-con garbage. The neo-cons could care less about his abortion stand. That was pushed out the door long ago while they switched to things like "free trade", pre-emptive war, and "big government" budget busting conservatism. Yes Tom it is just like DePaul and Lavender Catholic crowd who let the compromisers in who little by little took over the show. You can take all your pseudo intellectual neo-con chicken little fears and toss them out with Al Gores global warming scam. But then the chicken little republicans are falling for "global warming" scares like the Gov of Calif. Even Bush is caving in. But then why question any of it, it is easier to launch vile personal attacks on those who question it all. But alas there is probably comfort and acceptance in being blind and ignorant about it all.

    Go do your own research. Go study why the US is playing footsie with the MEK group in Iraq... an Islamic Marxist group. Are such people the new friends of the Bush Administration and the neo-cons? It kinds remindes me when the US once played footsie with Saadam against Iran or Bin Laden against Russia occupation of Afghanistan. What strange bed fellows our country chooses to keep sometimes.

  15. If anyone would know about little chickens, it's you Larry!

  16. Ron Paul makes sense. John McCain does not. We should not prop up unpopular dictators. When they fall, we have to pay the price. If we are worried about the Pakistani nuclear arsenel being used against us, we should not get involved in the internal affairs of Pakistan, especially by proping up an
    unpopular dictator. That only ensures the emnity of the Pakistani people. We do not need to make them our enemies if we are truly worried about their nukes falling into the wrong hands. Wasting millions on proping up Mosharif
    has done and will do nothing to keep them from coming to power. It can only
    make it more likely. So let us disengage ourselves from Pakistan.
    Peace,freedom, and Ron Paul
    David R. Wade

  17. "Peace,freedom, and Ron Paul"!?

    "Fries, a coke and Ron Paul." Just hold the pickles.

    Why does it seem that Ron Paul supporters speak like Dennis Kucinich?

  18. Listen sir, from the way this article is written you sound like a modern day communist. Talking of such things as War and the size of the military BEFORE we deal with things on our own home turf is more radical than anythign Ron or any of his followers have ever even considered. You are simply ridiculous. If you beleive the government should be able to come into my kitchen, my grocery store, and tell me what kind of milk i can drink then good for you. Go move somewhere else. America is a free state and the people make decisions on their own, they DO NOT need a "big brother" government to help them decide what sort of milk to drink! Personaly Tom, if you think a certian type of milk is bad for you, and you dont like it, then guess what you can do...BUY ANOTHER KIND OF MILK! If your too stupid to do that it's not my fault, nor is it ron paul's. You see, what happens is after a while everyone realizes that "hey, this milk is bad for you" so they stop drinking it! Then they stop buying it! Then the company who makes that milk goes outta buisness! Viola, problem solved. Now did that take congress to pass a law? NO. Did that take a big debate in Washignton? NO. All it takes is ignorant people like yourself to grow the hell up and learn to use that brain in your head for once instead of wanting the government to do all the thinking for you! Once again, you are pathetic. I sincerly hope you e-mail me back. Thank you.