Friday, November 23, 2007

Personal Asides: Who’s Your Favorite GOP Presidential Candidate? A Plebiscite… Strange, is it not, that Columnist Andy Greeley--With Opinions on Everything Else—Hasn’t Commented on the Lavender Priesthood Issue?

Who’s Your Favorite?

With Iowa’s caucuses dominating the news, why don’t we take a non-scientific, unofficial plebiscite among ourselves—strictly on the honor system as to whether you’re Republican. Who do you favor as the Republican candidate who (a) best typifies GOP principles and (b) can win? Cast your ballot in Reader’s Comments.


Father Andrew Greeley, the columnist favorite of the “Sun-Times” has much to comment on, most of which comes from the Democratic National Committee playbook. He wrote last week about the unsuitability of New York city being a model for the U.S., a thrust at Giuliani. He is no expert on urban affairs or New York but that makes no difference to the newspaper which is grateful to have any Catholic reader, even one who disregards key moral teachings of his Church. Let’s see. Although not a foreign policy expert, this sociologist-priest has written extensively about Iraq and its follies. He has written about the economy on which he is not expert.

But Andy is a doctor of sociology and a professor of same at the University of Arizona. This would equip him to at least give us his thoughts on an issue of keen interest to his Church and city. There is no doubt that Andy is not lavender nor lavender-enabling. No one could write semi-heterosexual pornography with such zest and detail and be. But still he has not found time to write about recently is priestly pedophilia. There was a time when he did—but now he does not. Despite the fact that the Cardinal—his close friend with whom he dines and takes to the opera—has opposed extension of law suits beyond their deadline. Not a word about how the Dan McCormack case was botched. Not a word about how Voice of the Faithful, a liberal-oriented lay group, criticized George and recommended he not be elected president of the USCCB. There was a time when Andy said obliquely in one of his books that homosexuality will be a problem in Chicago. That was when he was on the outs with Cardinal Bernardin; but they made up and nary a peep since. He was so much a friend that he calculated how to make Bernardin pope (gasp!) in a series of self-reflections which he (unfortunately for him) combined with other memoirs which he sent to the Notre Dame library and which were published…which strained their friendship causing him to ruminate about scandals in the archdiocese. Now he is in good standing here.

Thus, not a word in his column about the election of George as president of the USCCB. Especially not a word about one who most certainly he must know, Bishop Gerald Kicanas of Tucson (in Arizona Greeley’s stamping grounds) who ran Mundelein and the adjunct Niles college seminaries into near cesspool status.

Why the silence do you suppose? Because possibly the people who have taken the heat for misfeasance are for the most part are political liberals and most are Democrats of the 1960s school, although Andy far antedates them in his fidelity to the party since it is his boast that he never, ever voted for a Republican. Period. The soft-core novelist priest who used to wear Bill Clinton’s golden saxophone emblem on his black clergy jacket lapel signifying that he was a big donor to the abortion president does not wish to add to the woes of his liberal friends most of whom have wittingly or not invested in lavender enabling.

Just wait for a conservative prelate (if one can be found: lots of luck) to get into some kind of trouble. He had better not spit on the sidewalk as the Chicago saying goes. Then you will see Andy’s hackles rise.


  1. I will be out getting petitions for John McCain this cold sunny morning.

    John McCain is the only candidate of any Party who can lead America in the War on Islamist Terror.

  2. I think Rudy has the best chance to win. He will force the Democrats to spend time and money in the NE and the west coast. I think he can get the Bush states plus one or two more. Whatever Rudy's positions are on social issues, presidents make their legacy on foreign policy and that's where Rudy will focus his energy.

  3. He's very thick with Bp. Kicanas. They had a big dinner honoring him a couple of years ago. Yup, down here in the Diocese of Tucson, he is truly loved by all the liberals. Gag. You should read what he writes about illegal immigration in OUR local newspaper! He claims that anyone who disagrees with a total amnesty to solve the problem is a xenephobe and not acting Christ-like.

  4. I think a Romney McCain ticket would be unbeatable, and I don't much care who is the front runner. Their talents seem quite complimentary.

  5. go Ron go! who else can undo the damage to the Repugnant/republicrat party that bush ii has done?

  6. Can win is Ron Paul.

    Remember, we lost both houses of Congress over Iraq, and the only reason we didn't lose the White House is because it wasn't up for grabs.

    If we nominate someone who wants to continue the Bush/Wilsonian messianic foreign policy, we'll have the same result as 2006.

    Paul is well within the GOP tradition. Republicans benefitted in 1920, 1946, 1952, 1968, 1980, and 2000 from voters who either wearied of war or wanted foreign policy quagmires ended.

    Republicans have never benefitted from a messianic Wilsonian intervene-everywhere foreign policy. That's why anyone but Ron Paul is dead on arrival in November.

  7. He has not dumped his wife for another.
    He wasn't the governor of a Liberal state who had to compromise his standards. He is not the member of strange religion that is based on a book translated through a seer stone. He was not part of the Keating mess. He did not support the Bush/Kennedy Immigration Bill. He is NOT from Arkansas. He supports the constitution and a limited role for the federal government.
    He has been consistent for years in his voting record supporting conservative issues while the neo-cons redefined it all and he stood up to them. Even the Libertarians found him to be refreshing and he has brought many new people to the Republican party. He deserves YOUR vote and his name is not HITLER Mr. Roeser, it is Ron Paul!

  8. In your historical notes for your grandchildren, note what was said about Ronald Reagan...... regardless of all the nattering nabobs of negativity, HE WON! The same energy exists ONLY in the Ron Paul camp. The others don't pass the ho hum Bob Dole boring test... maybe they should try Viagra too like Bob Dole!

  9. As admirable a fine American is Dr. Paul, one only needs to consider this sad Nation's demographics to reach the conclusion that this fine patriot Dr. Paul has about as much chance of being president as I do, or The Donald.

  10. Huckabee on social issues and Giuliani on national security. Ultimately I will have to vote for the Republican nominee in the general election even though none of the front runners do it for me at all. The Dem possibilities are that much worse. McCain, Romney, Giuliani and Huckabee have shown their shorts on immigration, despite the will of the people.

    I like Duncan Hunter but am not sure as to his electability. Interesting is the number of Paul supporters coming out of the woodwork every time a plebiscite such as this is introduced. His internet support reminds me of Howard Dean's in both fervor and instability. Ron Paul's foreign policy is dangerous and his position that the United States is at fault for the 9/11 terrorist attacks is beyond dangerous and into irresponsible. He doesn't have a prayer.

  11. Ron Paul is one of the few honest men in American politics today. The lobbyists representing "big business" interests don't even both making an appointment to see him. They already know he won't make deals with them. Ron Paul is also the only Constitutionalist in all of Congress. When a law comes up for a vote, he considers it only if it squares with the U.S. Constitution. If it doesn't, he automatically votes against it. He's the only one who won't perjure himself when he take the Oath of Office. In addition to this, he is the closest to a full package candidate I've seen in years. He's right on just about all of the issues.

  12. George Bush Sr. said Reagan's conservative economic platform was "voo doo economics". None of the pollsters gave him a chance. ALL of the MEDIA pundits were against him.
    The intellectuals sneered at him....

    But he spoke the TRUTH and people listened and the rest is history.

    No one liked Reagan BUT THE PEOPLE!!!

    And there are those who still despise him.

    So Thompson was to have been the next Reagan.... WHAT A BORE!

    Its not Rudy, Mitt, Hucky, Road Rage McCain, etc. that stir up the people it is Ron Paul.... He is speaking to what the Republican Party needs and the people are responding. It is not just the internet, it is the enthusiasm for his message at the debates.

    Simply put, the public has had enough of the elites who have so effectively ruined the Republican Party so as to put out a welcome mat for Hillary. Remember it was President Bush that said, "Wouldn't it be nice..... Bush Clinton, Bush Clinton."

    The public is sick of such elite coziness or the George Soros' of the world pushing the carpet bagger, Obama.

    The past eight years of Bush has been quite enough. Hillary will be the same elite only on a faster track in different clothing...same agenda only more abortions! Bob Bennett instead of Bill Bennett, James Carville instead of Mary Matalin. What strange bed fellows the elites make!

    Kick their butts OUT and vote RON PAUL!

  13. In this day and age of politicians pandering to special interest groups, changing their message depending on the audience and outright flip-flopping, Ron Paul is a breath of fresh air. Finally, we have someone who says what he means and means what he says.

    Although some might disagree with his ideas, Dr. Paul speaks his mind with a flair of honesty and integrity not found in other presidential candidates. For those who don't know, Ron Paul is a medical doctor who served 5 years in our armed forces as a flight surgeon. A ten-term Congressman, Ron Paul has consistently voted for limited government and fiscal responsibility. He never once voted for a tax increase or an unbalanced budget. Even more impressing, Ron Paul was against the Iraq war `back when it was political suicide to oppose it. But history has proven that he was right all along. And who better to fix our health care system than a doctor?

    Each year, I go to the polling booth holding my nose to vote for the lesser of two evils. In 2008, I will hold my head up high and proudly cast my vote for Congressman Ron Paul to become the next President of the United States.

  14. I have not decided as yet whom I support as the Republican candidate, but the process will sort itself out as it always does. I never, at this time in 1999, for example, expected George Bush to be the final Republican candidate and eventual victor in November. And thank God that he was. And thank God that he has enough intestinal fortitude to withstand and ignore the unprecented and vicious attacks made upon him.

    As for the field today, I am quite suspicious of Ron Paul, seeing another Ross Perot, or even a closet LaRouchite within the GOP. What makes me suspicious is the utter adulation of his supporters--many of whom are quite scary in their messianic devotion to a man who has seemingly dubious positions on foreign policy and the threats of Islamic terrorism. If those fanat...I mean ardent supporters would take down their right arms from saluting their conceived Il Duce for a bit, he might just get a hearing from the majority of us quiet, but effective, voters who would like to hear him and not his legions of groupies.

  15. Well this was the headline in Australia:
    "Conservative Prime Minister John Howard suffered a humiliating defeat" So go on Mr. Hetman and others keep going down the path that will certainly lead to Hillary for President.

    It WAS Bush's Iraq war policies that caused the Republicans to lose the House and the Senate.... CONGRESS AND the loss in Australia. Don't you get this? Are you that stubborn in blindly supporting the failed neo-con agenda to realize that it is destroying the Republican Party? Or are you too naive?

    Go on, join the neo-cons in their lemming like march over the cliff! And while you are at it throw away everything on the conservative agenda too as again and again you kiss up to the the neo-cons and their pushiness. Go and be their stooge and sucker! Oh and don't worry..... their agenda will be carried on with Hillary and their counterparts on the Democratic Leadership Council. It is just the social conservative agenda which will be flushed down the toilet AND the neo-con intellectuals could care less about that!

    What just happened in Australia should shake us all up!

  16. Dear Lawrence:

    Thank you for taking the time to respond to my humble thoughts on the matter of the 2008 Republican nominee. While I certainly admire zeal in a man, on the other hand, you seem to have confirmed my darker suspicions of raging messianism among many of Ron Paul's supporters. Should you wish your candidate to be taken seriously by those outside the circle of faith, I would suggest a more moderate approach to us remaining unbelievers.

  17. Ron Paul, my of these days, the whole world will see what you have in store for America. Most Americans don't know who you are or what you stand for-- because your opponents are purposely keeping the spotlight off of your TRUE American views and plans.

    VOTE RON PAUL-- The only TRUE candidate that lives for the Constitution.

  18. Ron Paul is the only candidate on either side of the party fence who is not a player in the global game, who would restore our Constitutional Republic and the foundation that made it great, the only nation in history ever founded on the principle of individual liberty. We forget that to our doom. Ron Paul is this country's only hope to regain its sovreignty and power. Elect any of the others and the former USofA will be just another cog in a great global wheel. Vote RON PAUL or live to regret it.

  19. Ron Paul is this election's Don Quixote. Free of guile and fiercely committed to his libertarian principles, but woefully out of touch with the world. Reagan recognized that compromise may be necessary in order to get things done. And so, I am appalled when his supporters compare Ron Paul to the second coming of Ronald Reagan. Having lived through the Reagan years, Ron Paul is at best the bobblehead doll version of Ronald Reagan the man.

  20. Ron Paul has a clearly stated commitment to his understanding of what it means to have a constitutional republic. And so, I'm wondering if any of his supporters can tell us which amendments to the Constitution does Ron Paul believe should be repealed?

  21. In getting up my dander over the praises uttered by Ron Paul's supporters in this forum, I forgot to say that I'm thinking more and more about Huckabee as being the best chance the GOP has to beat Hillary.

  22. David before you spout off, why not study Ron Paul's record. He has been more consistently CONSERVATIVE than any of the other candidates.

    Obviously David you are a victim of neo-con propaganda. May I remind you that the neo-con founders were all ardent leftists and Trotskyites in the beginning. I'll take someone with a Libertarian background over someone with those backgrounds. Are you really a fan of neo-con "big government" conservatism which is not conservative at all. David take some time and study the neo-cons and you will find that they have pushed the Consitution into the corner (Patriot Act) along with the social conservatives whom they despise and sought to replace with Hispanic voters. Get your act together David Graf and wake up already!
    The neo-cons came in pretending to be conservative but then switched to their blatently non conservative agenda once they achieved significant power and influence. AND the first thing they dumped was the social conservative agenda.

    You are typical of so many who have fallen for the neo-con propaganda which has chipped away at what it means to be conservatives. But then David, given your stance you would have probably supported "No Child Left Behind", the Medicare expansion into Perscription Drugs, and Bush/McCain/Kennedy Immigration bill.

    Remember the neo-cons get their essential agenda even if Hillary is in the White House. Again what Hillary will dump is any form of the Social Conservative agenda.

    David Graf the one you should be getting your dander up over is you and your lack of understanding of what is really going on.

  23. Lawrence,

    I am not a neo-con. I think that it was an awful mistake to invade Iraq. I am concerned that President Bush may try to invade Iran before he leaves office. And so, all of your comments are irrelevant in my case. Can you please tell me which amendments does Ron Paul think should be removed from the Constitution? The point I'm trying to make is that Ron Paul has not been upfront with the voters as to what life would really be like under his presidency. That's why I'm challenging him and his supporters to come clean.

  24. To abolish the income tax may mean to get rid of the amendment that supports it. If you study the history of the ratification of that amendment you will learn that there is a high possibility that it was never properly ratified in the first place.

    There are many traditional conservatives who believe that we were dumped by the side of the road when the neo-cons came into full bloom in the Bush administration. Also it was their policies that have turned the Republican party into a loser.

    David, as Republicans, we had Congress and the White House which was a golden opportunity that many of us had worked for for years. As social conservatives we were promised all kinds of things for our votes.

    Then came the attack of 911. As a traditional social conservative I saw the tragedy of 911 manipulated by the neo-cons into the pretext to promote their agenda in the Middle East and pass liberty robbing legislation like the Patriot Act. All the while Osama is still out there, the Bin Ladens were flown home, and Saudi Wahabism influenced perpetrators were ignored to focus on the "piece of cake" Iraq and then on to Iran, and Syria, etc.

    Along the way, the neo-cons stepped up globalisation on their terms with their trade deals that ignored the fact that China is still a Communist country building a massive military. And the neo-con intellectuals even from the editorial pages of the Wall Street Journal sang the praises of Open Borders. Then came all the deficit building spending ala medicare expansion. The "piece of cake" war emboldened Iran by giving the Iraqi Shiites power under DEMOCRACY. And the Republicans sank to where Congress was lost.

    Did the neo-cons take any of the blame? NO ,they denied their existence and arrogantly called any one anti-semitic for using the word and blamed the loses on those who sought to close the Mexican border to illegals. In effect they blamed the SOCIAL-CONSERVATIVES!

    So here we head into the campaign season with a President who is taking the party down, but then he said, "Wouldn't it be nice, Bush Clinton, Bush Clinton."

    As it looks the Bush tax cuts will sunset and be lost forever thanks to the slippery arrogant Neo-Cons who conned us all.

    Ron Paul has bucked this trend and the neo-cons despise him for it. They are content to let the ship sink and preserve their Middle East and globalist agenda under Hillary.

    All the candidates except Paul are kissing the neo-con ring despite the fact that it is a loser for the Republicans.

    It is time we returned to the Constitution. It is time we returned to the liberal hated traditional conservative principals that made Republicans winners.

    In past recent elections, many disgusted Republicans have just sat it out. Ron Paul has changed that and has brought in many new people and he has been able to raise money.

  25. Ron Paul worries me because I think it's absurd to even talk about getting rid of the income tax. What's a realistic alternative that doesn't end up hurting regular folks? Ron Paul worries me because he has no real experience in an executive function as did Reagan as governor of California. Ron Paul worries me because he wants to turn our understanding of the Constitution back to the days prior to the Civil War. It's not just the income tax amendment that Ron Paul would want to repeal. Ron Paul worries me because of his inability to compromise. Lastly, Ron Paul worries me because of how many of his supporters come off as fanatics or true believers. You guys are setting yourselves up for a big disappointment.

  26. The trouble with you blokes (male & female) is that you didn't read the second part of Tom's query, namely Electability.
    Regardless of the litany of virtues surounding Dr. Paul, he will most certainly alienate the following groups:
    Govt Employees, Military, Retired Persons, Minorities, Special Interest groups of all sorts from GreenPeace to the NRA, Oil & Petroleum companies, Doctors/Hospitals, Lawyers and perhaps Indian Chiefs.
    Get a mental image of the unmovable object against Dingy Harry, Nancy, Al Sharpie, Rev. Jackson, etc.
    The bookmakers in Vegas wouldn't even post a spread on this one.
    Regardless of your pure hearts, get real-

  27. I forgot to include among the alienated:
    Hollywood. Wall Street, Big Banks- I'm confident I haven't covered all bases.

    Who Might Be Pleased:
    Currency traders
    Org & Unorganized crime
    Most Islamic states

  28. They stole my party, my liberty, and trashed OUR Constitution. Now I'm MAD AS HELL....and so are many, many others.

    No more voting for the "lesser of two evils". No more "holding my nose". I WILL NOT waste another vote on a slick talking 'politician'.
    I want a person, man or woman, of INTEGRITY,CONVICTION,PRINCIPLE, and HONESTY, who has NO interest in the personal power of the Office.

    Only one in this race. DR. RON PAUL.
    It's not even CLOSE.

    Americans are waking up. Take off the sheeps wool, neighbors. NOMINATE, and ELECT, a truly GREAT AMERICAN...Ron Paul for President '08.
    ....Remember, you don't have to agree 100% with every position a candidate takes to determine electability. Character shows clearly when Ron Paul speaks!

  29. Frank, I can lead you to evidence that shows clear support for Ron Paul from many of the groups(including MILITARY, WALL STREET, and RETIRED people) you say are "alienated" by Dr Paul's message.

    Can you, for example, show even ONE reason why Seniors should fear Dr Paul?
    I'll wager NOT. Quit living in fear.... Or do most of us even remember what it was like not being afraid of some vague 'boogey-man'. We've been conned Frank.
    Embrace the freedom our forefathers staked their lives,and fortunes on.
    Restre the Constitution. ELECT RON PAUL

  30. I'm for Huckabee. He is consistently conservative. An energetic and charismatic speaker. He won Republican votes in a Dem state. Has over 10 years of executive experience. Plus 12 years as a Baptist Pastor

  31. Dr. Paul proposes to do away with the Income Tax. Presumably he would replace it with some sort of consumption based value-added one.

    I am retired, and live off of my IRA, various investments, and Social Security. I have never paid less tax in my life.

    This would be wiped away, and I would pay tax on the same basis as our working children.

    After paying high taxes all my life, I would be alienated by a switch to a consumption tax.

    I will not get into Medicare, but one needs a deep imagination to puzzle how that would be financed.

  32. ...about Dr. Paul's position on the 'income tax'? He's said NO SUCH THING. What he said is, "I'll replace it with......NOTHING!!
    What FOX goon has made you 'aware' of Dr Pauls 'supposed' plan!

    PLEASE! Listen directly to THE MAN from now on. You, (and I, as I'm also nearing retirement) have NOTHING to fear.
    It ALWAYS amazes me that we've apparently strayed so far from the Founders blueprint (our sacred and unique Constitution) that the idea of liberty AND prosperity as laid out in the Constitution, can be bashed by the major media
    hatchetmen as 'radical','extreme', or 'lunatic'....and people ACTUALLY believe them.

    WE have an opportunity to straighten this mess out, here and now, IF we have the backbone to stand up AGAINST those who seek the PERSONAL POWER of the Presidency!

    Forget your selfish interests!
    STOP being a 'good' Democrat.
    STOP being a 'good' Republican.


    Elect RON PAUL as President in 2008 and restore America to GREATNESS!

  33. You are right. I don't know very much. It has taken me 70 years to arrive at this confession, however early on I learned that their is no free lunch, and you can't get there from here unless you have the ticket.

    The Great Doctor sez: I will do away with the Income Tax! (How about the mortal sins of the Congress)?

    I will replace it with Nothing!

    The rest of your utterings stand for themselves-

  34. The "Grace Commission" called together by Ronald Reagan was given the duty of determining where the money from the Income Tax ended up. After very lengthy study, the "Grace Commission" determined that all of that money went to pay for the interest on the national debt. It did not pay for any government services which the American People benefit from. Most people I talk to think we need the Income Tax to fix streets, pay for public education, and provide other government services which, in fact, are paid for by other means. The truth of the matter is that if we did not have a Federal Reserve Bank, we would not need the Income Tax and consequently the IRS which is nothing more than a collection arm for the Federal Reserve Bank which is a central bank. The U.S. Constitution gives the power to coin money to the U.S. Congress and does not allow for a central bank like the Federal Reserve to do it as the Communist Manifesto clearly mandates. If the U.S. Congress coins our money, there would never be interest paid on it as it would be the American People's money. Presently, and unfortunately, the Federal Reserve Bank coins the money and then gives it to our government with an interest charge. The publicly stated reason for the Federal Reserve Bank being established in 1913 is that they can control inflation better. This is true only if you understand this to mean that their ONLY purpose is to cause inflation. There has never been anything but inflation since the Federal Reserve Bank was established in 1913. The Dollar in 1913 was worth One Dollar. It is now in 2007 worth only 4 cents of that Dollar in 1913, Without this unnecessary evil which is the Federal Reserve Bank, we would have no need for an IRS to collect what is unnecessary interest on an unnecessary national debt. It takes an honest and intelligent man like Ron Paul to see that the complex problems we face today have a simple beginning. If we get back to the simple beginning, we can trace how the problem got out of hand and then begin to address the problem by going back to its root cause. It takes a little historical study to do this but this problem cannot be solved any other way. The present day politicians make the financial crisis we are in look like an insurmountable mess in order to convince the American People that it cannot be easily solved. This gives the politicians an excuse to avoid having to fix the mess which would pit them up against the most powerful financial forces in this country. What Ron Paul is letting the American People know, however, is that the real power in this country lies with the American People. The Establishment is afraid of this message because the American People are a sleeping giant which they don't want woken up.

  35. So to whom is the National Debt paid Tony? Is it to holders of U.S. Government bonds and other securities? If so, what would the abrogation of the Income Tax mean 1- here at home 2- internationally 3- Dollar currency, etc etc.
    Holy Molie! You guys are two move chess players--

  36. Sorry Frankie boy,

    See, when Congress needs to fund the war machine or whatever the pork du jour may be, the Treasury jus' prints up some t-bonds/notes and gives 'em to the ILLEGAL CENTRAL BANK...oh! I meant the Federal Reserve Bank as collateral for the Fed issuing the I guess the crooks would be the big losers since they end up with the paper.

    Internationally...oops, da' crooks lose again. This time it's the Saudi's who God knows, are so far up Bushies' tushie
    (in reality it's a reciprocal arrangement...kinda like a "reach-around", I'd guess... but we won't talk about THAT dirty mess...bring's up REAL CRAZY stuff like "blowback" etc.

    "Dollar currency"...Frank, you're not paying attention...your retirement money is SHRINKING AS WE SPEAK. The buck is falling like a rock, and your buddies have NO INTENTION of stopping it, because in some perverse way, if it gets cheap enough, we'll be able to sell more goods overseas...maybe even enough to temporarily balance the trade books...that is IF we still make enough stuff HERE to sell OVER THERE.

    C,mon Frank. Take the RED pill. FIGHT, MAN!....while you still can.

    ..."do not go softly into that good night, RAGE!, RAGE, against the dying of the light"