Monday, November 12, 2007

Personal Aside: The Marin and Green Team’s Advice to the GOP.


Carol Marin.

Chicago’s all-round liberal media monopoly, Carol (Catch me in the “Sun-Times,” on Channel 11 and Channel 5 mouthing the same conventional wisdom and platitudes) Marin has some advice for the Republican party which she would never be caught dead voting for.

She says that she detects a falling-off of Republicans from conservative issues that elected President Reagan, George H. W. Bush and George Bush to a total of five terms for a total of 20 years because Rudy Giuliani has Pat Robertson on his side. This because Robertson, an overage evangelical destroyer who can’t stop his unaccountable chuckling, backs Giuliani. Marin sees this as a trend. All other social conservative leaders back Giuliani opponents viz Paul Weyrich for Romney, the National Right to Life Committee for Thompson, Baptist pastors for Huckabee. Nope—Carol can only see Robertson and Giuliani.

But her article is only a see-saw vehicle for her to go after all conservatives whom she loves to hate. In a column notable for its profundity and depth, she describes conservatives as people who believe “centrists are communists” and wails that Judy Baar Topinka was “eaten alive by conservatives”-- her phraseology again.

She and her boilerplate liberal cheerleader, Paul Green, who is a City Club friend of mine and will always be notwithstanding his predictability, think Judy Baar Topinka was victimized by conservatives and as result lost the election. They subscribe to the canard that a Republican “moderate” i.e. pro-abortion and pro-gay rights is likely to be elected.

Neither allow the facts to get in the way of their pre-conceptions. To-wit:

George Ryan—old 16627-424-- was elected governor as a social conservative (though he abandoned the philosophy after elected).

Loleta Didrickson, the state controller and doting daughter of the Marin-Green team who lost the nomination to pro-lifer Peter Fitzgerald.

They continually aver that Topinka was a good candidate. This notwithstanding that as state GOP chairman she flatly refused to back incumbent GOP Senator Peter Fitzgerald for reelection, repeatedly denied him the privilege that a scandal-free Republican senator deserved. She denied him this because she was in the bag to Denny Hastert and George Ryan, her old polka partner. Fitzgerald filibustered the notion of ol’ George and Denny turning the Lincoln museum into a patronage dump.

Topinka came onto the scene as a 2 pack a day candidate for governor after decades as a state official and legislator without a coherent counter-budget and promptly delivered a speech assailing the Chicago Cubs (which has a die-hard fan club of many thousands throughout Chicago and suburbs). She with her female ally Nancy Kimme announced publicly that President Bush should raise money for Judy at a secure, undisclosed location. Then they wondered why the GOP money didn’t show up.

Astute, this Marin and Green team.

One thing Carol she does say that I agree with: Alan Keyes is, was and will forever be, a wacko. I knew when I gave him my thousand bucks and looked into his unsteady eyes the dough was going into the toilet…that this stuff is what he does for a living… but the Topinka state GOP committee gave us no other choice by axing Jim Oberweis who had run second to Jack Ryan—with Chairman Topinka’s blessing (though she had no vote).

But Marin…a 1960s holdover lefty and pro-abort, pro-gay rights Catholic Gloria Steinem re-tread still smothered with that decade’s clichés … is constitutionally unable to identify a single lefty wacko. She ought to know some, given that a few years ago she presided at the funeral of a prominent Catholic religious by dancing up the center church aisle dispensing incense.

No, where have you gone, Joe DiMaggio? There are no lefty wackos in Carol’s opinion, not Denny Kucinich, not nor the people who asked Gen. Petraeus not to betray us, nor Ramsey Clark or the Daily Kos. None.

Ah the Marin-Green moonbeam dream machine.


  1. "The idol of the Marin-Green Dream Machine" did endorse Peter G. Fitzgerald in 1998.

    Peter didn't run in 2004, therefore no endorsement in 2004. End of whining.

    Another reminder--President Bush did come to Chicago to raise money for Judy. Even though you wrote a "scoop" that it would not happen.

    Some folks out here still long wistfully for her, no matter how inacurately you write.

  2. No matter what Alan Keyes did, he could never be as crazy as the guy who was against school choice in one of the worst neighborhoods for schools in the United States, the same guy who said that healthcare executives are terrorizing the unisured, while his wife works as a healthcare executive, yep, Sen Obama.

  3. Fitzgerald did not run again in part because he was unable to secure the Republican endorsement as an incumbent US Senator before the primary from several prominent Republicans, including State Party Chairman Judy Baar Topinks, who refused to endorse him when asked a direct question on a WLS radio broadcast hosted by Tom Roeser. I am sure that there are some members of the political combine who long for Topinka, but some of those who do are serving prison terms. The others are the Democrats who gained so much from Topinka's bipartisanship (torpedoing Republican candidates to help her Democratic allies). After three consecutive terms in statewide office, Topinka could not manage more than a weak plurality victory in the Republican gubernatorial primary.

    Your long memory is awfully selective.

  4. I was all primed to vote for Judy Baar Topinka until I kept seeing her face change into that of Jan Creamer Schakowsky...and panic set in!

  5. How is it that you condemn MoveOn for asking for skepticism regarding Petraeus' testimony, and in the same sentence refer to General Clark as a "wacko?" Do you hate all veterans, or just the ones trying to stop Cheney from launching against Iran?

  6. Hi Tom,
    This is not a comment on your blog, but I just want to ask you if you have read Peter Hounam's 'Operation Cyanide'. It's probably more shocking than 'Day of Deceit'.